A story about a Khan (First Part)


Hi everyone!

I’m Flake and Milk, and I decided to join this community of self-improvement.

This is the first time I have heard of subliminals and my research lead me here to this forum.

What you should know about me:

  • I love to do things that don’t take much time, and I hate to do things that consume a lot of my time. This makes me seem like quite a lazy person, but yeah I just don’t have that laser focus when I’m spending hours/days on things, and usually I either gave up on those or fail.

  • I am a single 21 year old guy from Eastern Europe who never dated anyone.

  • I am greedy, but I rarely put in the effort needed to satisfy my greed, an action that many times hurt my self-esteem.

  • I have no job, I get weekly around 10$ for food (yes in my country that’s more than enough for food)

  • I don’t have many people in my life, and as the years passed I have less and less.

Why I choosed Khan:

  • I think I can improve in many areas of my life. Be it social, romantic, career. So a sub focused on wealth like emperor or ecstasy of gold wouldn’t cover everything.

  • I can’t tell if I am a quiet person or not, I am both. I either talk energetically with a wide grin, or stay silent for a couple of days with a dead serious look, and I read emperor doesn’t help in the social aspect very much and I would like to give a way to start new relations with new people in my life.

  • I don’t see myself as a very spiritual person so Alchemist is also a goner, even though I read many things about spirituality meditation, I can’t see myself doing meditations in my college dorm where is constant noise and others would ask what I am doing and if I lost my mind. Also I tried meditating at my parents home once, but as I mentioned I am not the best when it comes to time consuming tasks. It was overkill for me to not do anything for even a couple of minutes.

What are my goals:

  • Become a person that others seek out
  • Become more social
  • Get some pocket change
  • Become more social
  • Finish my university degree
  • Getting rid of unhealthy habits.
  • Charming woman with my presence
  • Make my parents proud


Those are impressive goals and I wish you the best. Just focus on your goals even if the journey can be rough and difficult.



And please keep us updated on your progress :slight_smile:


Welcome to the show!
I notice you wrote “Become more social” two times. Seems like it is very important to you :slight_smile:


welcome. looking forward for your journal :slight_smile:


Thanks for all the encouraging replies

Day 1 (10 loops):

Unsual things that I did:

  • Made my bed (it’s very rare for me to do my bad). I felt like it would be quite good if I didn’t have to throw everything from my bed to my chair when I go to sleep. I live in a dorm and my clothes are either on my bed during the day and on my chair when I sleep.
  • I have a pickup course that I bought around half a year ago, I took time to watch around 1/3 of it it’s quite long, I thought it would be a good addition to somehow include pickup artist mentality during stage 1 and stage 2
  • Sadly I don’t have any dreams to describe. I am getting rid of my porn watching habit ( I have been a heavy addict for the last 7 years) so the only thing I dream about nowadays are porn scenes made by my mind (which would otherwise get me a first place at an awarding ceremony if I could record them) and I end up dreaming that I fapped and I lost the challange.

That’s all for now


I don’t know if that state when you are already awake but you decide to stay in bed and you still have some leftover hallucinations can be called dreams but here’s what I seen.

Dreams update:

  • I dreamt about drinking coffee. That in itself was not scary but I’m coffee free right now. I was also a coffee addict i quit in the beggining in august and haven’t drank since. So it was quite scary, it felt like I failed again then I realized I am sleeping and I relaxed.
  • I play a collectors mobile game where I have to collect units and fight other players units. We have an event in the game where I could get more units in 20 minutes than in a month and in this event there is a normal mode where you can choose from every unit (they are max leveled, max equiped and max skilled) and a challange mode where you use your owned units. I tried the challange mode thinking that I can do it if my units get maxed out too. But in the end in the Challange mode my units didn’t get upgraded. So I instantly lost my chance so it was quite a sad experience. And my dream was about how I got one more try. And when I woke up it was there I got another reset. Felt quite good.


Coffee addict here too but i dont see it as negative. I never even thought quitting coffee. I am drinking 500ml to 1ltr black coffee every day


I wanted to get rid of it because caffeine became something that my body needed to function properly. I drank daily 5-10 cups, and I could sleep right after drinking one and I was always on low energy. Since then I rarely take naps I have more energy during the day, and my saliva has less acid in it which is good for the teeth. That was the main reason why I stopped my dentist told me my saliva is very acidic.

The first 2 weeks have been hell. I slept around 12 daily and then there were a couple of naps, and the worst part were the headaches. I had them straight for a couple of days.

Overall, I think it was a nice investment.


Dream update:

I had a dream I was in a hotels swiming pool. It was gigantic like around half of this ones size with a very similar shape and it was somehow indoor.


And in the dream I was swimming leisurely when someone throw a stack of documents that I had to pass on to the next person. You know that thing when you throw a rock on the surface of a river/lake or any other body of water. Well I did somehow the same with my arm the documents hit my arm and they bounced to the next person.

A man and a woman saw that and I fist bumped with the guy. Then went to float on my back. After around 20 seconds of floating, I felt that someone catched my feet. I looked up and saw the guy and the woman. They were very eager to talk with me. I could feel their energy and enthusiasm. I probably never had a conversation that energetic with anyone. We talked a couple than somehow my friend materialized right next to me. (Some info regarding him: He’s quite succesfull in everything he does and I get compared to him on a weekly basis for the last 12 years.). He kinda stole a couple of my jokes back in 5th, 9th grade which helped him become more popular but that’s probably the only negative thing he did to me so it’s not he is a bad guy or anything simmilar). And I think I kinda reacted to what would happen if he took these 2 new friends of mine away from me and my dream crashed.


That’s a very interesting dream @Flake_And_Milk

Based on your goals right now, what could this dream mean? Which messages do you need to hear or learn right now is your subconscious trying to pass onto you?

I think valuable insights are available to you right there :slight_smile:


Great questions @AMASH

Honestly even in my dream I was quite shocked and surprised. It was that unnatural for me. I mostly answered a couple of question after meeting those passionate gazes and finding myself at a loss of words. I didn’t know how to make smalltalk in that situation. But I felt quite happy that someone wanted to talk with me.

As for what my subconcious might want to tell me. Perhaps it reminds me of how important is for us humans to socialize, and I can’t isolate myself.
Or how for every person a little care can change their whole day.
How little episodes in a persons life can be remembered even after decades pass.

I still wonder about the vibe those 2 gave out. From what I saw so far I consider RSDs Julien to have the highest energy levels/vibe. So I was really shocked, because his vibe couldn’t even compare to those people in my dream.

As for why my dream crashed when my friend appeared, it’s probably the 10+ years of being compared to him the social conditioning that my parents put through. The fear of loosing something scarce to someone who has it in abundance.

As for what messages I have to hear:
A very good question for which I can’t seem to think of an answer. Being more social isn’t exactly what happend. I was being dragged into those two’s world, which happened only because of an accident. So maybe it has to do something with the law of attraction maybe?
As for the part where my dream crashed I guess that’s where I have to make improvements, to let loose of my self-made shackles. I feel I still need to write here something but I don’t know what so I will edit this sentence when I figure it out.


Great insights man. I hope you would think of ways, even small ways, to start implementing these insights into your life, and your perspectives :slight_smile:


Day 2 (15 loops)

I felt like taking notes on a course that I am doing. But then I started writing and I remembered why I never take notes. My handwriting is not an eye candy. So I looked up on how I could improve my handwriting and I gathered what I could find.

In the other part of the day I was studying for one of my exams that I failed last year. The material is quite thick so a good handwriting would be helpfull in this regard aswell. Atleast it’s more pleasent than watching a pdf file with over a thousand slides and not memorizing anything because it would take too much time.

On an emotional level I felt quite good the whole day. Only got angered once when someone mentioned my parents mentioned my failed exam and they remind me every day to study :smiley:


Wow! your goals are very similar to mine! and it has been so well expressed! Best of luck with your Journey!


Day 3 (20 loops):

My day started quite rough got a phone call 2 hours before I usually wake up. So I didn’t quite manage to observe my dreams.

With such a start my day started quite leisurely as I had no energy in the morning. I found myself at a lost about what should I do, a couple of hours went by in such a fashion.
Not knowing what to do is probably one of the most annoying part in a persons life. You either sit down write down what you want to achieve. Look at your current situation. Narrow down the list which are more important right now. Or either succumb to procrastination, go on the internet and enter an endless maze of self-distraction, including vines, funny compilations which only bring joy in the heat of the moment.

Luckily I remembered I had a book I didn’t read yet and ended my time wasting activities. I have a cold so it was a perfect opportunity to stay at home and do some reading, so I started it.

It was about how we can influence our reality with visualization and emotion combined, and how the universe will try to manifest it.


Day 4 (26 loops):

I had a more rough sleep (probably to the other track that I listen to before going to sleep).

My appetite has increased. I am still staying at home till I get better probably a day or two. Got a headache after listening for many hours. It went away in 5 minutes after I stopped listening.

Most of my day went by reading self-help books, had a lot of insights. Didn’t have any dreams today. Might be that my subconcious is hinting me to look for resources to form the ideal image of myself.

Emotionally, I was quite calm today, but yeah nothing really happened, to make me all riled up.
I read about how negative affirmations can influence our life and I have been able to conciously realise when I was making bad self-talk to myself and managed to stop in a second or two. It would be amazing if I can manage to this for a couple of years :smiley:


Day 5 (31 loops)

My sleeping time seems to get less. For the last 3 days I have been sleeping 1/4 less than my usual sleeping time. And I can’t seem to fall back to sleep either. I could easily fall back to sleep before. But now it seems I woke up with more energy and I am to woke to visit dreamland again. So yeah another day without dreams.

I had less motivation to read today read around 10% of my book. Decided to try bringing in meditation into my life after reading about experiencing beforehand your future through visualization will make the “Universe” manifest it in our tangible reality. Kinda got me intrigued to try it.

I was mostly alone at home, in the morning i was again kinda lost found myself two times while listening to the sub in a trance and a couple of minutes went by without me realizing. At noon I started reading, and I went back to being lost. Then I had to go to load a truck in the afternoon.

Next time when I feel lost I will write a list about what should I do/ what can I do.


Dream update:

I had a dream about being in war but it’s not your average war it’s more of a fictional war.
They were 2 sides one side had the metal people, and (the package in which you buy your sponges)
something like this

And on the other side there were the fire people and sponge people.

If you died you reincarnated. I don’t remember if you reincarnated in the same alliance or in any of the 4 tribes. But yeah it was a weird war. In my first life I was a sponge. And the enemy got in to our base. There was a metal man who was an abnormality and killed everyone from the base including me and not even fire people could stop him. Somehow he died too I don’t remember how that happened. I have been reborn in the fire tribe while he in the sponge packege tribe. He was still an abnormality even as a package. And I wanted to stop him. I pinned him down to ground and let it it the heat through his outer layer until he inflated to the size of a house and started floating up. I think I had to sacrifice myself to inflate him much and I was barelly concious while he was floating up. And then he exploded. I felt I did quite an accomplishment.


Day 6 (36 loops):

I didn’t wake up earlier today. Felt quite happy the whole day. Filled with gratitude and a happy demeanour. :smiley:
Drove half of the day but I somehow managed to squeze in 5 loops today too.