About my goal and which sub should I use


I am an engineering student in university

My main goal is to become alpha male and getting good grades and better result with girls for now.
I have no intention to build my own business but I want to get a job in a awesome corporations.

In this situation would Emperor be bad choice?

Should I rather listen to ascension?

Or anyone can recommend me a playlist of subliminals?


You could use Emperor.

I would suggest Ascension and Limitless.


I personally would do: Primal + Limitless + Aura


Is there a reason you recommended primal but not ascension? @AMASH


I second this recommendation. Emperor could have you dropping out of school to pursue a business. Here’s the thing about all the subs, though – you have to take the first step. You’re not just gonna run it and a business will fall out of the air. What WILL happen, though, is once you start building a business, even doing something as simple as registering a domain, you’ll think about it all the time and will be urged to work.


Yes, Primal makes you a fun guy that girls love and guys like to hang around. So at university, you will make much better friendships that will serve you later in life compared to being the guy with the best grades at school but not really the fun guy.

Plus, when you run Primal, it feels good and smooth and pleasant and gives you a joy for life and ease compared to Ascension which often makes you feel anxiety (Emperor even stronger).

So, healing yourself with Primal is much more fun. Then, after you do that, Ascension will be much milder to run.


I’ve never felt any kind of anxiety with any of the subs. Never!

I wonder why you feel that?


Each person is different, maybe you had a lot less limiting beliefs, traumas and reconciliations necessary @fayzmayn

It doesn’t mean other people, who had a different life experience than you, may not feel anxiety or have a harder time with change :slight_smile:


That’s possible :slight_smile: Simply just curious, that’s all.


Then I wonder why you don’t feel any anxiety with subs.

I think this is one of the questions we may never get any answer to, it’s just unknown :smiley:


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Just kidding. I don’t feel that thing. Don’t know why. And as you said, we may never get any answers to it.


I envy you. There was a day earlier this week when I could barely drag myself out of bed.