A quick testimonial of The Executive

Hello everyone. I got The Executive when it was been given for free without much thought.

A few days back, I had a research paper to submit. And honestly, I HATE writing those. So many rules to consider: going by a given structure, an impossible looking word limit, citations etc. etc. So I had kept putting it off. Just opening office file on my computer made me feel frustrated. Now at last I had a day and half remaining and I was in despair. Out of the blue I remembered The Executive. I started listening to it while working on the paper. When I finished I realized I was done with it in half the time!
I think the sub made me go into ‘the zone’ at work never realized how much time had passed. It worked like magic. I was able to submit the paper a day before the deadline and I just got a message that it was acknowledged. So it really saved me.

I am really grateful to Subclub for giving it out for free, since being a student I don’t get much allowance, in fact my monthly expenses are lower than what The Executive costs right now.


I also have a question regarding The Executive.
Can I listen to it alone?
I mean the description says it can be stacked with other subs but does it work on it’s own.


Definitely. It’s designed to get you into the zone of work/flow and pure productivity, as you’ve felt first-hand.

Once you can afford more subs, we’re here to help you, as which ones to stack depends purely on your goals.


Thank you for the encouraging reply!


Thanks for your posts! I’m glad it helped you!


I really don’t mean this in a rude way but you answered your own question my man.

I’m assuming you used the sub without stacking it with anything else for your paper, right? Your whole post is about how it worked for you dude! And I’m genuinely so glad it did!

I’m super happy you got the work done, and your paper got acknowledged man, great job :heart:


I know, but it doesn’t hurt to confirm right? I used it in despair of the deadline.:joy: So I just wanted to know if the effects are have any long term benefits like the major programs.


Yes, it does. It’s built for quick, short term effects, but will cause long-term change with long-term use.


Seriously ? I did not know this or I missed it. I have been procrastinating so bad lately. I may just run Executive and R.I.C.H. until my head explodes.


I’ve been doing BLU+Executive+RICH and it’s WAY better than coffee. In fact, I dropped caffeine completely two months ago and I still feel super wired when I run these subs. ZERO procrastination, I have to force myself to stop at the end of the day.

I also run AM + Emperor every other day, but I’m sure it’s the three Ultimas that get me going.


@Ichiban One loop each?

I typically do two when I can, but often I can only fit one of each. I run it while I work and leave it on repeat.


Has anyone used Executive (or LE) to overcome lethargy and lack of drive/motivation?

Like in my case. Between my job and Instacart, I’m way tired and lazy by the time I’m back in the room and able to work on my Empire Projects, it’s all I can do to just sit there and veg out.


LE worked great for that.

I just reviewed my old journal which I had it stacked with Stark & Seductress.