Lee goes PRIMAL

Hello guys,

I have been on Primal for few days and I have noticed some very interesting stuff.

I went out shopping today and renewed the wardrobe a bit. Did a job interview I am starting work soon. Got some other things done I have been postponing as well. Been so busy with friends I barely cared about women the last few days.

I went 2 days without a single bite of food, where did Primal get the energy? I can’t believe how social I was today. People keep inviting me to things. It all started when I purchased the subliminal, even though I did not listen to it about 12 hours later. Time travelling properties?


Being invited to things happens to me as well. In the days I’ve been using it now I’m actually inviting others to things as well.


Sexual energy is off the charts. There were two nights where I must have had at least 5 orgasms in my sleep.
No urge to masturbate, it’s been at least two weeks.


That’s great Lee.

I think Primal adapts to the person in its libido effects.

ssv2.1 made me very horny, although it was manageable and pleasant.

Primal makes me very calm and sensual, more than having sexual energy that is off the charts. It feels like a slow burn of sexual energy rather than being super horny.

So it might be this slow burn is what is appropriate for me, while it adapted to you and gave you a very strong libido.

Maybe a slow burning sexual energy would describe my situation better as well. Generally I would not say I am very very sexual.

I forgot to mention how handsome I looked in the mirror yesterday. It makes me wonder why I am not a model or something.

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Lee, are you considered “conventionally good looking” or is this attitude new?

Because I normally do not like to look at myself in the mirror. But I noticed a similar attitude now as well.

I look at the mirror now and think: “Wow, I am so handsome.” But then think: “It’s probably the angle and lighting.” Probably with time those negative limitations will melt away.

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I honestly have no idea If I am considered “conventionally good looking”.

I know I am not a head turner or anything. Sometimes I feel like a million bucks though.
Usually when I do well with women or run a subliminal that addresses it.

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Did someone notice to be so bold with women that became next candidate to be burned in twitter for #metoo movement?
I’m working in a hospital and some ladies show me their face with the expression " I’m frigid, What the f*** is going on with you?"
Thanks for your feedback

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I’m not sure if you’re trolling @Salchichon but let’s say you are serious.

I used to worry about metoo, but since starting Rebirth, I am indifferent.

Second, the benefit of the Aura is that when women glance at you with interest, that is an Approach Invitation. She invited you to talk to her by giving you more than a passing look. Women are not hostile towards men they have invited to talk to them. Unless you are a totally miscalibrated person who will start grabbing them at Hello.

Thirdly, this quote:

Shows me you are talking about fears you have with no real life experience.

99% of women are submissive. Even if they like you, they are not rude, their instinctive response is “tend and befriend”. Only 1 girl in a 100 would be that rude. And for a woman to tell you “I’m frigid, wtf is going on with you?” just because you said “Hi” and that you’re interested. That is a totally imaginary scenario.

Go out there and talk to women. They are a lot nicer than you think. Yes, a few are rude, but they are rare enough for it not to stay a fear for long. Especially not when you’re new, girls think it is cute when a guy who is not yet confident approaches them.

However, if you go grab an unsuspecting girl by the butt in a hospital, then yes, you will get that response. And even if you didn’t, that is not good game. It doesn’t give you the high % probability of success.


I moved to Canada, and here people are very different from the warm Spanish lady that loves compliments.

I’m married, but I love to compliment women and if they allow, I will go in a more flirtatious mode. Some of then laugh because they said: “That’s inappropriate here”. So, the question is: Shall I modify my behavior in order to no risk my career?

Hahaha, no way.

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That is them flirting back with you. Flirting is not just sexual compliments. Flirting is also “friction”.

But that is up to you. If you believe this will ruin your standing in your hospital, don’t do it. Do it somewhere else. If you think they’ll think “Oh, it’s just that Spanish guy, that’s how Spanish men are,” then you might choose to continue it. It is up to you.

I personally wouldn’t risk my career over it. There’s more than enough women in the world at bars, clubs, stores and online that won’t destroy your finances.

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I would not like that either, but it is my nature.

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Ok. Then why are did you link this to Primal, if it is your nature, the way you have always been?

What’s the point of PRIMAL? It’s only to avoid be afraid of approach women. I believe is more than that. My goal is to reach a master level of social flirtatious man with selective targeted sex adventures.
As I mentioned, I’m married, the pussy is there. I want north-american horny women…

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Thank you. Please open your own thread to ask those questions. I don’t think it’s nice to hijack @lee_mdk 's thread.

You may consider this one instead of Primal, for your own situation:

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Sorry @lee_mdk. Thanks for the advise!

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It’s been a while since I last posted here.

It’s has been a little more than a month with Primal.
I started it when I had just gotten out of a relationship of 2.5 years. I was really affected by that because I did not want it to end. In this month I feel like I have become a new man. All my energy went into things I had been ignoring for so long and I feel like I went from being a 6 to an 8. Even though I am still broken hearted, I feel like Primal helps me turn all my pain and anger into something valuable.

Yesterday I went out with a really hot girl, to a date I thought was probably going to be terrible. But it turns out a had great time, was relaxed, she opened up and then we came back to my place and had sex. That’s not very usual for me.

I woke up this morning, and the first thing I see is a call from my ex asking me to grab some coffee.
What gives, universe and Primal?


Hey, that really inspiring to hear. Are you only listening to Primal or how does your stack look like?

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Only Primal. I would say I average about 17 hours per day.