Add Emperor V Ascended Mogul?


Long Term Goal: Status, Dominance and Family Business Expansion (A manufacturing Firm).

I am currently pursuing masters away from home.

For my next break, i will be going back to my home for 2 months.

In these 2 months, i will be volunteering to work with the sales team.
I have specifically taken charge to
*inprove to the sales Team operations (who are diplomatic sales people, so I need to be dominant and assertive with the sales team).

  • Meet and get to know every existing Client (I need to leave a lasting good impression on them, as the future Director of the company.)

Those who have read my regular journal already know that I am in ST1 of khan. and i don’t intend to stop this.

What should i add to my existing stack for the two above goals?
my Stack: TS ST1, GLM. MOGUL . i was thinking of swapping mogul with
ASCENDED MOGUL or EMPEROR for the above two goals

Time: I’ll go back home 26th and Start Office 30th. Nov

I intend to START EOG after my KHAN journey Finishes ( By that time i will be done with my masters and be back home to look after the business)


Ascended Mogul.
It is a much better team player than Emperor.


What do you think about waiting for V4?


@raphael please have a look at this


@mecharc - hmm personally I would advice to keep on Khan and move to the next stage ST2 since you are over 30 days. But since you want to keep at ST1 for a while, adding Emperor and Limitless will help although I wonder if being in Khan ST1 will make you not take action or manifest results.

You could also shift to Khan ST4 just for that period of time and then return to ST1 once you are done with those goals you have.


@SaintSovereign may i please have your input on this?


If the sales team you will be working with are already diplomatic, then there would be no need to be very dominant here. Emperor, from my understanding, tends to have you be iron fisted, which is great for entrepreneurs starting a business. But if you need to be working with other people who are already “diplomatic” I don’t see the need for Emperor. AM seems more suited as you need to deal with these people with finesse.


These are Ego maniancs, who have been trapped in a inefficient system of their own. I have to push them out of the system, i don’t think they can be helped out of it. And i agree finesse sould be more important to deal with diplomatic people. Will Am help me be dominant too? because i would need to keep on pushing them, and my vibe needs to intimidate them, so that they think twice before speaking against my word, they are likely to resist to change.


So you’re dealing with diplomatic egomaniacs? I don’t see how that’s possible. Or are you dealing with a sales team composed of egomaniacs and clients who are diplomatic?
In either case, yes AM helps you get/improve that alpha/dominant mind set.
However, I suggest you at least shift to Khan ST2 to at least help start programming the new you. Total breakdown with other subs may be ineffective. Imagine one trying to break down a brick wall, while another person is also trying to stack it up with more bricks.


YOu got that correct, my wording was wrong.

I have to leave a lasting impression on the Diplomatic CLients and instill Change to my egomaniac sales team.

So, ST2 and AM ?


@d1gz when would i want to move to Mogul?


If you feel you’ve “broken down” enough, yes. Khan ST2 and AM would do.

If you’ll be running AM, with Khan then I don’t think you’d need Mogul, as AM has both Ascension and Mogul.


By mogul, I meant Emperor… Sorry :see_no_evil:


… Emperor?

You probably shouldn’t.
As a manufacturing business owner, you’ll be much better served with AM, Gold, Power, Khan, etc.
(in that order)

Play Emperor when you want to go start something on your own. Outside of your family businesses.


Depends on what your goals are and what they will be in the future. As of now, your main goal is asserting your dominance over your team while at the same time leaving great impressions on your clients. As noted in other threads, Emperor tends to make you a hermit, and loner. You can’t be that if you need to talk to clients.
Unless you stack it up with Daredevil, I don’t see the need for Emperor right now. And even if you were to use both daredevil and emperor, you’d still be stacking them with Khan and other heavy subs.
For now, focus on what you feel you need and try to prioritize. I’ve been there man. I feel like I need everything at once. But doing so may actually impede your growth. Take a step back, breathe deeply and look at the big picture. Where do you see yourself in x number of years? And then think of how you’ll get there.


Thank you. But to put it in context. The current management team is my father and his brothers. So from the next generation, I’m the only one who has active interest o
In the business. So, it’s gonna be like a solo preneurship for a while until I build it to a big empire, where my cousins would come and want to join.


Okay! This makes sense! Thank you for dumbing it down for me. Now I’m convinced to go to AM.


Family Businesses have their own emotional-political dynamics, very different from startups or professionally managed companies.

Second generation / a mature business is NEVER really a solo project.
There is a world of a difference between “I am the sole decision-maker, and have 40 employees” and “I am a solopreneur, and work with 3 replaceable virtual assistants”.

Even when you take over - which may be several years in the future - there will still be father & uncles on the board, significant shares holding relatives, old guard of loyal employees, good will & brand in the market, long term customers who like things the way they are, etc.

AM and Gold will help you build your empire in ways that will make the older generation feel proud of you, and make everyone respect you as a valuable member of team / family / community / industry / country.

Emperor is just not built for that.


@Simon Okay! That has completely sold me to Am. Thank you. I have no more doubts between choosing.

Can you help me decide my stack with what I own and immediate wish list please?

Own: Khan, Mogul, Limitless, GLM, TS
Wish list: AM, Commandant (as soon as it’s out)


For now, I think Khan, mogul and glm is fine. You can switch out mogul with AM whenever you like. Also, I think it’s time to progress to ST2. Too much breakdown may not be helpful if you’re stacking khan with other subs.