A Question regarding Terminus Squared

Packing so much information, Terminus2 has been rather too strong for most, appearing non effective.

But it is also true that the result varies form person to person, and many have seen extensive results

Suppose someone is using terminus 2, and not seeing results now. if he keeps on using it, overtime will the brain adapt to the sheer volume of T2, or is T2 by its nature a hit or miss?

for eg. Those who see the results now see it and will always get it and those who don’t see results now will never see it despite consistent usage over time?

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@mecharc - hope you get some answers. Am curious about this too.

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Maybe Mind’s Eye works better at T^2 because it’s more focused? I haven’t used any other version of it besides the one in my terminus custom.


There is some degree of hit 'n miss on T² for sure. That said, I think it might be possible to take a step back to T-1 or even Q, until those messages have become more natural, then switching to T² if you still want to. Probably more effective that way. Running T² like a brute-force tool until the mind gives in may not be the most effective way.

I think I’ll stick to T-1 for the foreseeable future. By the time I want to switch to T² it’ll probably be U². :slight_smile:


If I feel like Q is not strong enough for me, should I go for Terminus? I’m currently running Ascension Regeneration and PCC all first subs from here and I’m hitting 90day mark soon. I wanna go for a custom and I thought I should go for Terminus strength but before doing that I was thinking maybe I can try out a sub before going terminus for the custom? I know Stark has terminus version, any other ones got it? Khan, Emperor, social subs one?

I was just checking the other day. I’ve been using Mind’s Eye Terminus2 since 24 May. I use it 3 days a week and it’s always combined with meditation. Every so often I’ll also throw it into an overnight playlist and play it while I’m sleeping.

My original motivation for running Mind’s Eye was different from what it has become now. I’ve had a lifelong fascination with visualization abilities. Every time I looked into a special technique whether autogenics, self-hypnosis, improving athletic performance, trancework, and so on, the most common induction methods seemed to involve visualization and it bugged me that I found it so impossible. Eventually, I learned to let go of needing to be good at it and tried to work with what I could do, but it was still something I wished I could do more skillfully.

So, originally, I used Mind’s Eye to see how much it might help with that.

As I’ve continued to use Mind’s Eye though, my focus has become much more about the manifestation aspects. Seems like I go into a subliminal program with a particular idea and then the program and my subconscious mind gradually reveal to me what it’s really going to be about. So, at this time, my work with Mind’s Eye seems to be more about manifestation.

I feel a sense of enhanced confidence, hopefulness, and ‘heft’ (for lack of a better word) to my intention to manifest. I feel more momentum to it.

I notice that, in general, I seem to prefer strategies that involve dense or heavy work at the beginning followed by more powerful results in the long-term. Hope it works.

Well, anyway, I started playing Mind’s Eye Terminus2 in May 2020, and I plan to keep running it until May 2021 when I’ll create a Terminus strength custom that includes Mind’s Eye Q core. So, if that plan plays out, I’ll be working with Mind’s Eye for a good long time.


This is a good insight. Do you run minds eye at the start or end of stack?

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It’s usually standalone. When I sit down to meditate, I start the track. I use it as a meditation timer. When the track’s done, I get up.

In the Overnight playlist, I usually put it in the 3rd or 4th position, so that I’m nice and deep in sleep when it comes on.


I did this to myself accidentally once. hypnopompic hallucination / night terror for some reason. My overall impression that something/someone in my “dream” was messing with me and/or showing.

I am generally unfamiliar with this stuff, but I have skimmed over Terence Mckenna’s writing on individuals that view something called the twilight realm, and I assume this has some overlap with the sleeping cognitive state.