About the -20dB thing


When you say “never listen over -20db”, do you mean dont listen to, for example, -15dB or do you mean something like -25dB?

Just wonderin’, because many confuse over/under when it comes to negative numbers


-15db. The closer to zero, the louder. To be on the safe side, I usually keep mine around -40db.


Thank you.
Thats what I thought.
Btw. where will the subliminal be added to, is it this account or do I have to open up a new one on subliminalclub.com ?


You’ll have to open a new one up on SubliminalClub.com. All your downloads will be stored there.


@SaintSovereign How can i measure this, I do not know the proper volume and i dont want to damage my hearing. last night was my first time to try ultrasonic and i want to do it properly @DarkPhilosopher
sorry i keep tagging you guys lol I am just very excited for the knowledge and i plan on spreading the message because i have seen some great results already.


Hey, it’s an honor to be tagged in the same posts as Saint. :slight_smile:

We generally recommend an application called FrequenSee on Android. I don’t know what Apple users recommend. Play your subliminals and open FrequenSee. Almost all the way to the right there’s one peak that’s bouncing a little up and down. That’s your subliminal. Now hold the phone where your ears are going to be most of the time. And then do as Saint states above and keep the volume 40-60 markers.


Thank you!!!


Hey, me again. Srsly not trying to bother you guys, but still… the process doesnt seem to work for me.
I didnt get the sub and it states its still pending. So… Just wanted to let you guys know.
This whole thing took alot of time already hm?