Reflections of Apollo

I have. It looks like the guy is ready to physically shift somebody’s bone structure and facial features, lmao.

As to the update part of it; I would have never considered that, very good point. So it’s probably safe to say that there are things in EQ nobody but Fire and Saint are aware of. Which holds true for every title… But I’m sure you understand what I mean.

Wasn’t it dissatisfaction with life?

I don’t think so, I just skimmed through the first few posts of my journal to check but if I remember that time period perfectly, and I very much that I do, I was more irritated about either my addiction and how that was affecting me mentally, my co-driver, or my job.

Eh, I guess in some way that could be interpreted as dissatisfaction with life, I recant.

I’ve been listening to subs for almost six years and I’ve noticed I feel dissatisfied with life therefore irritated when I (my subconscious or who knows what) realize that my life is far away from the mindset of the guy the sub is trying to change me into. It doesn’t occur often yet it’s noticeable from time to time. It occurs much less on SC subs though.

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Oh, that silly, insignificant, powerless, unimpressive little thing people around seem to call reconciliation??

Lol, yeah I get what you mean. I don’t get irritated from subliminals much, my thing I notice is a type of brain fog. My ability to think is slightly diminished at times. My thoughts move pretty quickly regardless so I don’t mind too much, but it’s noticeable.

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Same here. How aboutverbal fluency? Does it affect it too?

Eh, a bit of a stutter that though I see it coming when it approaches in a conversation, I haven’t managed to completely overcome. Just a bit of a skip in my words as they flow I guess you could say… But I don’t want to divert the journal here :o woops

Sure, thanks for your replies.@Apollo could you kindly refer to what Ninjistic said about those side effects on Emperor, please?

Let me not leave it at that, come to think of it.

Verbal fluency. Smooth, flowing conversation does occur as a result of Emperor, definitely. However, it very much depends on your consciousness and the receiver of conversation. I wouldn’t say it causes you to become a chatterbox with just anyone, I think it’s more direct and specific.

By consciousness, I mean your your desire and intent. I wouldn’t say Emperor is good for idle chit chat. I’m glad you asked that because I hadn’t thought about it, but I can’t remember the last time I small talked anyone without dis-ease beginning to go through me within a few minutes.

Not out of uncomfortability or nervousness but out of boredom. Surface level talk is even less interesting on Emperor to me nowadays than it used to be, especially if I’m in the middle of something or have something to do.

Glad you helped facilitate that realization, bud. @Varuna

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Oh no not at all, please feel free. I find every posts here illuminating, and it would certainly be helpful for future reference. I too felt this lack of verbal fluency, and hopefully now that I am back on the horse I would see a complete shift in mood and improvements with my brain fog.

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Yes, this happens to me from time to time due to social anxiety when I am out and about, however I was just at home this weekend and don’t often get mental chatter when speaking with my immediate family.

I noticed I was in my head from time ot time, and in the middle of constructing a sentence, a thought of uncertainty about what to say next or if I was saying it correctly would pop up in my mind; Which leads me to stutter or jumble my words. It’s not as bad but I noticed it these weekend.

I’m back with my loops today, and I am enthusiastic to see some changes.

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1x Rebirth Q, 1x EQ this morning.

Hopefully the mental fog, irritation and mood swings I experienced this weekend would be rectified. I want a calm Emperor, not one that gets easily irritated, insecure or has unnecessary mental jibber jabber. I’m honestly disappointed with myself this past weekend, but we’ll see.

I’m logging this in for future reference and to compare my mental states as I progress with these programs.


Good thing @Sage_Ninjistic mentioned this in his journal, but I too did not smoke this weekend. There was temptation during the height of the mood swings and irritability, but there was something at back of my mind asking me “why am I tempted to smoke?” “Why add to your hassles?” “You know it doesn’t help you, it’s just temporary and then you’ll use it as a crutch while weakening your lungs” You’ll smell this on your hands for hours? Aren’t you irritated enough?"

I could chalk up the mood swings and irritation from not smoking the cigarettes but then again, the fact I did not want to (even when I kind of did… ) was remarkable.

Strange thoughts but correct thoughts. Could be anything but I feel this is EQ for some reason that escapes me.

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1x Sanguine Ultima.

Still feeling some mood swings and negative thoughts right now and I decided to run Sanguine Ultima for the first time.

If I feel some relief, this would also be a good way to test if my current headset would do.

That must be Quantum Limitless Lite in Emperor which helps with verbal fluency. I’ve just noticed oftentimes that my verbal fluency decreases because of being a bit overloaded with subs. Maybe because I usually listen to them at night and I don’t get a sufficient amount of sleep or the sleep is not of a very good quality. I’m planning on using BLU paired up with Emperor and it contains a verbal fluency improvement component. I’m a polyglot and want to teach Spanish, apart from English, online therefore that aspect matters to me a lot.

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Wonderful. Next to True Social, I have been looking at BLU to pair with EQ, it’s definitely on my list. Let me know if they synergize well for you and you recommend the pairing.

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Do you plan on running EQ with BLU later on? You’re running it with Rebirth which I consider an excellent move and I want to do the same when done with my healing stack but later on I’ll be playing it with BLU to add to Quantum Limitless Lite for improving my cognitive performance and productivity.

I have a headset for around 30$ and it works well with Ultima. Nice use of Sanguine. :slight_smile:

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Yes, I am. I wish to learn multiple languages as well, French is first on my list and then Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin and Arabic is up there as well; However I couldn’t focus and have had problems with memorization since forever. Hopefully BLU paired with EQ would be a knock out combo.

Nice list, I would recommend learning French to the proficiency level and then you could study whatever you like, even three languages at once. Learning languages is like a brain training, if you spoke one foreign language, unless you already do, your brain would be ready for taking in much more.

I was thinking about playing QLQ alongside with BLU for that very purpose but since EmperorQ contains the lit version of QLQ and I’m doing pretty well in studying languages I decided ultimately to go with Emperor and add BLU later on to it.

There will be synergy between Emperor and BLU, I’m sure of that.

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It’s a dream list, I wish I was that smart! Haha!

Ah one could dream. Heck, a year from now we might be driving our own Ferrari’s and Lamboghini’s, speaking 6 languages while calculating in our heads how much millions our investments have made the past year. :sunglasses:

I just finished Sanguine. Seems like it lifted my mood in a subtle way. I realize from my last comment that I just had a more positive outlook. It was not like that at all this morning, my head is filled with doom and gloom and cynicism. I was trying to reign it in with my words as I wrote on my journal but I felt the pangs of depression.

@Sage_Ninjistic I guess I should note this. Not 100 percent yet, but this is certainly promising.

Now to observe during the course of the day.

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