Abe's Custom Q Journey


So I’m finally starting a journal for my custom sub that I created the night the Q store had opened up. Took a few hours to decide what I wanted to put in it. I decided to go with more of a status type sub with some physical modules thrown in as well since I’d prefer to have one sub that I could run for a long period of time over creating multiple subs. Here’s what I have in mine.

  • Stark Q Core
  • Ascension Q Core
  • Sex and Seduction Core - wanted this one badly with the other cores to become a little more outgoing with women.
  • Ares - Also badly wanted this one to get rid of any lingering fears and anxieties that I still have.
  • Attachment Destroyer
  • DEUS
  • Epigenetics & DNA Manipulator
  • Extreme Exercise Motivation
  • Inner Voice
  • Iron Frame
  • Lion IV
  • Male Enhancement (because why not…not looking for a ton so I’ll have to rebuild in the not too distant future)
  • Naturalizer
  • Physicality Shifter - Sexiness
  • Pragya
  • Serum X
  • Stop Porn and Masturbation (essential for me to get rid of this once and for all…and already noticing an effect)
  • The Forge
  • Total Nonchalance

So after running this along with QLQ St. 1 for the first couple of days, I definitely hit some big reconciliation. Sadness hit me pretty hard for an hour or two at a time on a couple of days. Also, the mental talk that I should already be switching subs hit me pretty hard.

Some things I have noticed even though the Naturalizer is in there, my want to workout on a daily basis is higher than it has been in years, and with this and Serum X I’ve been putting on some good muscle…but I’ve been working out consistently ever since I started Stark Q Terminus. Also noticed desire to even look at porn is down significantly the last couple of days.

Haven’t been able to socialize much since I’m furloughed currently, but soon I’ll be able to see how others react when I’m around and how the socialization goes. One thing I would want to add in at some point is the Productivity module since I’ll need that when I get back to work.


How is it going for you?