A little adivce


I’ve been using the subliminals from sub club since last year and I’ve made a lot progress internally and in my life in general and now with the release of the Q subs and the Q store, I wanted to reach out to the community to seek some help in making my new stack. My goals are the following:

  1. To advance in my career. I’m currently working at a job I don’t really like but I finally(thanks to the subliminals here) found out that I’m very interested in information security/hacking. I have already started some courses and I plan to start applying once I have the skills. So my goal would be to stay motivated and learn faster and better and eventually start my own business whether it would be in infosec or something else that I might find down the line.

  2. Become a powerful self actualized man who is respected and appreciated, also be social and make friends easily and with no issue and be a positive and exciting person.

  3. Become a women seducer, not a pua but when I see a woman I like, I know what to say and do to get her, I approach the women I fancy easily and get their numbers and remove any fear and preconceptions about sex and sensuality that I may have programmed within me. This is what I struggle with the most, I’m very good at texting and online interactions but when it comes to real face to face or approaching I could use some help, especially with escalating.

Also I’m currently 26, I get told that I’m good looking and some of a baby face and that I come off sometimes as this cocky super confident guy which is not really true as I am much more introverted but i guess I developed that habit as a coping method and I get looks from women here and there, been approached a couple of times but it’s mostly older women.