48 laws of power + art of seduction

I think that the best combo out there is pcc and ss, why? Because it’s literally 48 laws of power and the art of seduction combined.

Those two together can result in major power, in my opinion it’s best to use it in a stack with some alpha inner game sub like ascension or primal or even emperor, maybe even khan but I don’t know if ss is necessary when using khan because khan have ps.

Imma do ascension + pcc + ss before moving to khan, what do you think of this stack?


Power Can Corrupt is quite externally focused — consider stacking it with a more internal-focused social / status subliminal such as Daredevil, Stark or True Social.

I’ll leave this here as it may influence what you may think is the best synergy for PCC. Ascension is clearly an internally focused sub so I think Ascension and PCC is good at least.

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I’ve had similar thoughts.

It’s hard to give advice to someone who doesn’t want to hear what others have to say. Focus on the programs that YOU want to run and stay consistent. I understand that as a new member, every program you see looks like a perfect solution to your problem, but at the end of the day, the only thing that you need is consistency.

Why do you assume I won’t listen to advices of other ppl

Power Can Corrupt, I’d assume would execute magnificently alongside a social title such as Daredevil, let alone Sex & Seduction.


I would say stark would be an excellent third sub for that stack but DD works well too

My end goal is khan pcc commander, but I want to prepare my mind first with lighter subs so I do ascension pcc ss

@Dark Please correct or add if I missed something.

@Orel I think Dark is making an important point. Whatever you decide to do, please stay with it for 45 days.


I am consistent and I plan to stick to it for more than 45 days


Based on the many posts you’ve made in the past 25 days, asking about different stacks, dropping and picking up subs as you please. Last week you expressed your wish to want to run 6 titles when most of those goals could be covered by one title (Khan). Taking all of this together you don’t seem like the type to listen to advice that contradicts what you want to hear.

I will always take advice from someone who understands more or have more experience than me, I did one cycle of ascension and now I’m in the washout stage planning to stick with ascension for at least 3-4 stacks, yes I said I want to use 6 subs because I’m very confused and I don’t know what I want myself and what to do but I decided to to 3-4 cycles of ascension pcc ss and then move to khan and when I reach stage 4 add pcc and commander.

You are very wrong with your assumptions, I’m am very humble to take advice and I’m very consistent.

Thank you for elaborating.

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Anyone saying that should be examined.

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I’m not trolling, I’m just frustrated seeing you flipping through programs seeing as you already HAD success with Khan. I decided to not engage in the other topics you created, but seeing as you decide to make a new thread every few it’s hard to not call you out on your behavior.

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We also all suggested you stick with Khan after you said you already committed a full cycle of Stage 1 basically.

We would’ve suggested running Ascension first to establish a foundation but day late, dollar short.

I’d recommend not switching your subs so frequently, finish at least two cycles before considering swapping or adding.

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I’m now sticking to ascension thanks

@Orel YES! Someone else saw the arcane pattern.

On another note, in response to some of the comments here, ultimately, at some point, you will need to stick with some subs for a decent amount of time to really start seeing more profound effects. Having said that, this is your journey. Keep two things in mind:

#1 It’s possible that you do not recognize the signs of recon if you keep switching subs despite having results. Been there, it’s taken me 9 weeks to stop changing my stack every cycle, haha.

#2 Changing your stacks all the time, might not be the worst thing in the world. You said it yourself that you don’t know what you want, so listen to the rules (number of subs, number of loops, journal, take action, all that stuff) and play around until you get a better idea of what you want to focus on.

#3 Since you don’t know what you want, consider sitting down with a pen and paper and freewriting about all the goals that you have. All of them, no matter how “silly” they may seem. After you’ve written down all your goals, look for patterns between them. For instance, your list might look something like this:

Make love to 10,000 fair maidens
Become a billionaire
Build a nice oak table
Become a martial arts prodigy
Learn the banjo
Learn Chinese
Become more confident
Make 10,000 neet friends
Get a new job
Grow a sick beard
Get a six pack

You get my point. Go through you list of goals and look for patterns, that you can build a story around, and then pick 1-3 goals to focus on for the next few months-years of your life. This is where you really need to imagine what you’re life would be like if you accomplished your top three goals. For instance:

You might look through the list, do some deep thinking, and determine that the three most important things to you are getting a six-pack, learning Chinese, and becoming more confident. You might realize that the other goals on the list are cool, but they aren’t what you truly desire, deep, deep in your core.

You might find that your goal of making love to 10,000 saucy maids is really just a fantasy, not a real, genuine desire. You don’t really want to sleep with 10,000 saucy maids, what you really want is to learn Chinese and travel, and meet new people in a foreign land. You might also find that your desire to become a martial arts prodigy isn’t a real goal it’s just a reflection of you wanting to be more confident, etc, etc, etc.

The above technique for narrowing in on your goals is something I got from a life coach a while ago, so I can take no credit for it, but it does work.

Forgot to add something about looking for the pattern. So you go through your list, find your goals, six-pack, confidence, Chinese. Then plan a stack around that, so you pick an Alpha title for confidence, something to help with fitness, and a cognitive booster. In this scenario, you might pick Emperor and Limitless because together, they would help with your three goals. Emperor is an alpha title with physical shifting and limitless is a cognitive booster, so you run those two for a while and take action toward your goals.

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