A deep and imensely useful question


How can I get the answers I want from my unlimitedly powerful subconscious mind?
In other words, how to engage my subconscious to find the answer I want?


astral projection i think is one way
i read a few books on ap from william buhlman, robert bruce, robert monroe and they all described some interesting experiences. i think subclub created alchemist and the other meditations to help with this


The most used method is meditation.

For emotional healing meditation
You bring your awareness into yourself. Take deep breaths a couple of times. And you try to feel out what your body tells you. Because the body gives you feeligns ( like feeling cold, aches, stiffnes) and your mind associates emotions to it ( joy, sadness, happiness). But you only focus on the feeling that the body gives out. And you try to go deeper. You ask questions like “Why do I feel this way?” “Why does it hurt”, “What happened?” “When it happened?” “How did it come to this” etc…

For Future Building
You do a list about the qualities the “ideal” you has.
You ask yourself questions about:
“How would you feel if you were the ideal you?”
“What would the ideal you do?”
“Why would he do that?”
( A lot more questions which you can ask but nothing comes to my mind right now)

You check that list everytime before you meditate. And you do start the same as in the emotional. But now you try to imagine/visualize yourself as your “ideal” self. You want to make your body memorize that feeling when you are being your ideal self. So it can produce the chemicals necessary for yourself to become better. Add emotions to those feelings when you visualize, so it can become a habit. And then you can integrate it in your personality.

The most important part in meditation is also repetition. In the begining it may seem useless, and a waste of time. But hey if you can change improve yourself with only an exercise that takes 10-30 minutes why wouldn’t you.


I appreciate your answers, but I didn’t add “deep” in the header just out of the blue or for being a click bait. I added it for a reason.
The ideal self of ours isn’t even imaginable by us. Your subconscious mind knows all the trillions of cells in your body. It provides them with precise amounts of oxygen, blood, energy to keep it working. Just imagine what more wonders it holds.
I strongly believe that there is a much harder path than what we believe it is, to achieve the true potential we were born with. I wish to seek that path


I think what everybody posted is a start down that path. However if we can completely understand and figure it out is beyond my intellect. Very interested my self about this.


Your subconscious is much like a computer. If you put garbage in, it’ll output garbage. I wouldn’t call it unlimitedly powerful, that would technically be your superconscious (assuming that exists) with it’s knowledge of your life’s design past, present and future.

That said, for basic answers you can learn how to get a direct communication going. My subconscious will tell me when I’m behaving like an idiot or doing something that has no purpose. It sometimes asks me a question that makes me realize either one of those things.

The most often used method would of course be dreams. You can direct your dreams by the thoughts on your mind when you fall asleep. So if you repeat a question like a mantra until you fall asleep, odds are at least one of your dreams will be an answer. Depending on your subconscious’ symbolic vocabulary it could be more or less abstract though.


Do you also experience that in the day time apart from dreams. Like do you have communication with your subconscious in the day time?


Second paragraph is all daytime. I barely remember my dreams myself to my great annoyance, but I do know it’s the most informative path.

I suppose it could just be the voices in my head… :wink:


Ive been getting that in the daytime more recently but had no clue that’s what it was.


I feel like an idiot a lot of times (with or without subs). Lol


That’s funny I know exactly what you mean.


well…subconscious mind tends to have a really sneaky way to communicate with us…beside the methods darkie mentioned above…here are some methods I used…no 1…power walk…this one is really simple…ponder upon a specific question and…go out for a walk…be it idling around or hiking…just keep walking…then…often time…creative insights will come…I get so much fun from it …sometimes…I will walk hours…no 2…altered state…put yourself in states that are different than the day to day normal state…what it does is help you access different part of your mind…it could be reached by various ways…such as extreme exhaustion…orgasm……taking a hot bath…jumping into ice-cold water pool after Sonau…I personally could reach the creative realm of subconscious …when I am taking a dump…no 3 this one is really easy and fun …create your own mental mentors…what you have to do is really simple…choose a symbol that you think could represent your ideal solutions for whatever you want in your mind…this symbol knows everything that relates to your goal…just talkt to them…they will give you the help that you need…just make sure that …you follow what they suggest you to do…otherwise。there is no point in asking them from the first place…no 4…free drifting…this one is really interesting too…take out a notebook and pen…and start to write or draw…whatever you want…but dont think to much…you mind set an intention before then forget about it…let your hands guide you…let your subconscious guides you…interesting things will pop up…I guess that will do…I hope these could help…have a nice day…


Questions are only asked by your conscious mind. It is also very easily distracted. If your conscious mind is unclear with the questions, how can the subconscious mind answer? Meditation and journaling on paper will bring clarity to your questions.