Legendary Journal of Hermit


Dear friends,

as there are not that many in-depth and insightful reviews available in regards to Ascended Mogul, I decided to journal on my own progress so that users become aware of the outrageous power that lies behind this Program.

Two loops yesterday and I’m currently going through another loop as I’m writing these sentences. One thing I have instantly noticed is a shift in productivity and mindset, I’m feeling increasingly dedicated and motivated to get needed tasks fulfilled, with an impeccable focus and concentration (which might be attributed to the Quantum Limitless related Custom that I’m listening alongside it).

Moreover, a definite increase in my behaviors especially towards others – a sense of high-esteem and a do not disturb my kind of vibe, a little bit of anger is cursing through me when people push my boundaries, I easily become aware of it and tone it down, yet it is unconscious and comes to the surface anyway. I know for a fact that this is just the adaption period that I’m going through and soon enough people change their presented behavior towards me accordingly. I am feeling stronger within, mighty and powerful, because of that my body language, stance, and walk have improved I have also noticed a deeper voice.

Energy seems to be increasing, at least towards finishing certain tasks and I’m forcing myself to lay-down goals for myself and complete them no matter what.

Bear with me, this is only after three loops, the potency of Ascended Mogul is truly outstanding.

Previously, I decided not to make another Journal, because it would ask too much of my time and attention on the Forum and then I feel inclined to answers many Thread to help out people unconditionally, I’m will be doing my best to refrain from that ‘bad habit’ of mine.

Will do my absolute best to introspect in the most accurate manner and write down those insights as a contribution to users alike who are appreciative of them.

Thank you for reading this Journal and I sincerely hope it has brought you some value,
Hermit. :high_brightness:

AzrielLight EmperorQ

Now imagine Emperor or the multi-stage programs!
I think personally many users dont run the programs long enough to really reap all benefits.


Emperor definitely packs more power compared to Ascended Mogul, however, is a person ready to wield that much Power or will it overtake him? Is that question that is left standing.

Power does not equal results, compliance and alignment will personal reality does.


I also imagine it’d stack with Khan/Stark much better than Emperor because with Emperor there’s so much divergence.

Alas I have a full stack rn :smiley: But it should still give me those results just takes longer. Asc Mogul is very focused and very strong I imagine. I’ve listened to Ascension in the past, it was very potent and quick.

Actually yes like Khan definitely has this, but it’s so deeeeeply burried that takes time to uncover.

With ascension I had some crazy dreams :D.


I agree …lol



What would you say are the 5 most important changes you’ve experienced on Ascended Mogul?


Here are some observations I have noticed during the day, obviously the side-effects have been diminished significantly. I thought this would be the case as I referenced my behavior in relation to previous attempts with Ascended Mogul which overlaps thoroughly, I really see a pattern going on with Ascended Mogul, and looking at the objectives of this Subliminal it really makes a lot of sense why it executions in such manners.

  • No hesitation, just getting things done, whenever I see something that can be worked on; I take action on it instantly. (procrastination feels a thing of the past, seems like I am rewarded with dopamine each time a task is finished).

  • Demanding respect from anyone and everyone, and whenever someone rejects to do so – I feel an elevation of anger rising within me. In regards to that, I have noticed a feeling of not wanting to be questioned about my intentions and motives and setting boundaries pertaining to the protection of my authority and will.

  • Offensive and dominating behavior, effecting mostly in rudeness and lack of empathy towards the feelings of others. After this sentence in my offline journal, I wrote the following; ‘The opposite of my organic personality, it might just be reconciliation, if these effects do persist to increase and fail to stabilize over time, I will have to substitute it with something else as to balance them out.’, which I am now able to verify as a fact because so many hours have passed since I wrote that and I can officially say that the side-effects have vanished completely.

— I love Ascension for that reason, it makes you stand up for yourself in situations where you previously did not. But of course, masculine and feminine qualities need to be balanced and I’m feeling very much on the masculine side of things right now, and let me tell you it is very much troubling me.

The previous excerpt was also taken from my offline journal of earlier today and I can happily announce that as of currently the Masculine and Feminine aspects of my personality are very much in balance and harmony as we speak.

More observations tomorrow. :blush:


Added ascension to my stack :D. Thank you.


For what purpose? Interestingly enough, the aforementioned effects are even more intense on Ascended Mogul compared to Ascension which does not make a lot of sense considering Ascension is the part where status becomes elevated and inner-confidence and self-esteem strengthened. But I still observed a very similar effect on Ascension, however, Ascended Mogul feels a little bit different; Mogul must have some additional scripting in regards to status or anything related to knowing that you are successful where after you demand respect and become dominating over others.

Just be cautious for three days of the side-effects of such a status elevation, eventually, it settles down.

Which effects of those I have mentioned intrigued you to experiment with Ascension?


:insert Spock emoji here:


I changed my mind

Decided I’ll stick with my current stack. What I need is within, what I like as extra power is in the subs I already got. No need for more. Just gotta keep going and trust the process. I like this shit.


Ascended Mogul is part of my Stack…for 6 months and Sex Mastery over 1 year…thats all i run at night.

I can relate 100% of what you say here the difference is that the “angry man” as i like to call the peak of anger and range bursting out of you when someone tries to pick on your toes or be disrespectful continues and only manifests when you need to step up.

I find that when people tell me to do stuff i simply dont do it…its kinda funny with my boss bcs i never do what she tells me to do, i do it my own way.So this might be one of the dominating deameanor you talk about…

Also the girls almost eat you out …i am manifesting tons of hot girls who are very my type and they are basically troughing themselfs at me in work…


I think you doing 100+ years (lol) worth of just SM probably helped with a lot of that too. Not to disparage Ascended Mogul. It is probably my favorite stack for productivity. I never really ran that one with goal of sex/seduction, even though I know it’d work for that too.


One hundred percent resonate with what you said, I actually deleted this from my Journal because I was not entirely sure whether it was only caused upon being challenged as of yet, but that confirms it.

Have you noticed these qualities or rather side-effects to become toned down after awhile? For me they have, but they might arise back later on – we’ll see.

Interesting, noticed something similar on my previous Ascension/Ascended Mogul journeys, it might be valid to attribute some of it to Sex Mastery though, would it not?


When i ran AM these effects didnt die down there were always there but came up only when i needed it and only whensome one tried to walk over me or cheat me in some way. Just like what @ALMIGHTY said.

Same here as well.

I wouldnt say it was a side effect for me. I used to see it as a tool or weapen. An alpha must have some of this behaviour to protect his space and people.


Sure, I agree on all of that but an Alpha should not behave like a jerk or be rude in my opinion. On Da Vinci (my Ascension Custom), rudeness was not a common personality trait, so I’m highly certain I can fix it once I get a Custom arranged which is what this Journal is eventually going to morph into.


Been working out combinations of programs to diminish the rudeness and anger generated by Ascended Mogul. Unless subliminal releases something phenomenal in regards to entrepreneurship or personal evolution and business similar to Ascended Mogul, I’ll be building a Custom from it.

Listened to Ascended Mogul three days and I was easily able to reflect on that experience and gauge its effects.

As previously mentioned I’ll be creating a Custom dedicated to personal and business growth, evolution and add Power Can Corrupt, Inner Circle alongside a pack of modules specifically related to my own needs/desires and confined to the overal concept of this Custom which is networking touching extra upon social freedom.


I can understand the anger but it will fade away with time…i think that is just integration. That anger will go inside and manifeste itself in times of need.


@Elme, I agree with that statement as it had already faded, however, it does arise now and then plus I was going with a Custom anyway (name-embedding makes everything so much powerful). Furthermore, on several other occasions of embarking on Ascension or Ascended Mogul from a clean-slate did I experience the exact same pattern of anger arising, the first three days.


If I were you would look at what the cause of the anger really is

I bet there is gold in there.