A little lost on building a custom

I understand we can choose 10-20 subliminals per custom. And I have read that it’s best they all conform to one goal. But there’s just so many choices. For example, looking under ‘wealth’ category, there’s just countless custom wealth subs.

How do people go about even choosing?

I’d like to build a custom on:

  • building massive wealth
  • status (network, connections)
  • physical fitness (this may not fit in with the wealth goal, though)

How do you guys know what to choose with so many options?


Let’s start with this

What main store titles have you run?

Personally i choose the cores first. I would then go through and find what modules would make it more unique or what aligns with my goals.

Like this … Here is one of my customs i just made the other day

Stark Supreme
1 Stark Core
2 Renaissance Man Core
3 Alexandria
4 Book Blitz
5 Current Invoker
6 Dynasty
7 Gloryseeker
8 Machine: Action
9 Mimisbrunnr
10 Organization Perfected
11 Productivity Unleashed
12 Remembrance
13 Restorer of Ways
14 Sacred Words
15 Subconscious Flow
16 The Architect
17 Transcendental Connection
18 Victory’s Call
19 Yggdrasil
20 You Are Not Alone

Building a custom is difficult, and to build a good one can take days or weeks of thinking and looking at modules and drafting and redrafting the custom. That’s all there is to it. Read the forums, read support articles, and spend a lot of time. Tbh I would not recommend building a custom right now.

Many new products are being released, a new format might be released soon, and the mainstore titles are already built and balanced for you.



Lol there is a shit ton of truth to that … i spend days building my customs and figuring out the ins and outs of what i want from whatever i am building. I also think about what awesome results i could get from going with different modules and cores.


Let your foundation be guided by what you want and need rather than by what’s on offer. Like having a shopping list before you walk into the supermarket.

Put 60 percent of your effort into clarifying what you want, what you need, who you are, and then the process of choosing your modules will be easier.


Right now I’m running Emperor + RICH.

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Interesting. I’ll start researching the customs for now and wait to see what new tech comes out. Thanks!


There are a lot of cool things you could mix Emperor with to sky rocket your results besides consistent listening… especially in a custom.

For example?

I was looking at your old customs you posted last year just now. Very interesting.

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This is one of the 3 I just started listening to the other day

It isn’t Emperor but you can always change things out

The Genesis Legacy
1 Genesis Core
2 Legacy of a Spartan Core
3 Deep Sleep
4 Divine Self-Image
5 Edge of Falling
6 Extreme Exercise Motivation
7 Financial Success Reality Shifter
8 Lifeblood Fable
9 Fusion Optimized
10 Hegemon
11 Jupiter
12 King’s Radiance
13 Lion IV
14 Potentiator
15 Power Unleashed
16 Serum X
17 SPS: Endocrine System
18 SPS: Immune System
19 Sultan
20 Void of Creation

But you can mold the custom to fit your wants/needs which is a lovely thing to do.

So a custom (which includes 10-20 modules within it) is basically like a 15-minute ZP module? And you can run 2-3 concurrently like the instructions for regular ZP modules?

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You have been with Subclub since early 2019 right?

What subs have you listened to since you started besides Emperor and RICH?

Man, I believe I was doing Emperor and… Khan last year? But I fell off the wagon. Very disappointing. So now I bought RICH and I’m doing Emperor and RICH, since my main goal is wealth, followed by physical fitness.

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I am a different case lol

But i would say stick with 1 custom for a bit till you get used to the recon and have listened to it for awhile

If you notice from most of the xxx amount of customs I have built and ran I always stick with different iterations of certain subs lol.

Hey man life is a journey don’t worry about falling off the wagon as long as you get back up and keep trying you will get there.

I can’t tell you how many times i have fallen off and started fresh and tried so many different directions till something finally clicked in me.

Honestly when i started Genesis everything changed for me. It is like my subconscious said hey dude look this is your ticket to getting everything you want and more.

I would run Emperor and Genesis honestly for a month maybe 2 then go shoot for a custom.

Emperor also has physical shifting in it

Or take my exact custom tweak it a bit to fit your needs and run either Emperor or Genesis as a secondary title in your stack

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Yeah, I’m poring over your customs now to begin getting an idea. Question, though:

When you say there are other subs that would skyrocket results, how do you know which ones? I see a lot of people talk about different combos but I never know how they know which are effective.

Like, reading the descriptions of the subs is great and all. But it’s hard sometimes to tell, definitively, what the differences among them are.

PS You’re supposed to choose two cores per custom, right?