King Of The North


Current mood and aspiration.

Come hell or high water, challenges and blessings, two cycles of Emperor ZP.

  • dominate work
  • put disrespectful people back in their box
  • grow some balls
  • branch out into my own company
  • more personal freedom
  • cut off every toxic mf in my life
  • become KING OF THE NORTH.

Reasons to start a brand new journal

  • Family have told me in no uncertain terms that I am to “fuck off and take my shit with [me]”.
  • I’ve been accused of putting myself first (what a shock! Over generous man decides to treat himself first and is being called a narcissist?)
  • Having my energy drained by dominant, agenda driven women.

Essentially I am on my own, no more family, an orphan. So what do I want from Emperor ZP?

  • Become ultra independent
  • Develop an iron frame so I have my own agenda
  • Stop being so damn agreeable and start speaking my opinion
  • Stop tolerating disrespect
  • Remain kind, generous and positive with the right people
  • Work hard, earn peas* and then treat my damn self
  • Be loyal to my own damn self and look out for my own interests.

Early Results

  • Mastering work – six weeks in a new job and finally the tasks makes sense and I can relax
  • Entitled to and can cope with having more than one job
  • Sense of loyalty shifted from others to myself
  • Insane sexual attraction from female dog walkers
  • Speaking out at work – stood firm on somebody joking about child abuse.
  • Independence growing – no more leaning on anyone, not trusting someone automatically and not deferring to someone “stronger” than me.
  • I’m the centre of my own universe, despite what anyone says (usually family wanting me to remain in the scapegoat role)

I’m expecting massive resistance to growing into myself but I’m more than ready. Nothing like losing people to find oneself.


More results

Got through a challenging shift with flying colours - whilst fasting. Felt completely under control, even when I wanted to chop off the head of my lazy coworkers… felt abandoned by the lack of support from my boss following a few serious incidents. However now I don’t give a fuck.

“fuck the lot of yous, I’ll do this job myself”.

Lazy coworkers sit next to me satisfied with doing the bare minimum. I’m not. I bust my ass. I want to earn my money. I don’t want mediocrity, I want excellence. Perhaps that’s Emperor teaching me to stand on my own two feet.

I also clapped back at a grimy customer who called me the P-word. For far too long others have got away with blatant disrespect and I kept quiet. Not any more. To be angry over being disrespected is liberating.

I control my world.


That’s encouraging.

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Do you think your run with ascension helped you get ready to run emperor?

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Definitely. One year of Ascension is more than enough for Emperor as a foundation. Plus this is ZP, so typical Emperor recon symptoms (anger, feeling weak) are a lot smoother.


Running Emperor ZP solo and all of a sudden things are stepping up big time.

My own results:

  • spotted a con artist scout and later foiled a double attempt to swindle the workplace. Gut instinct was to call security and proved correct.

  • later sussed out that my own coworker is stealing money out of my till, then pretends that I’m stealing. This person thinks I’m stupid.

  • Emperor teaches self sufficiency but I emotionally broke down with the thought that some scumbag is not only taking advantage of me but is throwing in personal insults and fear mongering.

The hard lesson is that no one is to be trusted, no one will pull you up and others will take from you - unless you stand up and stand strong in yourself, putting in hard boundaries and putting on big boy trousers. Automatically to others for support is weak.

Now I do not trust any motherfucker.


This journal is already looking like an emperor flashback for me in some ways. Greatness lies ahead for you, just stay the path.


@davisnwc that is hella encouraging!


I love how 3 years ago you were on the journey to the North and now you are king of the North!

Well Done bro! Well Done!

I hope all is well with you!


@mecharc :+1:

Be mindful that if you have been abused, made fun of, not valued enough and so on, the changes that happen will likely invite criticism and an increase of challenges from others

… from toxic people masquerading as customers and colleagues, including being called fat and a [p____]. This is why the growth on Emperor is going to be self satisfying - to see the same type of cockroaches back off.
Moving on seems to be less scary too as there are avenues opening up to avoid these utter scumbags at the workplace.


Have you considered Limiting People Remover, The Boundary, and Fearsome?


The Boundary is probably the most appropriate reason to go for a custom, along with an Emperor core and an iron frame. Fearless sounds good too. Any other prominent modules @RVconsultant ?


Second week

  • Working two jobs now, also starting to contribute financially to the family, despite them wanting me permanently out. I’d much prefer to keep that money for myself.

  • Feeling more inner strength, time off from work spent in a new city and come to the conclusion that I am not an evil human being. I have simply been heavily mind controlled to think that way. I’ve done nothing to warrant such rageful, hateful treatment from others.

  • I now don’t look upon others as better than me, especially women. I’ve automatically put others on a pedestal, even though they are just normal people. Men who look like they would have targeted me in the past are now moving out of my way, women either react with high sexual abandon (I make sexual jokes spontaneously) or cannot cope.

  • Sometimes I think: “I deserve better in life than this”.

  • Finally - I’ve ordered my first custom! It is especially made as an empath to protect me from toxic people and targeted attacks from others. It’ll be very interesting to run in the midst of a narcissistic family and a toxic workplace. Looking forward to seeing workplace bullies shit themselves with Fearsome, learning new essential skills with The Boundary and Limiting People Remover to take care of the trash. Custom is due next week, can’t wait.


These I think could be very helpful.

I realize you ordered it already, but what others did you consider for a better life that didn’t make the cut, and do you have a link to your custom items you did order?


@rvconsultant oddly enough, Manipulus, Divine Self Image and Ares didn’t make it, which was probably a mistake, but PCC and Emperor can cover the ground involved. As for the composition of the custom:

Basically most of the modules with the key word “toxic” but with some elements of potential and growth.


And what you created might be all you need.

If not, you can always post, and we can help you with ideas for another one.


Whilst awaiting the custom to arrive, some more quick results:

  • Another tense day at work, face to face with an actual alpha. One big guy who carried such a menacing aura, came to speak to me because I called security on him. But he was calm enough to have a joke with us, even though, he seemed angry enough to trigger a full blown fight. I was nervous but calm and solid. My colleague however damn near shit himself…

That’s the kind of guy that perfectly models the Fearsome module.

  • My mindset towards people is: impress me.
    Still generous and protective over my soul tribe of misfits (as I’m one myself), but mostly take a wait and see attitude. Those who are disrespectful get zero from me.

  • No more leaning on people emotionally to prop up my self esteem, the independent spirit is emerging.

Roll on the custom.


“It’s time. It’s time. It’s Vader time (time, time, time…).”

No it’s time for the new custom, which has the title Northern Shield.

First impressions from a custom n00b.

  • I’ve finally understood the implications of tailoring your own personal journey with these truly revolutionary tools, far beyond the other subliminal makers, at a price that is fair and ensures you treat it with respect.

  • First play - my subconscious likes what it hears, because of the name embedding.

  • It’s too easy to play more than once! Self control needed.

  • Man, do I stand up straight when I listen, the feelings of inadequacy and weakness disappeared within minutes, shoulders broadened out, standing proud and tall, no fear.

  • As a newcomer, I usually submit to my work colleague as they have far more experience on the job. This time, I just thought, “fuck it” and did what I needed to now without looking for someone’s approval.

  • Early effects from Fearsome - a few people couldn’t look me in the eye. I also have a sense of “mess with me, and we will have problems”.

Being King of the North is off to a very good start.


Welcome to the custom club my friend

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