Unfolded Blackness

Using EB for 20 days,(5mins with 1 day gap) for experimentation i stacked it with RoM(3 5mins loops so far), QL(3 5 mins loops), Wanted(2 7mins loops) and limitless(2 5 min loops) and again RoM just to see which stack will work well and in my favor. I wasnt jumping to any sub this time, after some experimentation i will admit that RoM and EB are best suited for me for my current situation and how they works .

On EB and QL- I was focused but i was procrastinating a lot, i couldnt handle the inner power and was disoriented tbh

On EB and Limitless: It was pretty good but i found that it was causing recon in some form

On EB and RoM: this was the real deal.

If i ran ROM 1st and EB 2nd, i face some recon, my head keeps shrinking ,focused in forehead etc, but i was completeing my reqd tasks regarding my academic and other household works( i love alone in Paying Guests for study purpose) , i was kinda productive

But when i ran EB 1st and RoM 2nd, it didnt cause me recon and they gel well.

But i noticed that i am productive and moving forward only when i stack EB and ROM. EB alone or ROM alone didnt work like that and tbh when i was trying EB with QL and Limitless i wasnt productive. Though EB pushed me to be productive but somehow it ended up being in recon. There was subtle push and felt disoriented sometimes. Today, i ran EB and ROM,i am productive and kind moving forward.

So after lot of thinking and speculation, i will run ROM and EB for now. And i am starting this journal today


Entry #1

. I must admit EB is not complete with ROM . Mehn i am being so much productive with my studies today(studied 3-4 hrs physics straight , being procrastinating for like a week damn,i also did my laundry and did some pending works, its like RoM gives EB direction. EB is like a dense power which the user may or maynot be able able to forge the power in the right direction. But RoM does. Running EB for 20 days(5 mins mostly and 7 mins for 2 days ,rest days followed :white_check_mark:) , but i am productive today, after adding RoM. I ran RoM for 2-3 days solo earlier befire starting EB, though i was able to focus but action taking was still a problem and procrastination was there. But EB and ROM just fill each other damn.
Cant wait for ROS, :joy::joy::joy:

Dil mange more(heart wants more)


22 JAN ,2023

Rest day- Yesterday i witnessed a dream where i was having problem while breathing. I was suffocating. I have asthama in real life but in the dream it was intense,i took a pump of my inhaler but it still didnt work, i was suffocating like hell. In last 18 years i can confirm i never got a dream about my asthma. Surprisingly after that i had a dream with sexual visuals, after that woke up but the suffering with asthma in my dream was real. It reminded me when i was like 7-8 years old(upto 11) and used to suffer like that irl and used to be admitted in hospital for immediate treatment, i forgot these experiences as i grew up bevause i started to heal automatically, i still take the inhalar but the condition is fine compared to what i suffer earlier.

I found out that my childhood experiences were holding me back from any tough physical work bevauae when i was 11 years old while doing any heavy physical work led me to experience serious asthma. This led me and my mind to keep away from physical activities. After yesterday’s dream i realise i still have this fear which holds me back doing any heavy physical activities/intense workout

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Day #3 = Done :white_check_mark:

Will update later…

24 jan 2023

Rest day

Yesterday i had crazy productivity traits but i was somehow feeeling some kind of fear inside me. Idk whats is it maybe EB cuasing it ?? :thinking: whenever i ran a sub its own archetype always gets in a talk with me. Like on RoM my inner chatterings are different from what i normally am,on Emperor or Stark my inner chatterings are very different. But on EB ,my mind gives more of a silence, its a different kind of archetype hard to explain but it kinda infuses fear in me. I can feel the intense air of being alone in the night, going through the path of isolation and following a small light of hope.

I am curious how EB archetype will work

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Going to try 7 or 8 mins of empB and ROM. Ready for recon

Making this 12 mins of EB and 5 mins of ROM . Let see :kissing:

28 jan 2023

Will do full loop of EB and ROM and will take rest tomorrow

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29 jan 2023

i couldnt study as i was busy whole day(on 28 jan) later on we have a important discussion about college with friends. There have been some students who want to divide and rule. One of Our classmate and our grp was j tryng to figure out a solution for this. Usually i stay away from these stuffs but somehow i felt the necessity ,so i sat with them, understood the whole matter and shared solutions which they found very useful. Anyway… i was there upto 11 pm
After that i was busy with my girl on call from 12 to 2:30 am (29 jan :sweat_smile:). I thought of sleeping but i just couldnt. i remind myself again and again that i have goals, exams are like 10 days away ,Is there really any time to rest ? Amswer was no.

I sat down and studied straight upto 6 :20 am in the morning,(the session wasnt very productive but yet good enough for me )EB was doing this for sure.
There were many improvements,my reading speed was improved,better comprehension etc…
I dont feel disoriented and in reality i feel more connected. Today i am feeling more kind and connected ,this credit goes to ROM. Felt more love towards nature

Seriously ,i never conquered sleep this efficiently! DAMN !!

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29 jan 2023. I am on rest day, i gave the updates above and today in general, i took a nap of about 3 hrs to fulfill my sleep, and gonna write more tonight

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29 jan update : man i was focussed as hell. Even sitting with frnds when they were busy in gossip,i managed to learn my topics :muscle:. Normally i would go with the flow and ruin my study

30 jan 2023

1 full loop of both EB and ROM :white_check_mark:

Yesterday i had a dream about my frnd taking me to a journey to his house. Ngl ,this was one of the most beautiful dreams i have ever seen. The main theme about dream was the journey, it felt like it was taken from a super high budget movie. I went from forests to vast deserts then driving in a monster truck(that cars with big wheels) ,but while going through ups and downs ,the car vanished and i felt like flying towards the sea?!(dreams yk) ,there was some kind of dragon(today i saw that exact dragon in a vdo animated around the stone of buddha), anyway when i fell in the water i could feel, the water,at that instant i Realised i was dreaming,i tried not to get excited and started to control the dream,i manifested a random object to help me get out of water but then i woke up. This dream was visually relaxing, this remind of the vibe i usually get after running ROM :fire:. RoM is digging deeper for sure . I understood many things from that dream but those are very personal and not willling to share for now

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