A Beginner's Guide to Empire, or Empire-Building for Dummies


This is a question for all here who have experience running the Emperor subliminal program. This is clearly one of the flagship programs for Subliminal Club. I personally find it appealing and am happily running it. At the same time, in contrast to later Major Programs, there’s an almost mysterious quality to Emperor. So, I want to plumb the communal wisdom here and get some grounded perspectives on it.

Here’s the question:

In Brief:

What the heck is Emperor?

At Length:

Ecstasy of Gold is clearly about wealth generation, dissolving barriers to wealth and prosperity, developing a Prosperity mindset and lifestyle. Ecstasy of Gold is about wealth.

Quantum Limitless is about attaining optimal absorptive and integrative capacity; dissolving barriers to learning, analysis, reasoning, and problem-solving. Quantum Limitless is about learning.

Khan is about social power, skill, and ease. Navigating and guiding interactive frames and process and establishing the mindset and orientation to facilitate doing so. Khan is about social ascendancy.

So, what about Emperor? Can it be described succinctly? What would you characterize as the ‘main point’ of Emperor? People seem to describe it almost impressionistically at times. Intuitively, I knew I wanted to run it, but I also feel that there’s sort of a mysteriousness to the Main Point of the whole program. Hard to sum it up as specifically as some of the later programs.

In Brief (again):
What in your opinion is the main focus of the Emperor program?


The point to me is wholistic life ascension, internally and externally.


Great question… I think it is about ascension in multiple areas at the same time, but especially in the field you choose. It is like a lone wolf-thing, which focusses your attention to get better in what you want to get better at. Not so much about learning facts but more about the mindset to bend reality to fulfill your mission.


Haha, good question, but the answer is written on the sales page.

Emperor is the ruler of his own reality. The man who would stop at nothing but becoming the pure excellence, which is his birthright. He won’t be phased out by anything out of himself. And he WILL create the reality he wants.

All hail the Emperor inside of yourselves!


Writing down your own vision about what is an “Emperor” would definitely raise your success with it.


I am on day 3 and didn’t do so yet and the sub makes me feel like a little bitch, reconcilation is definitely hard with this one it’s almost on par with what I felt on Khan St1. What I willl definitely have to do when the reconcilation goes a little lower cuz really sometimes I find myself on the verge of crying:
a) write down what I have to do
b) write down what I want to do
c) write down what I fear
d) write down what could resolve those fears
e) make a priority list about the things I have to do


What I’m getting, so far, as a common theme is





I want to know too because Ascension IS self-determination and self-actualization.

Ascension IS dominance and being yourself.

So… then… what is Emperor…???