The Quiet Rise of House Pyro (EZP, EoG1, HoM)

Many choose to become loud boisterous dominant figures throughout time. They conquer mass swaths of land, lay waste to kingdoms and rebuild their own. These figures have epics written in the annals of history of their rise and downfall. They rise in a flash but also crumble as quick as they rose to power.

Then, there are those that start with a small family, never have their names written in lights and prefer to keep it that way. If you look closely, you can see trace evidence of their influence around them quietly directing the chaos of the world.

Their journey starts in a small house. Slowly and methodically their influence begins to creep in foundations of society and eventually they begin to blend in quietly taking over power without notice. It is too late when you realize that your empire has eroded away and crumbles to dust, while the quiet presence lives on in the new era thriving in the shadows of time.


The Quiet Rise of House Pyro
(Emperor, Mogul, Emperor: House of Medici)

  • Watch the obstacles in your life crumble to dust.

  • Quietly build assets that deliver unimaginable wealth that allows you to live life according to your desires.

  • Build a network of highly trusted fun loving friends that help you enjoy all that life has to offer

  • Create a family culture of love, passion, responsibility, and prosperity that not only withstand the pressures of the outside world, but allow you to shape it.

  • Not worry about living in the public light, constantly dodging the paparazzi, and losing personal freedoms that come with fame.

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Awesome stack, looking forward to the results!

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I love this. So glad I clicked on it.

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Day 0

(Day 5) Washout from previous Emperor Mogul Stacks. Huge realizations on day 5. I think the founders were correct on the 5 day washout period.

My girl and I have been stealing very passionate kisses throughout the day after I used the Emperor to ravage her last night. Best performance I have done up to this point.

I feel a quiet dominance coming over me. I have become much better at my Job to the point I’m beginning to ruffle management’s feathers because I am taking more initiative than they would like in my role; where their perfect employee would be a downtrodden drone.

I also notice the more competent I am getting the tougher challenges are coming my way.

While running Stark I was over explaining things that would lead me to say too much. Now on Emperor I am getting exactly what I want to get across by saying less words and create situations beneficial to me by saying a little nugget of information and letting the chaos ensue while I step back. While on Stark I got sucked into the chaos. It’s quite fun to gently guide things and play the long game since everyone else is playing the short game. Especially in government.

I am noticing a lot more respect and lighthearted conversations from individuals outside my department. I am starting to realize that I had access and constant communication with directors and high level individuals on a daily basis and I am seeing how they always respected and liked me, but I was just too blind to see it. I am seeing my own self worth for the first time in what seems like my entire life!

Also I am really happy, it’s amazing what subliminals combined with a loving supptive partner, add in being properly medicated and some reflection will accomplish on the inside. It’s just a matter of time before the old outer reality crumbles to reveal what is growing on the inside.

I am going to write down the intentional steps I complete to create assets that produce wealth in a living document. My wife is very happy about this new me taking charge and regaining my enthusiasm over our finances.


Day 1/21 HoM

In the morning while laying in bed I deleted many of my old playlists on YouTube that reflected my previous path’s goals. It was a nice little journey of reflection and clearing. One thing I noticed there was a very evident pattern that I kept trying to fix my brain by any means necessary, yet I kept refusing all this time to get actual psychiatric help, I kept trying to do it on my own. Once I got my dopamine fixed to natural levels and I was no longer on E all the time and all of my subliminals began to sync up, my mind clearer, faster brain cognition, and an exponential internal growth grew to an Inferno.

Upon running HoM, it is very clear this is a beast of a sub and will take some time to sink in. I am glad I ran it on its own day, and run Emperor and Mogul together on day 3. For the first time in a long time I am getting brain fog from running a subliminal. I typically get this when running any sub for the first time. Throughout the morning I felt that script turn in my head giving me a light tingle feeling.

Getting no results from HoM and I did not expect any other than my subC going holy shit this is gonna be one hell of a journey. Buckle the fuck up chief. Kind of a full day of manageable reconciliation, way better than when I attempted it on QV2.


Day 2/21 rest

A pretty big internal result happened already. This subliminal while very challenging fits so much more than I could have imagined. It’s like all of the systems are aligned in my brain and we are ready for launch.

The load on the brain from HoM is a bit heavier as it gets integrated on day 2. Took some melatonin and finally slept throughout the night.

I’m starting to really feel the expansiveness of HoM and just how monumental the task it is trying to complete.

This is a crazy effect of ZP. I am feeling the distance of the journey the subliminal is about to take me. It’s like an internal monitor of this is where you are and this is where WE need to go. I capitalize WE because it feels like the subliminal and my mind met for some drinks, immediately became best friends who bought a high tech growth company to create the ultimate product for the world: Medici Mind.

Currently the subliminal Medici is the CEO and my mind is along for the ride soaking up as much information as possible.

The CEO Medici went on a spending spree and poached Emperor and Mogul from the other companies in my brain and laid off Stark, CHOSEN and WANTED along with outside programming junk. He had a board meeting where he laid out his plans for the future of the company.

Medici CEO also installed top of the line AI project management software for the specific purpose of HoM.

All of this from one 15 minute loop. No other subliminal including the other ZPs have had an effect like this.

When reading other journals of various products, I am discovering as we dive deeper into the ZP experience, It seems like these massive or main titles in ZP are your mentor, guide, or leader who has various discussions with you throughout the day. (A massive title in my theory, is a title that is your highest goal, but furthest from your current reality)

It also seems the smaller titles (any title that is less aggressive than your main title) are like the super powers you aquire or weapons and armor that you utilise to accomplish the Main title’s goal.

In Medici’s case, It feels a lot more like growing a business than going on an epic journey like Khan. Medici is the CEO who works on the overall picture and tends to not get in weeds. Emperor and Mogul have been hired to build out their divisions through decisive actions.

Mogul’s division is the leader of making profits and decisive financial moves guided by discussions with Medici. Mogul throws himself into his work and loves building more streams of income.

Emperor is head of operations. He makes sure the day to day events run smoothly. He has a small but promising romance project on the side, but his main day to day goal is increasing the efficiency of everything else. He also collaborates with Mogul on how to generate revenue.

I seem to be way too chatty on the forums. I blame this on my 21 day experiment of Stark which keeps executing to prove it would be good for the company. Sorry we are not headed in that direction.


FLAME ON, @Pyro!

Absolutely. In my case Khan leads me. But this you already know.

Love this. Similarly for me, Khan is King and WANTED his right hand man who helps Khan look the part and be untouched by the rigors of the Khan-life while Paragon is the left hand man who is as important to maintain health but who works behind the scenes.

In terms of weapons, Khan is the sword. Dangerous, flashy and cutting. WANTED is my shield. Protective and for bashing an enemy too. And Paragon is my armor. Useful to keep the body safe and working.

Can’t wait to read more of your successes :ok_hand:


Day 3/21 Emperor and Mogul.

Another Novel, House Pyro isn’t be so quiet, what is going on?

I woke up with a slight pressure in my heart center. I have not felt this since QV2 so HoM is really challenging me to the next level. The pressure is definitely not as intense as QV2 which caused tears at times.

I noticed my libido absolutely tanked even with My ADHD medicine which increases it. When reading the Khan thread I way like damn all the sexually charged energy these guys are feeling and I’m sitting on E which is very not normal for me. This is a clear sign of recon when starting new subliminals in my experience either ZP.

It is a very freeing thought when you are able to step out of yourself while you feel confused or frustrated and go oh that’s just recon, ehh it will go away.

It looks like Medici wanted to work on relationships today:

I notice I am more willing to set boundaries and be careful of what enters my brain. I read or at least scan ALL of the threads and am willing to block posters who just bring me down after reading their comments. I do the same thing with friends naturally.

Unfortunately since college it’s hard for me to make friends and I am all too willing to let friendships that are toxic or do not serve me go. My group of individuals keeps getting smaller, but the ones I am friends with, our bonds are very strong. I have a friend that lives about 5 states away from me and yet we play discord and d&d together and he is becoming more and more one of my best friends if not already and I haven’t seen him since my wedding, but people who live in the same city as me I barely talk to anymore. I don’t do blowouts with friends when leaving, I just start inching my way out the door until it seemed like a natural exit. I have learned that it’s good not to burn bridges because certain friends who I was close to having a blowout with but didn’t reach out later in life and now we are good friends again. Kinda funny how things work out.

I also have those great friendships where we won’t talk or hang out for months, but when we get together or talk we always pick up right where we left off and you couldn’t tell we hadn’t communicated in over 5 months.

It is very clear that I desire a smaller quality of friendships and not just superficial relationships with a lot of people (nothing wrong with that if that’s your desire, I love that we all have different goals. It makes the world a much more vibrant interesting place.)

I also noticed last night while being with my wife the feeling of knowing that I can make an even deeper connection with her than what I previously thought possible.

HoM directed my perception and allowed my focus me to really pay attention to how Saint has handled various forum members vying for his attention and trying to trip him up. And study it like athletes study film.

He clears the record straight, takes any necessary action and moves on. More importantly he forgave someone that betrayed trust and did serious damage. (For people that didn’t think he did damage I still have misgivings about QV2 despite knowing it was an upgrade logically. I think this damaged my QV2 results (not trying to blame just stating facts from my point of view reflecting back)) and why ZP seemed to hit me like a golden river of gold. I know me being untreated for ADHD my entire life also could have hindered my results despite trying to take any action I thought would push the needle forward. It was like pushing up a Boulder up a mountain that felt like it would never end.

That takes a lot of… Idk heart? confidence? Zenness? I can’t seem to find the word.

He does this even though it absolutely takes time and energy away from him finding ways to advance human potential because it is vital to silence and dispatch your enemies and make sure your narrative is the one that is in accounting terms is “the wall of truth.”. (Note: critics and enemies are vastly different, critics are those that judge, enemies try and take you down.)

He also tries to be empathetic with those who lash out or have wronged him or others. I have been doing this a lot lately, maybe it’s something lingering from chosen, but I do not judge others as harshly or often. Instead I get curious about why they are lashing out and try to be empathetic. I find that actually putting myself in their shoes helps me find peace with them or the situation. (It’s one thing to say it as a cliche, it’s another thing to internalize it and realize why it’s such a cliche). It has become almost unconsciously that I do this and it has really helped relationships with others (Wow the realizations with HoM are powerful) This really has had a tremendous impact on my marriage.

It’s not easy loving someone with ADHD and untreated ADHD cyclical depression. No wonder she gently persisted so long to get me to see a therapist and then had to gently nudge a very stubborn individual to see a psychiatrist. I have got to be one of the luckiest men on the planet. Only had to date on girl and she turned out to be the best thing to ever happen to me (we have been together for 9 years, this is no honeymoon feeling.)


Day 4/21

My work towards investments:
started collecting all of my assets information of where I all have my money so I can start to put together the bigger financial picture. This was so much fun.

Medici teaching on security:
First step of growing your wealth and influence is securing security for your assets. I dumped my old shifty anti-virus for a more complete friendly to use one

Medici on efficiency.
It’s important to put an emphasis on efficiency. I worked on cleaning up my computer of a lot of junk that no longer serves me.

Medici Guidance on Direction:

I know I am headed towards the investments/markets industry. I have desires to do my creative projects but I know, my business should be on something I am good at and enjoy doing day in and day out. My creative efforts will be a hobby, nothing more and I’m starting to be okay with shutting that door for at least 5 to 10 years. There are still times when I’m watching movies or listening to podcasts that I get the impulse to make my living out of it, but that is not where my strengths and more importantly efforts lie. I still have an open mind if an opportunity comes up, but not starting one from scratch by myself.

Medici CEO decided that I work on plans of giving back, part of Manifestation is feeling like you have so much, you are willing to give back to causes you support with action, awareness and money.

Well I know I have advanced my thinking about wealth. I have always really struggled with finding ways to give back that satisfied myself. I am a HUGE supporter of the military and veterans programs are usually what I donate too. Both of My grandpa’s were in the military one fought in Vietnam, the other one stationed in Germany between Korea and Vietnam. I also donate when I can to history programs and museums because I love both so very much and now I have added a third with being a champion of mental health. I am already starting to just post about it on social media in the form everyone understands, funny memes. I am excited to generate millions of dollars to donate to all 3 areas and help them all out. The medici strategist also states in my mind that this is a very positive way to spread influence.

The more I read others posts and compare it with my own, I think it is really critical that I stick with Emperor especially this ZP version. It is really bringing the best out of me. I’m becoming more well rounded because of it as well.

I have been struggling with my desire to be part of a creative problem solving close knit team. I struggle with the desire to be part of the entertainment industry despite all of my horrendous failures. It feels so much when I was happiest and in the zone of my robotics team. I am thinking one way to help sooth these desires is become good at investing and find other ways to be a part of entertainment businesses.

I am struggling with what kind of product or service I want to create that I can scale. Or work on how to become a broker for business dealings. Pretty lost in recon. I trust I will get more clarity.


When I was reading this, I thought “yes this is what a member of the Medici family would do.” It’s a good exchange trading money to help and in turn gaining more influence. A win-win situation :ok_hand:

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My goal in business has always been to create win win situations. I want my products/services to give people more value than what they pay and then scale and automate it.

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Day 5/21 HoM

After reading @ice post, I decided to dedicate myself to working at least one hour a day on Medici. That hour could be as simple as reading books if I am not home or out of idea’s.

Calculated my personal debt to equity ratio and I am at 3%!! What a great feeling.

I think I am going to work on how to automate my Financials in the future or at least as much as possible. Might to figure out how to build a software for this to have everything communicate to each other if one isn’t already there.

I had a HUGE breakthrough!!!
I found actual real true gratitude for the Job I have always hated. I am using the skills of it and I feel so confident for building my personal financial system because I am using what we do with millions of dollars for my little funds.

The path I am heading down means I will need to get a CFA to be credentialed. Which is a huge undertaking. I will have to see if it is critical/mandatory for my Medici plans.

In the afternoon, reconciliation kicked in and I basically took a rest for the rest of the day. I really love this listening schedule. I think the 5 days off especially on HoM will be welcome. It is a beast of a sub, I feel the fabric of reality starting to really open up with possibilities so much that it can be overwhelming. I think that is how recon manifests for me.


What’s a CFA?

It’s a Certified Financial Analyst. It’s a series of 3 very difficult tests that take about 300 study hours for each one.

I see. Thank you for clarifying.

That’s awesome man. Consistency is king!!

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Day 6/21 rest day

Wow reconciliation is absolutely hideous and evil. I have thoughts that I quickly let go of that are “wow these subs match EXACTLY with my desires and I am getting amazing results. I need to change my stack.” Screw you recon I see your traps and I rolled a natural 20 on my perception check.

I have felt some minor reconciliation in the form of a tingly feeling and tiredness this morning. It quickly cleared up into a light brain fog. Another day of hard work in the mind gym.

I notice after I some big breakthroughs or realizations I have a huge feeling of euphoria and then recon comes out of nowhere and sacks me like Ray Lewis.

I notice that I am more easily able to see different businesses gimics and techniques to get you to do what they want. A big part of this is notifications, so I have been disabling notifications on my phone. It’s take a bit more personal freedom back that I didn’t realize I lost.


Day 7/21 Emperor, Mogul

I notice my desire for distractions like constantly looking at my phone is decreasing. Woke up with light recon. I am actually excited for the 5 day break. I know HoM will get easier the longer I run it.

My desire to listen to Frozen 2 music has increased. It always does when I run into recon. It’s so funny because I grew up hating disney and anything animated. Now I really like Disney’s new animations. They tap into a part of me that is vastly unexplored. They make me feel vulnerable in a good way. This vulnerability somehow makes me feel even more dominant and confident. The song Show Yourself has really spoken to me the whole message of the song is that the person/thing you are “searching” for has been you the whole time. The answers we desperately seek on the outside are found within. It’s more of a thing to meditate on to really internalize this intangible lesson.

Everything in life seems so much more richer, I don’t know if it’s medicine or the subs or a combination of both. I have so much more gratitude in the smallest moments. Music seems deeper and full of flavor.

ZP really feels so dynamic. I feel very different when I run it from we all first stared listening to it. Again I can’t quite define or describe it bit I know it seems to morph about every month of running. There are tiny tweaks in each cycle that when you look back, you realize how much has changed especially the experience of running the subliminals

I find myself cutting a lot of excess out of my life, unsubscribing on many youtube channels, only reading through news and updates on here. Hopefully I can get it down I check the forums once a day. Getting even more personal freedom back. I really am becoming the person I have always desired to be.

Deep recon occurred in the afternoon set off by a Director’s email. Makes me feel those emotions of I cannot wait to say fuck you and leave this place. Real hot anger and stress surged in me.

I noticed that I am able to break away from a habit or routine a bit easier if it doesn’t fit the situation. I am much more bendy so to speak to my own benefit. More personal freedom I am taking back.

My wife is happy and grateful for the new me. She loves how I take initiative, do things that need to be done to help allow her with her studies and work. I can see the stress lifting off of her. She has said this so many times lately.

Also normally after a bad day of work I typically shut down and say I don’t want to talk about it and switch the subject. This would cause those feelings to fester and seep in deeper into my body till I have to go dig it up later.But today made me a special kind of pissed off. My wife asked how was work and I completely exploded with my frustration and she let me let it completely go, I felt most of my intense feelings leave my body.

I have feelings of gratitude gently flow into my body. I am grateful for all the hell I went through with untreated ADHD. It built up so many things in me that when I found my personal power I absolutely exploded into a badass of a man who is so in love with life. I know I havea LONG way to go buy I am loving this journey. Darkness creates the light. This Rollercoaster :roller_coaster: is quite an adventure.

I’m realizing that “CEO” or AI I felt installed in brain was really me all along my brain just dissociated the two vast different trains of thought to help me make sense of this new reality.

Day 8/21 rest day

I had very intense dreams last night. A lot of what I remembered centering around my Director and a wierd version of work.

I am going through quite a bit of recon in the form of helplessness and self doubt. This to shall pass. I knew HoM wasn’t an easy one, so the battle rages on.

Still pretty good at reducing distractions. But my mental capacity seems a bit diminished.

Worked about an hour on Medici related items for my daily requirement. Completely killing my old business and shutting it Completely down. Not hard it never made a dime. I have learned that projects around entertainment are just not for me. I am so much better in the financial sector. It comes pretty effortless at times. I just jammed out to Amaranthe and went to work.


Day 9/21 HoM

Intense dreams and nightmares last night.

Had pretty solid focus and patience at work. Noticed as they day went on, reconciliation started creeping in. I noticed when I’m not dialed in something it let’s me know that it’s there.

When I first started this little journey it was me vs recon and I felt it was trying to sabotage me every step of the way, but now I am trying a new tactic of showing it love and kindness. That ZP primer is pretty golden. I am noticing awesome changes that are not related to my stack at all.