Zarod’s journal - Wanted Black, Nouveau Rich, Stark

Hey guys. I hope you all are doing well

I’ve been on the forum for a long time but I’ve never posted anything, so if I’m posting in the wrong place, please let me know.

I shared my results with the support and Fire said it would be good to share it here. So let’s go

I read on the forum about the new wealth experience. It was by far the area in my life that changed the most and that’s why I wanted to share my results.

I am 26 years old and I live in Brazil.

Around 2019-2020 I had a successful physical business.

I was living a comfortable life, but without any proper management of my capital and an absurd need to show off to obtain external validation. In other words, despite making a lot of money, I barely had any saved. With the pandemic, my business simply stopped, I needed to pay employees, suppliers, etc…
I ended up borrowing money from a lot of people and in the end all that was left was a debt of more than 750 thousand reais.
All this time I kept up appearances, so I still lived in the same apartment, had the same car, I didn’t accept that I needed help.
I had a terrible relationship with my family too and I didn’t even want them to know about my situation.
And of course all I knew how to do was blame others, the pandemic, the friends who abandoned me…
I found subliminal club at the end of 2020, I was already using YouTube subs at that time

Now I don’t remember exactly the order in which I started using the programs, but by far my most used stack was:


I spent at least two years without much stack rotation

Things that changed quickly:

I stopped victimizing myself and I looked for help
I started finishing everything I started and especially, I was finally able to take action
Honestly, before, I preferred to lie down and wait for things to fall from the sky.
I stopped hating my father and even accepted going back to live with my parents until I resolved my situation, I think HOM here was crucial because my family members never respected each other before
I started to be able to negotiate with creditors, before I just ran away from them
I stopped living on appearances and being more real and congruent with myself

In four months with this stack, I lost 12 kilos without diet or exercises. I was always overweight and didn’t realize that this was closely linked to my beliefs about money.

One of the CRAZIEST manifestations that when I think about it I can hardly believe it was when I woke up at dawn and listened 2 loops of Rich, I went back to sleep and had a dream where I was a rabbit, I woke up with a crazy desire to play a gambling game that exists in Brazil called “jogo do bicho” (I don’t know the English equivalent) in some states here it is even prohibited, but it’s a form of betting on numbers representing animals like a lottery
I played the rabbit and got the first sequence right, giving me a prize of 60 thousand reais… . blew my mind…

There are many more things that I can’t remember at the moment. But the fact is, in December 2022 I paid all debts. I couldn’t believe that just a short time ago the only way out I could think of was suicide. Now I work with online business only, mainly affiliate marketing…getting close to the first million reais in net worth, but this time I’m a totally different person and MUCH more responsible and congruent

I had a lot of results with other products too. When I was introduced to WANTED, then I started to consciously take care of my body, I lost a lot more fat…

I will post photos of the physical change below
(remembering that i am a woman but my intention was actually to develop slightly more masculine features)
the physical shifting technology is out of this world


“suddenly” I started attracting A LOT of girls, especially heterosexuals, so people in my city started calling me the lesbian who converts girls. It’s a little weird and even embarrassing, but all I can do is find fun in this and enjoy it

(Just to make it clear, I don’t believe you can convert anyone, I’m just quoting what people started saying repeatedly to me
But I believe that Wanted does instigate some kind of curiosity)

Below are some of the messages I almost always receive now (they are all in Portuguese) but basically it’s girls hitting on me and my friends wondering how the hell I do it


I feel really good about this sub, it’s unexplainable. Never had this kind of self confidence before. If you’re interested, I can share more at another time, I do have many stories involving Wanted and attracting girls…

Right now, I’m trying out Wanted black solo to see if I can deal with it or go back to the OG wanted before the new wealth experience

As I already told Fire, SubClub meant giving me a new chance to believe in myself again. I am very grateful.


Thank you for sharing and congratulations !! ( your face looks amazing)


Wou interesting reading, congratz.
Your results are honestly great.
Seeing for the first time that a girl is using Wanted and even not for only a short time.
Just to clarify, do you like girls, boys or both?

hey, thanks!
i’m into girls only


This is quite hilarious, how can even someone be converted :slight_smile:
But as it is a song from Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun :slight_smile:

Ikr I find this hilarious too. But people around me started saying that and I just laugh :rofl::rofl:

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Hey, thank you!
Now let’s see what changes with Wanted Black

I am starting to feel bad for Brazilian guys if you steal all the girls :slight_smile:

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Zarod, it would be interesting to hear more about your HoM journey as a female. Please share anything you like.

Also I am curious what you feel is missing from HoM?

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Sure, it’s my favorite of all.
It was the first one I bought and I never stopped listening to it (only on washouts periods of course) so it means almost 3 years of exposure and for me it will never leave the stack because I feel like I haven’t scratched the surface yet
I credit most of the financial results I mentioned to this.
That debt I accumulated really seemed like something impossible to get out of but HoM seemed to provide me with the step by step guide to pay it off.
Firstly I reconciled with my family, I have a good relationship with my father now
I invest capital wisely
Before I only thought about showing off, now I think about creating my empire in silence
My taste has changed a lot, I have actually become more culturally refined and appreciate more luxurious environments
I learned to take responsibility, to negotiate, I improved exponentially in sales and planning
(my digital business is doing great)
I trust myself and see myself as a person of high value, I basically cut off all old friendships and, as I said, I started taking action.
I don’t think there’s anything missing but I’m looking forward to the new wealth experience


:rofl::rofl: Don’t worry, there’s plenty for everyone


You should 100% continue to post your results. It sounds like you have a high flow factor and everyone loves a great success story like this (both with how you turned that much debt around so quickly and all your success with women).

Keep up the great work and I’m looking forward to seeing you reach more and more goals! :muscle:


(Also, I’m voting to hear some of the stories involving Wanted and girls :raised_hand:)

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Thank you for posting @zarod!

Again, really happy for your results. As I said previously, it’s always motivating for @SaintSovereign, myself and the team to see results from our users.

We never get tired of it. :wink:


Precisely. Being consistent in running your subs and taking proper action, ladies and gentlemen.

Thank you for sharing, @zarod


@zarod : Fantastic results. Congrats :tada::tada::tada:

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Wow, really mindblowing results, congratz

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Thanks for the support, guys! Much appreciated.
I keep an offline journal, but I’ll try to keep one online here to share a bit more
By the way, I’m loving every second of WB. No recon so far

Hot damn. I’ll be very curious to see your results on wanted black. That one is at a whole other level of power.


After some time when you become more famous, you can go do politics.
You won’t even know it and in time you will be running for president of Brazil :slight_smile: