2 logins needed



Anybody else have a problem where you need to login twice to actually be logged into subliminalresults.com?

After pressing login and entering my credentials, the site brings me back to the main page and only a second login actually gets me into the site. This happens on both my windows PC (firefox) and my android phone (chrome).

It’s just an annoyance, but not clear to me why this happens…


Is that the same ISP, or two different data sources?

Generally, this type of problem happens when your ISP is rotating your IP addresses (for redundancy).


Happens to be both at work and at home, both on Wifi and 4G.

I’ll try looking at the connection through the Web Developer addon… See if something crops up


Uh do you have cookies disabled or browse incognito? That will cause it.


You’re right, tested it not in incognito and it worked! Thanks