About godlike masculinity


I was wondering if there were any scripts to boost testosterone in the godlike masculinity.
And also, are these subs recorded in male voice or female voice? As it would make sense if a male guides me through growing my masculinity.


really ? I personally prefer a woman voice … imagine this a man constantly tells you that " it is ok John… it is ok to be sexual … it is ok to boost up your sexual energy …that will be really sexy " that definitely turns me off … whereas a woman says that will be a whole another story … “come on John … be sexual … you know you want it …that will be really sexy…”… if you can get the picture …anyway … it is just my opinions…


Testosterone is biological so it would be a rare find and a human science breathrough for such a sub to be able to do that!


actually your brain can produce Testosterone if you tell him too, you just need to let him “Think” he is in conditions to that effect. An example would be to simulate a 16H fast period…that will biologically produce 1000% testosterone. High competition athletes know this.


Interesting, how do one simulate this?