A question about bills


long story short: i wanna get the covid subliminal but idk your laws about billing because i dont live in usa. if someone buys something online gets the bill sent home? im trying to hide the fact that i use subliminals to my parents because they woulndt understand it but i think that subliminal could help the entire family so i was thinking about playing it during lunches, but i have to hide every prove about subliminals. before the end of the year i will go to live alone and there will not be this problem anymore.


Hey –

You’ll receive a “purchase confirmation” via email, but no bill (nor any other material) will ever be mailed to your home.



I would like to add we don’t recommend you “stealth” run it on unsuspecting people, no matter how good your intentions. If you think they wouldn’t understand or are not ready, don’t force it on them, including family lunch.


Yeah i agree with you. At the beginning i was thinking to do it but ghen i thought that it wasnt right.
Btw im playing it while i sleep. Im courious about the part that transforms you into a leader if i notice something i will tell you.