Primal Diamond Dragon


Primal Seduction: Iron Throne ULTIMA: x2 loops (until March)

Diamond Ultima: x2 loops (Forever)

Dragon Reborn St 1: x1 loop (until March)

Sex Mastery X2 ULTIMA x2 loops (until March)

It’s been a tough 2020. I’m pumped to start the New Year off right!


Day 1

20 Minutes before my second DR loop ended, I felt heat disperse throughout my body. The heat was most concentrated in the small of my back. In my minds eye I saw furnace with huge flames coming out of it.


Pun intended? :rofl:


That didn’t even cross my mind :joy:


Like 5 minutes after my 2nd loop of DR ended, I felt unbridled joy which is very rare this year. As I was trying to go to sleep last night, I saw a fire in my lower torso then i saw flames engulf my body like I’m the human torch.


@StateOfBeing - you must be very sensitive to your energies. Good going :+1:

This is a very interesting stack although a bit heavy since it has 3 Ultimas in it. But if it works well for you, please continue. Else do let me know and I will be glad to help you with your stack (IF you need it ofcourse)

Welcome to Subclub!


Your invitation…

The Anthem

Dragon up so you can Dragon on!


That was hilariously cheesy




@raphael My plan at first was to run Dragon Reborn and a healing custom alongside it. I’ll get the custom sometime in January. Im just testing this stack out for this week. I’ll probably drop SMX2U and alternate days for DU and PSITU

Healing Custom:


Attachment Destroyer
Blue Skies
Discordia Deliverance
Harmonic Singularity
Inner Voice
Regeneration Q Core
New Beginnings
The Merger of Worlds
Negative Energy Transmutation

@RVconsultant I’m excited to be apart of the brotherhood


Welcome to the Order of the Dragon


Excellent plan, my friend. Your healing custom idea looks very good too


I actually love this, and your passion @RVconsultant.

I’m sure you’re going to love Dragon Reborn as much as the rest of us do, I hope it serves you well and gets rid of anything you back. Welcome to our Siblinghood.

In regards to your custom, looks very sweet.

Any particular reason you’d want more healing that DR could possibly handle?

I’m just assuming so it’s more focused?


I’ve been planning to get a healing custom before DR came out. Im still testing things out with DR, If I feel like it’s going good then I’ll hold off the custom.


That makes sense, no need to hold off it’s what you really want. Listen to your intutition and let it tell you what to do. You know your situation best.

I do have a feeling that Dragon Reborn will help you out much more than you think it will - so many people are examining different things happening to them that they didn’t even think would.


I have that feeling too. Just from the first night, seeing the flames engulf me. It’s exciting!


I’m currently listening to DR Stage 2 as we speak and will be whilst I’m sleeping in a second and I feel the same way.

It has cleared up so many things that I wasn’t even aware of in jsut the past month and a bit that I’ve been using it. It’s a great product.

Looking forward to your updates.


Day 2

A little bit about me: I have cerebral palsy. I’ve always been embarrassed of my shaking and thinking people are going to think less of me because of it. So because of that I have held myself back from many opportunities. There’s two memories that always sticks out to me. My handwriting is like a 1st graders. In 6th grade, we were taking a spelling test and my crush got my test to grade. I’m thinking “She’s about to see how awesome of a speller I am” and she ended up switching my paper with somebody else’s. I attributed that as I’m not good, worthy enough. The 2nd memory, I’m in 10th grade, taking a math quiz. We pass the quizzes around to get graded and i hear the table behind me talking about my handwriting. Thoughts of sadness, anger, embarrassment and wanting to disappear pop up.

Today, my family went to go visit my grandma to keep her company. Looking back on this day, I realized i wasn’t focused on my shaking as much. There’s been only one other day where i didn’t focus on myself, prom. I’ve been writing this as my second loop plays.


I’m sorry you experienced those two memories man, it sounds like a limiting belief was formed and wants to be broken in those memories - if that’s something you want to work on but DR may be working on it for you.

DR will encourage you to be authentic and will start to clear out any blocks into how you feel and/or see yourself in regards to your condition so I hope that helps and comforts you. You’ll begin to live life being yourself without the cares you once had.


As you’re running DR, your goals might change. Holding off might be wise.

Give it a week. Then look back over your journal here. What you may notice might surprise you.