A quantum Limitless Update


I’ve been using QL since 1st Jan 2020.

My initial plan was to stick to each stage for 3 months,
But had to deviate from the plan because,
I had to defer one exam to March 13th (from November)

So, started with St1 from Jan till about 15th FEB.

Then, when stress started kicking in, I moved to ST2 was on ST2 till about March 4th

On March 5th I decided to switch to St4 till exams.

During the exam, I could connect one topic to another almost seamlessly. Just that time didn’t permit me to express everything.

Results: Class Average mark is 55

I got 77

Now I’m back to St1


Do you feel that QL has helped other subs?


Honestly, I feel it is too early to answer with my current stack.

Because since starting AM R QL, I have been staying in self isolation and consequently no action being taken.

When I started QL, I was doing Khan St4… I believe I couldn’t see the efects of k4 because I I did not go through the healing stages properly.