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Hmm… Now that you mention it.

I guess it’s the same as me with EoG. I just kept running it even if I did not notice anything. Atleast it helps with the Shiny Object Syndrome. And now I know the key for me was just letting the subs run, no need to put any thought into it.


That’s my plan with EOG as well when I run it. Just let it do its thing and live my life. Don’t go hunting for anything.


I recommend you learn solid business fundamentals if you plan on having your own business. In my opinion it still is the fastest “sure” way to riches.

Yes, you might have to work your ass off in the beginning. But aim to hire people to do the menial tasks as soon as you can. That has sky rocketed my results. As soon as I get bored with something (it turns in to a JOB for me) and I have the results, I hire someone else to do it.

My aim is to put my working hours to 10k+/h activities only. Well, once I get there I’ll raise that number again.


Currently running DR Stage One. Change of plans today as I have decided to do some recommended reading instead of watching movies. Listening to Limitless Executive this morning has lit a fire under me.


@JCast with DR being so smooth I believe it is best to assume DR is working very well and making a lot of progress and just go about doing your own thing


Something like that. It’s progress I only dreamed of previously. Like I mentioned earlier I let go of any expectations . It’s incredibly easy to want to look for results constantly because of how programmed people are to instant gratification. Programs like Dragon Reborn and say EOG are meant for long term growth and success. Someone could come into or win a million dollars tomorrow and it would be gone fast because they don’t have the correct mindset and beliefs to foster long term growth , stability, and security. That’s why lotto winners go broke so quickly.


@SubliminalUser I look at it this way. What have you got to lose? The time and energy will be spent somehow. Instead of being upset over something someone said or did to you work your ass off so you never have to deal with that person ever again. There are several people I have to deal with right now that I would love to tell them to go fuck themselves. I’m done trying to change others.


When the like button isn’t enough…

You can’t change them. The change needs to come from themselves.

But you can lead the way. Be the example.


You’re the only one you can change for real unless you’re Jesus Christ. :heart_eyes:


I’ve maxed at 6 loops so far. How many can you do?

Also, why are you mixing stages?


Day 47 Stage One Day 6 Stage 2 - Off day today


Bored out of my mind today and in a bit of a bad mood.


@JCast I have to admit i have been reading your journal sporadically, so please forgive me if you have already answered this question, can you highlight what you have gained from listening to DR stage 1. No need to write a thesis just a summary of points :slight_smile:


@blackadder I will get back to you later


Day 48 Stage One Day 7 Stage Two - Second day off. Feeling ok this morning. I have a couple of things to do today that I would rather not but thankfully it’s relatively easy . More than a bit bummed out because one of my favorite metal musicians passed away


Sorry man! I can relate because when a musician I like dies, I feel a bit bummed because then I won’t hear all the new songs they would probably have done if still alive. Plus their family and friends would feel bad too.


Yeah, that really sucks. I haven’t listened to them that much, but I have the impression that he was one of the best guitarists at least in Finland.


This says it all RIP


I decided this morning to stay with Stage One by itself for an additional 60 days then switch over to Stage Two. The combination of the two stages is causing a lot of brain fog and grogginess . I have to remind myself at times that this is a journey not a race.


:+1::sunglasses: and :dragon: on!