A sub for seduction

I assumeAll the subs for seducing wen Rare written in a way that affects your relationship with other men(in my case)
I mean wanted affected my overall personality, not nust my behavior with people who I consciously WANT to seduce
As well as with the PS, I saw my whole personality changed to more PS like which I did not want.
I know conscious guidance play a role, but does it play a 100 percent role?
Like I want to seduce this woman so I should flirt, but with other men and women I should be PCC like person
Even though women have been receptive and attracted with this stack of mine which is GLM, pcc and commander

what about primal did you not like, just curious? i havent ran it yet but want to in future

It’s inner game and incomplete
And it also does have an effect on your behavior with other men
I think sex and seduction would be more near to what I think would be ok

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I noticed on pre-Q format of PS or S&S that other men treated me with more respect, almost as though I was their best friend.


I prefer something else

Great options would be WANTED > Primal Seduction > Libertine in that order for me.