About Women Related Subs


One of the things I learned about women through my experience with rejections and successes with them (mostly the first one xD) is that one cannot place women in a pedestal, as the reason for one’s happiness. Basically, women should never be your goal, but just a consequence of your actions. Your goals, your purpose in life should never be put aside for a woman. The moment I stopped giving a fuck about them, about what they wanted or thought about me, things changed a lot. I’m a lot more carefree and easygoing around everybody, and a lot more authentic. Of course, I still have a lot of room for improvement; that’s why I am here.

My question is: Is there any module in the women related subs that adresses this point? About not needing them or their approval to feel good? I ask this because I think that this is the cornerstone to any belief, hability or technique about relating with women.

By the way, I’ve been running Emperor + Primal Seduction (mostly Emperor) for 2 weeks and I can see the differences in my behavior, especially the alpha male aura given by Emperor. Women (and other men) are responding a lot better to me with no need of me doing anything. I’m enjoying a lot this stack, and I can’t wait to see the changes that will happen on the months to come. I plan to run it for at least six months before trying another one, such as Khan. The “Total Action” stage is calling me a lot, but I’ll give Empreror + PS a big chance, since I’m starting to see the results.

Anyway, greetings from Brazil, and a good subliminal journey to you all.


Have you considered Daredeil? Maybe with a sprinkle of Libertine on the side? Not so much about not needing them or their approval, but about going your own way and giving them permission to tag along.


Yeah, you should build a base foundation first, remember that every work that you do using subs is permanently ingraved in your brain. I think I already wrote about this in the past, but basically every affirmation your brain hears activate a certain pathway. When that pathway is activated over and over, it grows.

This is why subliminals can induce “permanent” change… life can always alter it, for example, if you use a subliminal geared toward attracting woman, the subliminal will start influencing you to act a certain way that woman finds attractive. If you want to speed up the process and really push, you need to confirm your new belifs with real life proof. Let’s say you go out with a group of friends, you have been running primal seduction for a couple of weeks and your belifs about you being a non attractive are seriously being shaken, and you even start to see yourself as a man who could potentialy be attractive… You go out with those friends, and that night you notice some girls checking you out (maybe because primal seduction pushed you to check if girls are flirting with you :wink:), you even chat with a girl who smile a lot and seems to like talking to you. Plus, after the night out, your bro text you and tell you that his female friend found you really cute.

Now how would you feel? Probably that your new belifs would start to “click” and you would feel even more attractive as a man. Let’s say (and I give a personnal example from a year ago here), that you always spend time with some girls that don’t find you attractive, they are your friend and they really treat you like a guy who is not sexually attractive. Even if you run primal seduction, every time you spend time with them you will reinforce your belifs that you are not sexually attractive and the results you will get might be disapointing…

Just keep in mind when building yourself that subliminals are a tool, they are not magic pills (or they are depending on how you see it), you still need to put yourself in certain situation to grow (and yes subliminals will help you to conquer those situations!).

I wish you success with your journey!


EVERY one of our subliminals that deals with romance addresses this. Not by attacking women, however – by raising your internal sense of your own value to the point that you won’t put ANYONE on a pedestal.