A questions regarding a dream


Well, after a while i’m back here. Although I made a statement before mentioning how hard Emperor can be, I’m back a it. In September and a few weeks of October I only used ultrasonic, and saw a topic about someone changing to masked and got quick results.

The same happened! I’m changing faster and i’m listening once a day with 45 m of Emperor v3. (Don’t know if it’s enough only 45 minutes a day)

That’s the first question. The second is about a dream I just had…

So, I don’t know how to properly explain it, basically I’m in a huge water fountain, which is growing up.
I’m in the top, and while water sometimes gets in my mouth, the fountain passes the tallest building in the world and going. So I’m in the top still going up with the water and all, and I see my father and tell him. “Pa, finally. There is no limit, we can do it”.

And went up and up until I woke up. Don’t know what It could mean, apart from the thing I told my father. Maybe I’m skipping something in it?

Or maybe it was THAT burger last night :sweat_smile:

In the category of journals I’m gonna write what I feel is changing with Emperor now masked.


Well, listening once a day shouldn’t be enough to change within a reasonable time-frame, but if you say you are experiencing change, maybe it is right for you. Saint seems to have recently discovered some new things about how to listen that work for him.

As for the dream, it’s not a lot to go on, but my best guess would be that your subconscious is telling you that there is a limiting belief that you’ve held for a very long time that has been overcome. In a way this would cause a feeling of freedom and joy, which would be symbolized by you rising higher and higher. Your previously small world as seen from the ground is now open and filled with possibilities.

Why it would be a fountain, this would likely be less about the fountain and more about the water. Water is a part of everything, it cleanses and clears, overcomes blockages and in the dream it washes over you. There are meditations where we imagine water falling on us like rain, showers (or in your case a fountain), washing away all the bad stuff. You are at the top of the fountain, where the clean water is, before it runs all the way down to the earth, taking your limitations with it.

Even if I got it wrong entirely and this is Alchemist speaking, it seems like a good thing to visualize and meditate on.


You’re right there, I can’t remember anything more of it, apart from what I wrote.
Recently I’m using a frequency to dissolve subconscious limits before I sleep. It must be working, and it was the second night I used it. Since I woke up I’m feeling… better with myself. Not bliss-like, but noticeable enough.

Oh yeah, and another small question (I promise this is the last one!)
Almost a year ago I found a subliminal online that gave me surprising results, but eventually stopped using it a few days later.
Now I’m interested again in it, but I don’t know if subs like Emperor can run along with this one I found. Not at the same time, but don’t know if they clash in one way or another. Should I just forget about that particular subliminal? It’s not a problem If I have to just run Emperor.
Thanks man, Alchemist must be doing wonders for ya.


Our is recommended not to use other producer’s products while using subclub products but you may do so at your own risk. While the founders encourage experimentation, the is simply no way of knowing how a competitor’s product might interact with SubClub subliminals


Quick thing here, looks like I finally reached reconciliation or something. Yesterday, I felt angry and irritated in the afternoon when hanging out with my family. In the night, I broke down and cried a bit strong yesterday. Now I woke up moody, and my mood got better in the afternoon. But a few hours ago feel sad again, for no reason. I mean I apologized and felt better. I don’t know why I still feel sad. This is the first breakdown I had since I started running SubClub’s products, and a few days ago switched back to Ascension. Look’s like I’ll save Emperor until I am 21 years old.

It took is sweet time, the first product I tried was True Social, and the first program was Emperor. It took like 2-3 months until a situation like this. I’m guessing that I’m finally changing.


I went back and read your first post because I forgot what this thread was about and thought I should go to Emperor full swing instead of the Emperor/AM mix I’m doing now but now your latest post has me questioning that haha. I hope Ascension gives you what you need :slight_smile:


Subs need time. For some people its a week to notice changes but for more stubborn minds can take a while