JCast Dragon Reborn +R.I.C.H +EOG+Executive


Now that you mention it…


Day 58 Stage One - After stacking a couple of titles together the last couple of days I am back to only Dragon Reborn Stage One. For whatever reason I get massive reconciliation and brain fog if I attempt to run anything with DR.


Trying to figure out why I am having issues accepting certain things without being a dick about it. Definitely staying with Dragon Reborn until I can stop being unreasonable and stupid about things.
I feel like a hypocrite sometimes because I honestly don’t want very much because I don’t see the point but I get annoyed at first then unnecessarily judgmental when I see people who are given things especially knowing that my wife and I don’t have a whole lot. Then it gets even more infuriating when they people given random things are those who don’t do shit for anyone else except when it’s beneficial for them or don’t appreciate it. I feel like a fucking idiot for feeling that way because it’s not my place


Ran three loops of Stage One currently running a loop of The Elixir


@JCast totally unrelated but today a great ADHD book got dropped

ADHD 2.0 by Ned Halloway highly recommended I just finished reading it, it has some research in it I haven’t come across yet that might help with ADHD symptons :slight_smile:


@Liquidfire Thank You. Driven To Distraction was one of the first ADHD books I read. The first being the original version of You Mean I’m Not Lazy , Stupid, or Crazy


Day 59 Stage One - Oddly enough tomorrow is day 60 and my last day prior to two rest days. Currently running a loop of The Executive. I may run another right afterwards and then get my loops of Stage One in later this afternoon. I have noticed a weird but interesting difference between running Executive vs Limitless Executive. With Limitless Executive I get things done but I feel like I spend unnecessary amounts of time planning the best course of action or being unnecessarily social where with The Executive my mindset just snaps into" fuck everything else let’s get shit done ".


After reading back what I just posted I’m more than a little curious if the combination of Dragon Reborn and The Executive is perfect for those wanting to get their shit together


Finally running my first loop of Stage One. I ran two loops of Executive so I have to make sure I don’t go over four loops of Stage One


On my listening days I am definitely going to run Executive once if not twice right when I wake up


I had not previously heard of Limitless Executive. Sounds like something worth checking out.


A combination of Beyond Limitless and Executive. I’m sticking with Executive because I want the push to get shit done


Day 60 Stage One - Reoccurring dreams of biological family members turning their backs on me .lots to trauma built up regarding family that has to be purged.


With DR, I find that once I become aware of any negative emotion, it’s easier for me to change my focus to what I want. Rather than anger or jealousy, I turn to focus on what I want for my life.


Running my loops. I didn’t start out the day running Executive but I will run it at least once later today. Got up this morning after sleeping in a bit and got some things done. It was weird although I didn’t necessarily feel like doing anything I still managed to be motivated for the most part without any real hesitation


Ran three loops of Stage One. Going to run a couple of loops of Executive Ultima to end the day here in a while.


Running Executive Ultima. I will run at least one more loop possibly two


More than a little curious that by running only Dragon Reborn and The Executive Ultima can I get to the point where I can just focus on getting shit done and not be bogged down, hindered, or distracted by inner and outer drama? @SaintSovereign ???


Day 60 Stage One - Day off


Day 61 Stage One - Day off. I didn’t sleep for shit last night and I can feel it. Thankfully I don’t a whole lot to do today.