90 days approaching and new subs

Hello All,

My 90 days on my current stack is approaching:


I journaled privately and will post overall results in the next 2 weeks. I am happy with the results.

I am wondering if I should switch subs at this point or remain on the current one. If I switch it would be to the following:

Libertine Ultiima (thank you for the free upgrade :slight_smile:)
Stark Q

My other option would be to say on my current stack for another 90 days and see where it takes me. But I would also like to try the new stack because I feel like I could build on what I have. My real question is, what are some suggestions based on your own experiences?


It all depends on your goals. Do you mind sharing them?

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Hmm why limitless?

I feel like I’d have to see what results you’re expecting vs what you got from your first stack to determine if the second would work better or some other new combination.

I would like to work more on charm and magnetism, being more social and becoming better at my skill

Doesn’t seductress already have charm and magnetism and social skills?

Although limitless will help you improve your skills.

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It depends. How happy are you with your results? Most of the people I’ve seen who really got to the point you’d imagine when you read the sales pages stayed on their subs for longer periods of time. Many of us get shiny new toy syndrome before we get to that point.

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Yep. Definitely. I’m trying to stick to my stack. But with the shiny new subs SC has been rolling out, it’s taking a lot of will power just to refrain from clicking the “Add to cart” button.

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I mean I’d say keep seductress, switch to stark if you like, keep s&s and use libertine as a booster.


I am going to stick it out for another 3 months and use libertine ultra as a booster!

I’ll post monthly updates


Curious to see how you are addressing this during this time.

So I will go ahead and post my results thus far. I’m on day 80 so 10 more days left til I hit 90 days.

In the span of 3 months I:

Dated the girl that was putting me off or giving mixed signals (that turned around quickly)

Invested in a Business Mastermind

Started my own Business

Started a daily routine which includes a workout and meal plan plus a morning and evening routine (the past month has been consistent)

Started meditating daily and feel more joy and bliss

It feels like I am on the path to achieving more and more. I am curious about stark because although I am a lot more confident socially (used to be more reserved and had some social anxiety) my goal is to create more impact and influence and for that I would need to be more comfortable socially.


Seems like everything has gone well for you so far. If you really want to try Stark, you may also opt to try something like “stack rotation”. I can’t remember which thread @HypeDaddySovereign mentioned it from. But it seems to work for him. I’ll probably do something like it once I’m done with with my QL stack.


id like to know more about this stack rotation. Tried to search it but nothing came up.

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Meh, if I add this to my stack it’ll be 4 hours long, and I dont want to drop any of my customs for at least 6 months :worried:

I’ve been working on the concept of stack rotation for about a year now and it seems to work exceptionally well. It actually helps me with plateauing. I’m currently updating the support center and instruction manual with this information