Raphael's Ultimate Author T + Chad T + Iron Khan Q + Quantum Artist Q

I guess so, huh. It wouldn’t be surprising for someone to be pissed off if they found out they were lied to about something their entire life about something of importance like this. That makes a lot of sense @Lion!

That’s great! My comment was more of a warning for those who might start going into those kinds of forums.


Haha yep. He was in The Game, by Neil Strauss. Rather infamously, he’s the one who stole Mystery’s girlfriend. Then he went uber-minimalist and started living in a van.


@SubliminalUser - I absolutely understand and agree. Incels (Involuntary Celibates) and many who do MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) fall in this category of idealogical dogma. I used to do it too. But then grew out of it.

Better to use knowledge than to keep talking about it.

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@BLACKICE - he’s the guy? Oh the betrayal! Lol.

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PM this request to me as soon as you can. Hitting the sack now, but once I wake up, gonna hit Q pretty hard.


@SaintSovereign - will do at once!

wow. just saw this.

(first of all, i need to learn how to do the drop-down triangle pointer thing. very much needed!)

those customs look great! You killed it.

I can feel the time and thought that went into them.

Will be exciting to witness your process. :fist:


Thanks a lot, @Malkuth. I did think a lot on it and I really feel good about them.

And yeah, those dropdown triangles are very nifty and give this nice feeling of mystery and interactivity.

Here’s where you will find it:

But it needs a bit of tinkering when you use it. Am sure you will figure it out


Yep, sure will.

Much appreciated!

Thanks very much for pointing this out. I’ve posted a whole bunch of long lists (as have we all, I guess), and this will help to create much more compact and readable posts.


@Malkuth - haha! You got it! Fast learner right there.

Yes, very useful.

Just an update on my ULTIMATE AUTHOR Terminus build. Will be changing the StarkQ Core to Mogul Q Core to make it more focused on money and financial success.

PS: in a way it was a good thing that the build was delayed so that i could make this change.


Ultimate Author Terminus x 2 (Day 1)

So I got my Ultimate Author Terminus build yesterday and played one loop of it overnight. Masked. Am not a big fan of the ultrasonic so that’s why I always use masked tracks.

-I didn’t feel any reconciliation and felt pretty productive today. My mind was clearer to tackle some paperwork challenges (not related to being an author) but still useful.

-Uninstalled my Facebook and Instagram apps a few days ago to focus on my wealth and health goals. This was a big step since am addicted to social media. I don’t use twitter.

-Also reduced binging youtube videos today. Else I usually waste time there watching “self improvement” videos. Oh the irony lol.

-Talked to a girl I was chatting to on WhatsApp telling her that I wouldn’t be as available to spend the time for text messages. She put up some resistance but I stayed strong and was able to write her and convince her that it’s for the better. Which ended in her supporting me (The Ultimate Writer module in my Terminus build is definitely helping my writing skills no matter the situation). She is a casual date though and I already have it in my mind that if she drifts off and we don’t ever talk again, am fine with that too. My sense of the importance of my purpose is stronger than anything. Even if the girl is attractive.

-Played one more loop of Ultimate Author T again when napping in the afternoon. No reconciliation at all.

-Got my Chad Terminus build tonight and will play one loop of it overnight just by itself to get a feel for it.

-Much thanks for the Terminus Customs, @SaintSovereign and @Fire


Chad Terminus x 2 (Day 1)

-Played one loop of Chad Terminus overnight. And another loop in the afternoon.

-I couldn’t believe it but things happened today that is making it possible for me to able to fly to another city where I can get my eyes treated again when I thought it would be virtually impossible to do so during these times. I won’t explain how it happened because for one, the circumstances that led to it are on the face of it, too mundane but convoluted. But the main reason is because it doesn’t matter and the important thing is that the manifestation just works. It’s confirmed that I will get the treatment done this month for the second time in a year. Am so relieved. So fingers crossed on this one.

-I believe this happened due to a combination of having the Aegis: Survival Instinct Core and Asclepius healing module in Chad Terminus

-Also felt slight pulsations in my arms when I was laying down yesterday night and starting my loop. In addition, felt slight massaging sensations in my chin in the morning. The physical shifting of Spartan Core, Emperor Fitness ST4 Core, Apollon and Facial Morphing modules I believe (need to get myself to do a daily basic exercise to maximize this. Something light for starters)

-Other than that, a productive day with regard to getting some work done (non-writing related) but need to nail down a plan to pursue my writing goals in relation to my custom Ultimate Author Terminus* sub.


Good news indeed!

I think that’s what a lot of us are missing. We buy subs with a goal of becoming something or getting something, but never really knowing how, much more having a plan. And I think knowing that you need a plan is a good step.


Congratulations on that manifestation, that’s awesome you’ll be able to take care of your self.

You’ve run the same sub in Q for several months prior to Chad Terminus,
how does the Terminus version compare so far. Is the ‘feel’ the same, do you notice any particular differences?

Also would you mind sharing, or point me to where you shared the contents of what’s in of each of your respective customs?

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@d1gz - I absolutely agree to your comment regarding making a plan and following through.

The combination of manifestation and the focusing of it through action will pay higher dividends I believe instead of just playing subs and hoping for the best.

@Azriel - the contents of my current customs is in the first post of this thread. The modules are hidden in those little “right pointing triangles”.

Regarding running the Q versions of the same custom subs, I must add that they weren’t exactly the same as these two Terminus versions in terms of their modules although the Ultimate Author Terminus custom is quite close to a previous Q custom.

I do feel a certain “heaviness” in the T version and am very careful to not overplay it like I did the Q version. Other than that it is too early to provide feedback but if something comes up, I will definitely let you know. I will also keep my eyes open to “feel” the difference since I must admit that I didn’t think about it when playing my current stack.

And yeah, thank you.


sounds great, thanks

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Rest day

Will be taking the rest of the week off from listening to any subs. And until the Official Listening Manual for stacking subs comes in, I will follow the following routine:

Monday - Ultimate Author Terminus x 2
Thursday - Chad Terminus x 2
(Am comfortable with 2 loops per day now and will increase the loops by 1 every week)

PS: The other days of the week will be rest days.

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Rest Day (Yesterday)

-Spent yesterday binge-watching Brandon Sanderson’s “2020 Creative Writing Lectures at BYU” on YouTube. Did 3 lectures so far, 10 more to go. They are very well done and anyone into writing fiction (especially Sci-Fi and Fantasy) will find them very useful. Each video is 1hr+ and entirely free.

-I have not read Brandon Sanderson’s books. Not a big fan of his writing style although I appreciated him finishing Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series when RJ sadly passed away. Wondering if the same thing will happen to GRRM lol. Regardless, Sanderson is an excellent teacher.

-Currently debating on whether to add my Q Custom sub which is focused on being Alpha, to my current stack. I had made it when the Q Store opened and found it pretty handy in adding Masculinity to the mix. It’s a Q build and not Terminus. Will decide by today.

-I had made a second Q custom at that time too focused on creativity but my current Ultimate Author Terminus is better for that especially since it has the Ultimate Writer module in it. (EDIT: or maybe I will add this second Q custom too since it does have modules in it that aren’t in the others)