STARK Thread - team stark now activated


So what’s the difference between this product and Khan? Iron Throne, Emperor, Daredevil and aspects of limitless are all contained within Khan already.


BlackSheep these make up the core but there is more to Stark then meets the eye my friend :slight_smile:.


@myspace123 i can only speculate at this point.

@Fire i call out to you ? please can you answer myspaces question.


Good to see blackadder is back with a vengeance. Although with his claims becoming ever more fantastical, I do wonder how long he’s been running Ultimate Artist for his creativity. By now, there are so many ripples in the subliminal community I feel like I’m sitting in an expensive massage chair.

Obviously, anybody with a mind capable of running Emperor + Quantum Limitless Core + Daredevil + Primal Seduction: Iron Throne + EoG Core + PCC realizes they do not need to explain themselves at all and won’t answer any questions. Instead, they’ll just say…

…I can test that kitten for you, my mind will make short work of it.

As for Fire being a bit less responsive, he is busy with Emperor Fitness and likely at least one testing module for Q. And Saint with Beast and Mind’s Eye.


Not just yet. :wink:


Stark sounds very ambitious. I would be very impressed with the technological advancement of subclub if they would be able to combine so many subliminals + adding other stuff to it, and still make an effective sub. I’m probably the biggest skeptic on this forum when it comes to Stark since I definitley believe less is more with subs. I’m curious to see how Stark will affect you guys when testing.

@blackadder I have 1 question: How much of the information you are giving us is speculation/ideas from your side and how much is certainly true?


I might be new here, but I did have an unnumbered of experience experimenting with the likes of Solfeggio frequencies, subliminal, and other related core aspects of manifestations in general.

Having said that, I am an active businessperson on the run, in which I find my experience would be as of a true value addition to the STARK experiment as I do lots of journals on a daily basis. With respect and regards to how I journal, I look for synchronicity, relationship, manifestations, conversation, and many other minor aspects of outcome to better interpret the causation and correlation of a process which makes me a keen observant.

I am unsure if you’ll find me valuable towards the STARK thread, but I am down to experiment and give it a shot to push human’s development towards the next stage of evolution with the used of Subliminal.

Last word? Bring it on.


As long as you’ve run the scripts within STARK in the past it shouldn’t be such a big problem. That’s the point, if you ran the containing subliminal’s in the past then you could assume that STARK is only the fourth stage of a multi stage, so to say.


@DarkPhilosopher I believe it will be a multi-stage program. As you have correctly pointed out running QL, DareDevil, Emperor, Iron Throne and PS might be overwhelming for the grey matter for the average user. So it would make sense to break the sub down into multiple stages.


@afc22 There are talks going on between Fire and Saint as to whether they should release the product. This could go two ways,

Either they never release it or they will release it with additional “modules” based on community feedback.


This sounds like a good product but i believe the stack I’m running is similar already consisting of full programs as this will likely have lite versions of all those mentioned . I might consider it for 2021 after i run my current programs for a year ! Looking forward to seeing peoples results after its released .

I have threads up in the forums regarding my program stacks !


I’d like to be part of the experiment as well. Right I’m running a combination of emp/st3, exactly because I’m looking for a balance between lone wolf emperor and the chaty, sexy khan.


Any insight what stage from QL / EOG to use to be as close as possible to “core” as suggested in another thread?


Unfortunately Fire is still deciding on what to add to Stark so we still dont have anything to go by just yet.


I can see you have the potential to become the best version of yourself. Why do I know that ?. You were bold enough to choose Khan and Emperor. and stick with it. Welcome board !.


This is exciting. the idea that I could get the best of both worlds: determination and productivity of emperor with khan’s sexual vibe… maaaan! I’m im!


Looks and sounds great.Im in


@blackadder - are you doing the EmperorQ test? Was looking for your EQ journal but couldn’t find it.


This is actually EmperorQ :sweat_smile: @AMASH surely will agree on that.


Yes, in one of the early posts after I began using EmperorQ, I said it is STARK in disguise :smile: