Accidental Usage


So I may have accidentally listened to PS Ultrasonic last night through my earbuds for 45 minutes on medium level. Am I gonna go deaf? Im super worried right now. The insides of my ears hurt a little. When i woke up today I just felt off like something was wrong. Then I remembered I listened to Masked PS last night but didn’t loop it and Ulstrasonic PS is right after it on my phone. I can still hear but there was a moment where I heard a little high pitch noise in my head that lasted like 1-2 minutes when I first woke up. Please advise i’m worried.


You listened to Masked on a comfortable volume and ultrasonic on a volume that you didn’t notice.

Ultrasonics can hurt your ears when the volume is loud for a longer period of time in your ears, your volume wasn’t too loud and the time wasn’t too long.

Take a breather from ultrasonics for a few days and don’t stress. If needed, get your ears checked out.


Thank you @Fire I will take your advice. I’ll only listen to masked for the next few days.