2020 Khan Journal


Gonna Run Khan ST1 for 250 Loops then move to the next stage for another 250 Loops then when i reach ST4 of Khan i’ll run it for 750 Loops

daily average listening: 5 Loops, im gonna take this slow but consistently to build a habit

im using a notebook to track my loops i tend to forget to log in my loops when im using my phone

im using Loops instead of hours because i can measure it easily and consistently

Khan ST1 - 30 Loops

  • i feel anxiety in the past few days but today i feel calm and secure
  • i love myself even more
  • more assertive, i take what i want and need without a care of what they think
  • my insecurities are slowly fading away
  • old bad conditioning i got from society is vanishing
  • i trust myself more
  • i feel optimistic
  • i feel more responsible and in control of my life


Welcome to the Khan Journey brother!

Looking forward to your progress.

I would recommend you stick to ST1 and 2 for much more than just 250 loops.

The real change happens here.