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I like the masked subs best but the Emperor and S&S masked subs are pretty markedly different in volume. This makes it difficult to set volume when they are in the same playlist one wants to “set it and forget it”. My request is that masked volume be standardized across all products.



@SaintSovereign I posted a question for you in my journal.

I meant to ask you. As I mentioned in a previous post I am almost completely deaf in my left ear. I have read in various places that ultrasonic subliminals can and will still work because of they audio range they are in. Any thoughts?


Not sure – I guess it would depend on what’s causing the deafness. If there’s physical damage to the eardrum, then the brain might not receive the subliminal input. But, there does seem to be something special about the ultrasonic audio range that surpasses conventional knowledge.


@SaintSovereign my doctor or specialist said he didn’t see any damage to the ear drum. I’ve been researching the **** out of it and it seems to not only be hereditary ( great movie by the way ) but also nerve related or inflammation related.



Just bought EMPEROR subliminal. It says the download limit is 5. so does that mean that I have to buy it again if I wanna download it more than 5 times???.

Also, can I just download it on my computer and then copy it on my phone???

or upload it on my google drive???

Will it affect the subliminal in any way???

Thank you

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