JCast Dragon Reborn +R.I.C.H +EOG+Executive


That’s what I’m waiting for or looking forward to


Running another loop of Stage 1 then I’m going to run two loops of Stage 2 back to back


I’m just happy to help out


@Brandon @Apollo



I shall smite the barber who attempts to cut your gorgeous mane.

Keep it.


I’m with you man, we have to protect this man’s mane at all costs.


I miss my metal head mane.


I have run two or three loops of Stage 1 today and four of Stage 2. I’m enjoying Stage 2 so far.


Day 44 Stage One Day 3 Stage Two -


I haven’t run anything yet but I will get my loops in. I got quite a few loops in yesterday of Stage 1 & 2 combined. Feeling a bit agitated today. More out of not wanting to deal with other people’s stupid repetitive issues.


Running a loop of Stage One. May not be around much today. Need to rest and I have a few things to do


Running Stage 2 right now. Told my Wife I am ordering us pizza tonight because I am tired and I just want to relax a bit although I often end up doing things anyway. Not today or at least not as much. Scares me a little though because next week I plan to start doing DDP Yoga again. What happens when I start feeling good all the time and don’t want to sit around or be bored? What happens if I run Limitless Executive then? Be unstoppable?


Starting to wonder if I’m really fucking weird for feeling so much empathy towards my cat who I have a hard time seeing as just a pet because he’s such a huge part of our lives amf family. I look at him and get curious as to what I can do because I don’t want him bored or unhappy. I do spend time with him and talk to him a lot


For anyone who hasn’t seen my cat this is him .
That’s my Wife behind him
We are a hairy family


Happy New Year @Apollo @Brandon @DarkPhilosopher @Voytek @SubliminalUser @SaintSovereign @subliminalguy @Fire @raphael @OldChap and anyone I didn’t mention because I’m too lazy to go look for everyone’s screen name


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Happy New Year!


Happy new year man!!