A pair of questions about subliminals


Hi, i’m new. I have not already bought subliminals from sub club, but when i will before the end of this year (i can’t now for different reasons).
i’d like to ask some questions, maybe these ones are stupid but i really know nothing about sub club.

  • how does it work when you buy it? do you get the audios or they send you something to your house with the audios?
  • could you recommend me a subliminal or two for my needs? idk what to choose.
    i’m a student and i have big difficulties to study because i can’t focus and i continue to procastinate. so i have several exams from past years to pass. i’d need something that could help me study and make me a “exam beast” because i wanna retrieve all the exams and become a really good professionist. plus i’d like to get some chance to make money while i’m frequenting university. my last target is sex, i want to imrpove my sexual skills, but i think that the best choice is sex mastery 2.

sorry for the length of what I wrote and for my english, because it is not my first language. i hope to have done everything correctly because it’s the first time i write in a forum.


You’ll be able to download the audio files from your account immediately after purchase.

I’d recommend starting with Limitless. Once you’ve become familiar with how subliminals work, consider upgrading to Quantum Limitless.