Accidentally exposing others to custom subs via ultrasonics

Hi all, I know that we are not supposed to expose SC products to others without their consent.

But what about custom subs?

Would the name embedded make it essentially useless to others not sharing the same name?

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Its a mind altering influence. If someone hears it, it’s going to do SOMETHING to them. At this point I don’t know if we can say what.

I Imagine a scenario where you’re living with very Rich people and you’re constantly hearing there conversations about Wealth, Status and what have you. Whether or not it is directed at you, your unconscious will pick-up on those idea-forms, patterns, programmings subliminally.

So I personally wouldn’t advise it, it’s gonna have an effect of them, perhaps not as greatly but it will.

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I won’t expose anyone to Ultrasonics, just so that I don’t unintentionally hurt their ears. :blush:

By “accidentally”, I assume you mean “hey it was only a few minutes, because I forgot to pause the audio”…
In which case, it shouldn’t matter.