Emperor Black New Product and Sex Monster Product (not to be released)

I mean most T booster are just expensive ingredient with no scientific studies that they work. Or just ingredient that you can find in food.

Also Boron will give you increased free T so no need for a T booster :wink:

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He also specifically said no romance/sex scripting. Just monk mode. Taking those PARTS of Emperor to synergize with Ragnarok.


no romance/sex scripting

That was my understanding aswell.

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Of course, I do wonder if stacking EB with something like PS would put the monk mode focus onto pickup.

As far as I read I haven’t seen him say there’s no romance scripting. Can you send the part where he said that?

This was in reference to Ragnarok. So the implication is that the mixed product wouldn’t have that. It wouldn’t make sense to include sexduction sitting in a product meant to not have it


Personally I think the other 600+ subs geared towards pickup/sex are sufficient, and an Emperor sub focused specifically on putting EVERYTHING you’ve got toward your business goals is FANTASTIC.

It’s not my goal at the moment (I’m still all-in on EF), but it will be my goal again at some point, and when it is… focus is great.


Yeah but that’s Ragnarok not Emperor Black. If you read further then mention this which implies that Emperor Black is somewhat of an expansion of Emperor:

Your correct Ragnarok has no seduction or social aspects in it but Emperor Black does. Is it the same as normal Emperor definitely not but I believe it would still have social and seduction scripting but it won’t be as noticeable but anyway we will find out sooner or later about this.

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Cough Cough Emperor: HOM


There already are plenty of seduction products on here and not enough “monk mode” ones (if any).
Why do we need seduction/romance scripting in Emperor Black? Just run one of the many titles that already exist.


Like mentioned before Emperor Black is an expansion of Emperor. Emperor; HOM is purely focused on wealth so if you want monk mode that would be best.

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I’m already running HoM because I want to focus on wealth and family for the next couple of years. I want to stack it with the regular Emperor in 6 months or so , anyway. I just don’t care about the romance aspects in the regular Emperor. So I guess Emperor Black is what I’ve been looking for. Stacking it with HoM could be like pouring gasoline of the fire.


Emperor + Emperor: HOM sounds like a rough ride that makes no sense but that’s just my personal opinion.

Have you noticed any major recon from this?


@Machina : Ideally, after a year or two, my goal is to combine HoM, EOG4 and True Sell into one single custom sub with all the wealth oriented modules available. Emperor and Chosen into a status oriented custom. Lineage and LBFH into a third family oriented custom. And that would be the stack I’d roll with for the next few years. Possibly forever.

But I have to build my foundation up to that level. I’m on a multi-year journey. There is no big rush.

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Yeah you can lmao…

Making money, building a business is way more addicting and fun than any girl.

There’s a reason why billionaires or ultra successful people don’t really care about dating. We’re addicted to the game bro.

Again that’s just me… Most people prefer having a balance and that’s cool. But imo most people live incredibly unfulfilled lives.

But Monk Mode is made for crazy dudes like me who are addicted to the game.


And nobody sits behind all day working lmao.

Here is Monk Mode:

I go to the gym and hit the sauna everyday.

I wake up at 5am. Learning, Working until 6PM. I never work past 6pm.

Nighttime I read mindset books.

I always take Sunday off. I spend it with a friend at a restaurant. Talk about my week.

I don’t go out…

And I love every bit of this. Just pure growth. Not needing a girl. Doing what I love and being a better person.

Monk mode means no distractions like going out or chasing a girl. You can be in a relationship and do monk mode. So instead of spending hours your limiting that time spent together for your routine.


I believe it is a great idea to develop a sidekick Emperor that focuses on monk mode more, and there’s clearly is a market for it judging what people write in here. And if you want the Emperor with a lot of sexual and seduction stuff, then the old Emperor is stil there.


What @Fire @SaintSovereign have listed is more than enough for me. Just being able to focus on myself which honestly I have never done. I have always put others and everything before myself. Probably why I am so emotionally exhausted a majority of the time


For me, monk mode would look a bit different.

I’m an executive heading up the R&D dept at a technology company, and they own my time from about 9am-5pm each weekday. Do I want to do that forever, no… absolutely not.

I’m also a husband, and father to an adorable little princess that I want to spend every possible moment with.

So for me, the real monk mode has to be condensed into an hour or 2 in the evenings and a few hours each day on weekends/holidays. I’m never going to get the time of my daughter’s childhood back, so when she wants me to come play Duplo blocks with her, or whatever… I’m there and loving every second of it.

When she’s asleep or otherwise busy though, the rest of the world can f*** off because I AM BUSY BUILDING MY EMPIRE.

Youtube? Not right now.
Latest episode of Andor is up? Great, I’ll watch it later.
People texting me? Sorry, my phone is silent and face down because what I’m doing is IMPORTANT.
I’m tired? Too bad you wuss, you can rest AFTER you finish your task list.
Friends calling me? I’ve long since trained people that I just don’t answer my phone… so that’s already a non-issue. :wink:
Something shiny and new on the forum? Cool, it’ll still be there later.

Unless it’s a legit emergency, that I a) must know about right now and b) can actually help address, I AM BUSY.

All well and good in theory, but… as a highly topical example, I’m supposed to be writing a patent right now and I’ve been writing a forum post instead… :sweat_smile:

Bring on the laser focus monk mode plz. :slight_smile: