Season 2: NFTW (which one are you?) [11.11.23]

bro don’t say this, I have to order a custom :sneezing_face:

haha I know the feeling

It just says power can corrupt

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@Floridianninja - do contact support with your custom order number and ask them to be sure. Have a feeling that Saint and Fire are in the midst of research and hence busy.

Yea I haven’t seen them anywhere on the forums, they are definitely hard at work.

Weird his document stated the old Power can corrupt. If he placed the order before the drop, it should include the upgraded title. Maybe a copy error.

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Understandable but we don’t know whether Power Can Corrupt Core is updated to Emperor: Will To Power Core in the Q Store yet.

Moat probably not updated since the thread title of Emperor: Will To Power isn’t updated to “Q Core Available”.

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Saint sent me a message and we cleared it up


Was it updated?

If yes, that would help me out too with ordering :sweat_smile:

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I think so
All he said is he would look into it and remake it to ensure i had the updated versions

I assume it is updated now


I love seeing everyone struggle about how, what and when to build their customs :joy:

Thats why i wont build mine untill ZPV3

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But when zpv3 is here zpv5 is just around the corner :smiley:


lol… let’s wait indefinitely

While i get the meme, but upgrades after ZPV3 wont come until a very very long time. Upgrading everything there will take years


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This is how I’m approaching customs :joy:

Store titles are good enough for now, altho my mini-custom idea of merging 2 store titles would be AMAZING

Like I’d merge Khan Black St 4 and RoS and that combo would NEVER leave my stack


@Saiyan4Blue what do you mean? Upgrading all the store titles to ZP3 will take years?

I do agree that after ZP3 they are going to focus on growth other places rather then develop to ZP4…. I saw them talking about that somewhere on the forum. Though that may change if they stumble upon a new innovation like they did with ZP originally. We never know on the SubClub journey! Just have to plan for your short and long term goals using the appropriate titles/customs in the moment and enjoy the ride!


Thats also a very solid view point.

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I don’t think we will see ZPv3 for a decent amount of time… I know Saint at one point said Summer 2024 but i think they will push it back to late 2024 or mid 2025 depending on innovations and other stuff

I mean it could take them a few months to upgrade all the titles in the store and give them face lifts… I think we will see the whole ZPv2 Max thing finished by late feb maybe even late march depending on set backs and how long it takes to write the scripts of the multistagers plus any innovations they discover along the way they then decide to add


Ah profitable time of year and I’m not even running RICH as I usually do (I will if it gets updated by Christmas) Just Khan + wealth custom :slight_smile:

I really do believe it was running Khan, Sultan, Void of Creation custom for a year that got me out of debt to 850 credit score… too many weird things had to happen (wealth limit destroyer came into my revised custom later this year)

Sure, I did action by never getting sick through ALL of Covid and never skipping opportunities to work. This decade I relied on only vitamins & subs.


@SaintSovereign can you please check your pm :pray:t3:?

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@Forum_Ambassadors @AnswerGroup

Is there meant to be a wash out between a sub without NSE to the same sub with NSE?