Elixir of the Golden Dragon - Dragon Reborn Stage 2 + Mogul + ElixirU


Today I finished the first stage of Dragon Reborn. You could read all I had to say about the results here. It was a bit crazy ride since I was brute-forcing my results but I found it pretty effective in my case although I wouldn’t recommend that approach unless you’re sure you can handle it and you’re ready to take a risk of getting reconciliation and you’re ready to take responsibility for it. Don’t cry to anyone if you decided to follow my approach and you hit the wall hard. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

The previous stage has done so much for me that it’s hard to think what else DR could do for me if it comes to healing, especially, since the second stage is ultra-focused on that aspect. I think there may be something more to heal since my life was quite traumatic although on the surface I feel pretty rock-solid, especially, after running Stage 1. It may be related to the hate I felt for myself when I was a little boy, being persecuted for my hair colour (red), having communication problems with my father I misinterpreted for his hate and finally since my little brother killed himself when I was 20 (he was 18), it was seventeen years ago but even after years I found it difficult to talk about it. Now it’s much better but still, there might be something to heal in that matter.

Another thing is my mindset related to money which has its root in my childhood too. When I was five or six I told my mom I hated money since that was the main cause of frequent fights between my parents. Those fights made me feel really bad about myself too since I blamed myself for the fact they had to pay for my living. I felt like an unnecessary ballast and really uncomfortable listening to those fights. I hated money for many years and I used to avoid it or easily give up on it or on opportunities to get/earn/make some. That’s the main reason I want to stack DR with Mogul. There more reasons for it like building my very first custom with Mogul as one of the cores and my general need to deal with that issue in the nearest future. The sooner the better.

To sum it up, my (DR) goals are:

  • more profound healing of my traumas (if they’re still some somewhere in my mind)
  • getting even more immune to negativity
  • reduce the self-talk even further (although it’s really weak right now, after doing Stage 1)
  • reduce the negative thinking even further (although it’s significantly weaker after doing Stage 1)
  • heal my wounds related to money and working on destroying my limits related to money (the latter should be delt with with Mogul under my belt)
    My goals related to Mogul:
  • instilling positive beliefs, habits and feelings about money
  • increased motivation and productivity towards earning/making money
  • basing on my gifts, skills and passions on my way to wealth
  • making money, having my own source of income
  • financial independence (in the long run)
  • generating greater wealth (in the long run)
  • thoughtful generosity

Of course, I’m aware that some of those goals are long term but I will be gauging any improvement withing those areas.


Some people are morons. Sorry to hear that had to happen to you, being emotionally tortured for having red hair. For what it’s worth, one of my favorite Pharaohs, Ramses II had red hair. That guy was no slouch. That’s a badge of honor right there.

I plan to stick to DR ST1 until january. It’s just there semi permanent in my stack while I get the others sorted. I’m like stacking legos right now, trying to find the perfect one for my needs.

Congrats man, and can’t wait to read your thoughts about ST2.


That was my only weapon.

Thanks a million, bro. :heart_eyes: Sure, I’ll gladly share with you all my insights about my journey and those subs

One more word, Elixir is just golden. The best feel-good thing ever. I’ll be sticking to it during that part of my journey.

I’m planning on running both programs equally for 200 hours so 400 hours in total. I want to listen to both subs interchangeably.


Yeah man. Ramses II The mighty Ozymandias himself.

About your brother… I don’t know… I couldn’t even touch on that, that’s another level of trauma and pain. I want to say something but there’s just no words for that. That kind of extreme trauma is just ineffable.

You’re here and you’re making the most of your life and improving yourself. Sure there will be chinks in your armor, as we all do, but whatever happened to you made you evolve so much as a person, and when the time comes that you have a family of your own, you’d have so much wisdom and experience to keep your family strong, safe and protected.

Keep on going :fist_right:


Very well said, mate!

Thank you for your kind and encouraging feelings, thoughts and words. I wish you all the best too, Apollo. :slight_smile:

Just sit down, open your notebook, take your time, write down all your thought about your journey, you gifts, skills, advantages but shortcomings also, set up your real goals, plan your course of actions and pick out the right subs, read what you’ve written, rewrite it if needed and once you’re sure this is it, just stick to it. That’s the only good advice I can give you. All I said before were only my insights, ideas and guesses. You should learn how to discover what’s best for you, nobody else would ever know but you. See you around! :wink:


that’s a great strategy,
I’m going to take that on tomorrow
since I’m being pulled all over the place with the new dope ass modules.
Your DR stage 1 results are great. From my perspective, your writing on the forum is very different since you started DR. More certain, and expressive.
Very much looking forward to hearing about DR stage 2!


Yo @Voytek The Golden Dragon aka Smaug The Terrible!!! May you find vast treasures and spend it on SubClub customs :grin:


Yeah, I was thinking about that old bastard too (Smaug) but he had his flaws, especially, greed, I was never greedy and I hope I’ll never be. I mentioned in my goals I would like to develop thoughtful generosity which is in opposition to greed. I’m not after the Christian interpretation of Dragons (dragon as a symbol of evil) but rather Chinese:

The Golden Dragon represents the most revered and respected of qualities. It symbolizes prosperity, health, and wisdom—the signs that the right path has been chosen. The Golden Dragon represented the emperor, and everything in our world that must be held in high esteem.

I believe and I hope I’m on the path to those “things” (Health, Wisdom, Prosperity) and it’s just my next step towards it.

Thanks a million for your wishes, raphael! :slight_smile:


Thank you, Azriel. :heart_eyes:

DR is the best audio subliminal I’ve ever listened to. I have a much clearer vision of everything and my insights are more precise also that feel of purpose is outstanding. Mogul is going to amplify that, I believe. (I shall add it to my post about the results in my former journal). Thank you for pointing it out.


And I thought I was organized!:+1:


I wonder if you’re becoming pure Platinum Dragon as in O.G. D&D!


I have some vision of who I’m becoming but it may change a bit later on. I’m working on the Empress which is going to be the next step after I’m done with the Golden Dragon. The Empress should be a wealth and something-something :sunglasses: custom which may be something complementary when paired up with the Emperor and creating the ancient unity.

All I can say about that now is the heart of the Empress will be two modules; Blue Skies and Hope.


Some people? I would argue the vast majority are


No hate speech in the LOVE topic, please. :heart_eyes:


Love topic?


I wish the atmosphere of my topic was rather love-oriented if you could help me, please. :sunglasses: No need to talk about other people negativity, we all know it well enough, let’s focus on the positive. Thanks! :heart_eyes:


Haha… okay sorry about that brother.

There’s a number… not going to be specific ( @JCast we don’t want to specify that… ) . There’s a number of mor… lovable misguided people, that’s mean without them realizing it.

They pray or wish for the suffering to stop without realizing that they too have become a source of other people’s suffering.

Just making light of things, but you should be proud bruv. You’ve gone a long way and going further still. You, @Azriel, @Brandon, @raphael and @JCast and many others on the dragon path should be very proud.

Edited, my ADD and poor memory is acting up again


I was being positive. Stating a positive fact


Positively loveable misguided people


So ingrained they don’t realize it. For a long time I considered any form of religious devotion mental illness until it was pointed out to me how the really extreme sects such as evangelical Christians have had those teachings pounded into them from a very early age. To them it’s normal. Same with some political and racial issues. No child is born being hateful