Self Development Road Map


Day 14: Update 1:

Stack: Ql , R, AM

I am having real problems sleeping


What is keeping you awake?

I mean, does your brain keep running the same thoughts/topic over and over?
Just generally not sleepy?

Do you feel stressed?


@Hoppa I wake up after 2 hours of sleep at night and then can’t go back to sleep.

I can sleep at anytime of the day, but day sleep is so bad.


When you wake up at night, what do you do? Try to fall back asleep? How do you feel?


I feel restless. I’ve tried going back to sleep, but i just end up staying awake


If you don’t fall asleep quickly, maybe get up for a while, read something?

Don’t remember where I read about this, but if somebody is having problems falling asleep he should not try to fall asleep too long.

Max 15 minutes. If he still is awake, it’s better to get up and do something else. It has something to do with learning a bad habit, tossing and turning in bed.

I read about it years ago and have been following this advice. Nowadays I tend to fall asleep easily.

Might be worth trying.

Just stay away from any screens, get a book or something. Back in the days reading German vocabulary did the trick for me in about 5 minutes :stuck_out_tongue:


I am gonna try that!

Reporting back in 20, if this doesnt work :stuck_out_tongue:


Blue light is bad, so stay away from tv, computer, cell phone etc.


Yup. That’s good advice. It’s the same thing a sleep specialist will tell you.

It has to do with behaviorally conditioning the bed and sleeping area to be associated with actual sleeping. Basically, you want that room, that time, and that bed to be strongly associated in your mind with sleeping.

They’ll generally give you a list of 10 or so things to pay attention to. If enough of those things are going well, the idea is you should be able to sleep.

It’s stuff like:

  • no caffeine after 2 or 3 (earlier if you’re sensitive to it)
  • cool temperature in bedroom
  • total dark in bedroom
  • bed is only used for sleeping
  • limit the falling asleep time (like Hoppa said)
  • avoid blue light (like Hoppa said) - it throws off melatonin production
  • relaxing activities in the hour or two preceding bed time
  • exercise (earlier in the day, or two hours before bed time). Exercise raises body temperature which is followed by a temperature drop. The temperature drop facilitates falling asleep.

stuff like that.

I don’t follow a lot of these. But in my insomniac quest, I’ve learned the basics.


@Malkuth none of it is working. :’(


do you usually fall asleep easily?

if so, then there’s a good chance that it’s a combination of anxiety about the current situation and insufficient physical exercise (stuck inside).


Today I made a list.

I asked my self what intimidates me from taking social action?

I came up with different feelings came up with different people. Basically all of the feeling are centered around low self esteem, but I divided people into different categories.

  1. People who I believe think low of me because of who I am
  • So I feel low status around them, and completely avoid being around them.
  1. People infront of who’m I feel uncharismatic and Beta

  2. People around who’m i feel the need to show what good I’m doing with my life.

Could anyone suggest me more categories?


For the past few days I have not been able to sleep for more than 2 hours if I sleep between 9 to 5


Quarantine Day 17.
Stack: Ql during Studies, AM and R set and forget.

ByTaking no action, I feel like I am wasting my exposure time with AM.

I will see a couple of more days with AM in my stack, Then i will swap AM with Khan St1. For a complete brreakdown and healing along with Regeneration.

SO stack= K1 and R + QL

That’s right folks, not STARK.

Since I am likely to be stuck home for the next Few months. I will use this time for complete breakdown and healing.

I just hope no one tells me that Stark has mad healing scripting


Quarantine Day 18.

I’m dedicated to clearing out the past limits. And becoming rock solid!


I can see your point. And I think healing/ breakdown is important for a rock solid base.

Now the question is: How long will you be running the new stack? :wink:

Have you set up any target?


As long as I feel there is a need to break more limits in me.

Last time I was on khan St1, I was in it with the aim of getting quick status results, and I rushed through the stages to get to St4. I didn’t for once focus on breaking my limits back then.

This time, I am doing St1 with the sole purpose of breaking down my limits, and will stick to it as long as I feel my limits are still intact.


My reality is governed by the voice inside my head and the words it uses.

So I started doing an exercise.

While listening to Kst1, I make a note of all the people I can come up with, Who I am intimidated to interact with.

The rest of the exercise is done with the eyes closed.

I imagine I am stuck with all of them in a room.

Then I take each person and do a “Why Why” analysis with each of them: why I am intimidated to interact with them.

So far I have discovered the following:

Most intimidations arise from my assumptions of

  1. How their response In the past implies about my status.-
    ie. I still care what people think.
  2. How I assume they will respond to me ( poor response )
    Ie. I still have low self esteem


Had a very strange dream.

Background note: I’m very scared of dogs.

I had a pet dog I’m my dream.
I don’t remember the details in the middle though.

But right at the end, I had sleep paralysis. I don’t know if it was in my dream or I was lucid dreaming.

While I was laying down, the dog was trying wake me up, but I couldn’t move. i don’t know if it was trying to play with me or if there was any danger, but it continuously nibbled me in attempts to wake me up. In the dream I felt bad for the dog because it was trying it’s best not to get it’s spot on me or hurt me my getting on top of me.


StarkQ looks really amazing.

But I’m super focused on Total Breakdown for now.

I guess my sub hopping limiting habit is on the guillotine being beheaded atm!