A winter in lockdown - Dragon Reborn and Make Me Beautiful Ultima


Hi all

I found Subclub around a month ago and started a Khan journal (which I’ll delete now). Last week I ordered a custom ultima with physical changes modules. I just received the custom half an hour ago, so my first day of listening to it will be tomorrow.

I was planning to continue with Khan (stacked with QL) for a long period, but when Dragon Reborn came out, I knew it was the perfect thing to go through during lockdown, since I work from home and social contact is very restricted in my country - both due to Covid. I’ve been running healing subs from another company before - don’t know if that will help me in any way.

I played a loop og DR earlier and I’m playing a second loop now. A few observations:

  • During the first loop, I had some spasms around different parts of my body. Otherwise I’ve been feeling really good since my first loop.
  • A few hours later I felt really bad for around 30-45 minutes - difficult to explain but I just felt like I sucked at everything. My 3 weeks on Khan went very smoothly, so this is a new feeling for me.
  • I’m 3/4 into my second loop as I write this - I have a slight headache and I feel that my body temperature is higher than usual, even though I just opened my windows (I live in Scandinavia).

I’m hoping that I can use the current playlist below, but we’ll see how hard DR hits:

3 x DR at night while I sleep.
1 x DR in the morning.
1 x custom ultima after lunch.
1 x DR after dinner.

Looking forward to updating you on my progress.


Interested in seeing your journal however I’m also super concerned. Also, don’t delete your journal.

As someone who’s on Stage 3 of Khan, I just dropped Stage 2, I’m concerned about your number of loops and the fact you’re running Dragon Reborn already. Especially since you’ve just joined SC / using their subs a month ago, right?

Your number of loops already seems like a lot - is that future plans or? I’m assuming it is but even that is a lot of DR.

I’d stay at 1 loop, it’s annoying I know but as @SaintSovereign says - don’t brute force it. I’d go to 2 loops maximum for this new title.

I’m saying this as literally I feel like I’m getting the full blown effects of Khan Stage 1 & 2 right now. I also didn’t feel that much on Khan Stage 1, it was really quite smooth but Stage 2 has broken me apart. I feel super fucking depressed and I’m questioning every single thing. I’m massively in my head.

I’m assuming, I can’t say for sure, but Dragon Reborn is going to fuck you up most likely and it’s four months of healing compared to literally the two I’ve just done with Khan. Whilst you’ll come out reborn, I’m sure of it - I definitely think it’s a title that’s not meant to be used so soon when you’ve just got into SubClub titles.

I don’t say this to be a dick, just because whilst I’m sure you’ll end up feeling how I feel at the moment, I don’t want you to. Trying to protect you in fact.

Of course, you can choose whichever title you wish - I just want to make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into because healing is brutal as fuck. I’m sure it’ll be worth it but the past few weeks for me on Khan alone have been brutal so I can’t even imagine how Dragon Reborn will be. I’ve never done a healing sub besides Khan but I didn’t expect it to make me feel the way it has - even with the warning signs.


Thanks a lot for your concerns.

I actually started with one - two loops of Khan and then moved up since I saw that the official recommendation said 4-6 loops.

I thought I was ok running this sub since I’ve been running Khan st.1 without any issues and had done healing subs from one of the leading competitors. However, your experience on Khan is interesting and concerning. Do you think that what you experienced were “after effects” from stage 1 or something triggered by stage 2?


Of course, I totally underestimated what people said and the warnings said when I first joined. The manifestations and things that can happen - ultimately good but at the time - feeling bad - can be incredible.

The official recommendation is, correct me if I’m wrong, only 4-6 loops if you’ve been using it a couple weeks and had no issues with it and can handle them. You used Khan for three weeks right?

It’ll depend on you as every body is different. Some people like @RVconsultant can run 6 loops of one title and 6 of another stage in that title after building it up and be okay. Not me personally though. I’ve been struggling with fatigue and all that kinds of stuff recently.

Only thing I’ll mention about competitors is that their subs aren’t SubClub subs and they’re different. Might seem the same but the thought and way they’re made are gonna be different. A healing sub there won’t be the same as one here.

I dropped Stage 2 last week and I felt shit on the end of Stage 2. Depressive even. I think I’m definitely feeling the effects of Stage 2 now even though I’ve dropped it as my subconscious has managed to process some of it but yeah the after effects are real.

Sounds contradicting but don’t let what I’ve said stop you if you’ve bought it already - might as well, I just wanted to warn you because even people who I consider experienced and seasons with the subs are feeling similar about this.

I’ll definitely be buying it but not using it yet.


Yeah I’ve run Khan for around 3 weeks (maybe a bit more). Quickly got up to 6 loops and some days (after I included QL) I even went with 4 x Khan and 4 x QL and a libertine U - had a little fatigue but otherwise no issues.

I have already purchased it, but I value my time much more than my money, so if the timing isn’t right, I won’t be doing it now. I’m prepared for this journey to be very tough and I don’t mind crying myself to sleep a time or two if that is what it takes. However, if running this does more harm than good I would be an idiot if I continued.

Hope somebody else can give their input.


When I first started listening to the Q format, I felt as though the subs were still running in my head during my rest days.


I’ve wondered if completing the full course of QL helped my ability to listen to more subliminals and more loops.

What is it that you want input on?


Whether going through DR now after only having done Khan for 3 weeks will be too much for my subconscious to handle.


Personally, if it were me, I’d finish Khan first. Did you read the warnings on DR? :thinking:

If it were me, I’d continue listening to Khan stage 3 for 30 to 60 days (I’m guessing you’re on day 21 or so), then get to Khan stage 4 and run it for 30 days. Then evaluate what to do next.


I did read the warning - I just rationalized that it couldn’t be that difficult since Khan had been so smooth for me.

I’m around day 21 of Khan stage 1. However, one of the reason I wanted to do DR is that I don’t expect lockdown to end before March/April at the earliest, and as far as I understand, Khan stage 3 and 4 requires a lot of action taking which I interpret as talking to a lot of girls. At the same time, I might never get the opportunity to stay home for an extended period of time, which is probably why I might have rushed into DR prematurely.

So one option could be to prolong stage 1 and 2 of Khan.


Ok I think I understand your thinking better now.

Here is what I would consider:

  1. stop Khan for now and do DR


  1. do both


  1. run Khan to stage 4 for 30 days and evaluate

If you decide to do both, I would encourage you to have a plan if the reconciliation hits you hard. Do you have friends to confide in? Can you be disciplined enough to do rest days? Can you resume after the rest days if you feel rested? What will you do to recooperate if you need to? These might be just some things to consider. Being socially isolated and doing DR with Khan might be a bit much. Or maybe you could do it. Maybe it would be easy.

You’ll have to decide.


Thank you very much - I appreciate the feedback.

My initial plan was to do both + my ultima (2 x khan, 3 x DR and 1 x ultima), which SaintSovereign in the main thread mentioned might be too much. Then a few people came out and warned against doing DR as one of the first subs (as mentioned in the product description).

Regarding the questions you asked, I think that my setup and support network is very good. I’ve been taking rest days as recommended so far.

I think I’ll sleep on it and see if more people have tried out DR by tomorrow.


Achievement Unlocked: Wisdom Level 5 :grin:

DR will still be in the store tomorrow. And probably next month. And probably in 2021. :grin:

Even if you get it and you feel like it’s too much right now, you can always go back to it.


I already got it and ran two loops :slight_smile:

But again - spending my time the right way (in this instance on running the right sub) is way more important that potentially “wasting” $129 on something that I might never use.


You can use it for sure, I’d lower the loops for DR tho. You’re not wasting your money for sure. Just want to make sure you’re ready for it.

Even though you’ve used Khan DR will be an entirely new and different beast.

Doesn’t matter if you’ve used 8 of the SubClub subs or 1 of them in the past, anytime you add a new sub, to a stack or individually, you should start low and not ramp it up.

Choose what you want to do and go ahead with it, you know best for your situation. I was just providing the warning signs for the sub.

I’ll be here to keep an eye on your journal and help you out with any reconcation when and if it happens regardless of what you choose.


Make that Wisdom Level 6 :grin:


I could definitely feel my second loop of DR a few hours after I finished yesterday. Felt a bit like a mild hangover.

Went to bed and felt really good waking up this morning.

Did another DR loop before lunch. This program feels stronger than Khan, but so far it is (still) very manageable. A good thing that I want to mention is that the sub so far makes me feel very light when the initial headache is over.

I think I’ll do 1-2 loops of Khan and 1-2 Loops of DR for the next week and then re-evaluate.


Day 4

Playing the Dragon Reborn loops the first two days was a challenge. Could feel a lot of heat inside my body and I definitely felt tired, irritated and it was difficult for me to concentrate after each loop.

However, the last two days have been surprisingly uneventful. I’m really looking forward to each loop. I’ve been feeling very well-rested the last few days and optimistic.

One thing that I’ve noticed is that I’m getting more honest an direct with people than usual.

Looking forward to see how it goes after my two day break.


How’s it going so far?

Any updates?

Are you still listening whilst you sleep or during the day?


Hey man.

So far it has been a much more gentle ride than I expected. I thought that reconciliation would hit me like a train and make me feel completely like shit for some time, but I’ve more felt a sense of sadness at time - especially during my days off. I’ve done a few Vipassana meditation courses, so when I’ve felt some reconciliation I’ve focused intensely on the feeling in my body connected to the emotion. This temporarily makes it more intense, but not resisting it makes it pass through the system a lot faster. Most days I’m feeling absolutely fine.

Furthermore, my mind is trying very hard to convince my to skip this sub and make me listen to something that will enhance my results with girls or money, so I don’t know if that is a form of reconciliation as well.

It seems as if there is a lot of discussion of the forum about listening pattern. What I think works best for me is:

At night: 1 x DR every night and 1 x Khan st. 1 every other night
Throughout the day: 1 x DR and 1 x custom Ultima each day.

I can absolutely feel that the stack is doing something good, it is just difficult to put into words.

I’m starting my second two day break tonight, so I’m excited to see what will happen over the weekend.