Season 2: NFTW (which one are you?) [11.11.23]

Fucking nuked people’s stacks tonight

Reading the EWTP sales page and resisting the urge


Just check and see two drops at once. Time to read art-style description of them :star_struck:

You can now discard the notion that Stark is overly feminine, if you have any such thoughts. Put this on top of Stark, then return and let us know if it’s too girly :rofl:

If it hasn’t been delivered, yes.


:: Takes a bow. ::

HypeDaddy out.


I see " Will to Power" the first thing I think of is this


Sweet just sent you the order number on the chain message from last time

Crazy enough I was messaging lion earlier and I almost wrote wouldn’t it be awesome if they updated PCC today :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: but I deleted the message …. Premonition results? Lol


@SaintSovereign will HypeDaddy come back for Stark?


Hype daddy never leaves us his lives in our hearts until the physical manifestation of hype daddy arise again


Two Awesome Titles, one of them even has Phoenix in the name (favorite fantasy creature), Yet my stack survives. A true testament to the New Emperor. I for the first time took a hard look at the titles and visualized how the journey on each one would go compared to my current two titles and does that align with my goals. Big win in my book.

Emperor: The Will to Power is in my future though after I complete first round of QL.

Also in a way I can’t describe, it is so much better in my experience running two titles in a stack vs 3.



Also looked to the future and I think I’ll run Phoenix only next cycle (starting Dec 26, auspicious day), into the new year alongside Khan Black and New Emperor

Two awesome title upgrades. It will have me considering a new stack.

pleasant surprise… :smiley: my custom plan is safe….for now…… :sweat_smile:

what more if the upgraded Dragon Reborn Multistage drops… it will really hit extra hard

I am currently out of office. I will look into it when I return.

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Haha nah it’s ok. I was joking around with that.

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Wow thanks @SaintSovereign, @Fire awesome updates!!!

I am enjoying the new PCC today, with emperor and QL.

I am feeling sharp ASF :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: lol.

Loving it :+1:

Also this feels way more natural in execution


fingercross for soon we will have all the Artist related titles updated…(RM,UA,UWX)please come a little bit earlier….cant wait to experience all those in NSE version….it could be a total turnover…. :wink: :kissing_heart:

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Awesome music to listen to, while reading the descriptions.

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Yep, consider my stack warped beyond repair. It had to be the two best ones… just waiting for Genesis: Ascension.

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