Discovery - Dragon Reborn & EmperorQ - Journal of PurpleRT


So, here I am ready to embark on such a journey.

Been taking a week off subs, chilling out on this days at home. But as time went on, curiosity reigned me over. As I had intense moments of reflection, many of the things in my path are for a reason.
In this case, after finishing a few tasks, got myself a copy of Dragon Reborn.

These moments of reflections, were not easy.
The planning of current goals wasn’t any easier too.
But in a fit of irony, the more I run of it.
The more it comes back. I pride myself of always improve any way I can.

Which turns me to another point. Why haven’t I take proper healing?
A proper journey of self-healing? A path of freeing myself of even more burden.
The journey of self-discovery. What’s my true potential? What’s my true self?
My true, pure, self?

Who am I, who doesn’t know his history well?
Why did I always ran away from it? From this important question, and healing?
I have the opportunity to finally heal myself, in all three directions.
I shouldn’t let this opportunity pass. I’m not listening to my ego in this matter.
That voice telling me to not embark on this.

Doesn’t matter. I feel this is the correct choice.
The true, pure, painful choice. Healing ain’t easy.
But neither is living everyday with insecurity,

With the world situation around, can’t do the things I wanted to explore for a first time.
However, fate brings me to this moment. To use the time wisely, and to become the man I’ve always desired. There will be dark days, ahead. But I plan to journal constantly, document my experience with the mightiest sub for healing.

And to answer a difficult question for myself.
Why? Why is that you’re too afraid to pursue what you want?
Why is it that I can’t to the things I’ve wanted?
Just why?

It’s time to embark on this road of Discovery. There’s too many questions to uncover and solve.
But after this, I’ll reborn into my true self.
I prefer now to make myself look as a fool at times, rather to shut down my real voice for the sake of public opinion.

In the end, it will be all worth it. The time has come, for me to reborn again.
Tomorrow night, my own journey starts.
This is my side of the story.




@PurpleRT73 I apologize for not getting back to you yet


That was the best decision you could make on the way of your self-improvement. You’re going to see, mate. See you around! :heart_eyes:


Don’t sweat it @JCast , take your time.

Thanks @Voytek, I do feel it’s the right thing too. Tonight history changes. At least for me.


Thanks dude!



Your invitation to the Sibling-hood…


Welcome to Dragon Reborn, @PurpleRT73. Are you planning to run it solo or stack it with anything else?


Solo, if I’m going to pursue this path, let DR take all the glory.


All the best, my friend!


Thank you brother! I’m excited yet scared and unsure.
I AM module brought me tough times, and I still remember the recon, the rage, the sadness and the disappointment.
THIS is gonna be radical, but I’m ready.

Best of luck and success to your path too.


Alright, the excitement’s won me over.
This is it. Dragon Reborn Stage 1.

Just began the first loop.
Small edit: Hey, I checked the digital clock and it marked 01:11 pm.
Perfect timing.

Edit 2: First loop observation

Felt pretty much disappointment and frustration in myself. Got better a bit hours ago, however many more questions came to light. This time my doubts with my inefficient social relationships.
I’m just so fucking tired of my incapability at it.

Good grief, and this was only one loop!
Faint pressure in my right part of the face, same as the forehead. This sensations were similar to my very first loop with my custom months ago.


Day 2:

I’m happy to announce that DR gave me a kick in the balls to continue on my art. I’ve been procrastinating for weeks now and I’m pumped up to work on that. Plus, I also noticed I’m… being more honest with what I desire to pursue and focus.

There are some art styles I love, but been kinda afraid to pursue, mostly due to my own pride. But now I’m kinda accepting why not pursue it? Why do I am expecting to listen to other’s opinion about it? It’s my art, so what? What stopped me from learning it? Why am I bullshitting myself with not pursuing it?

Plus, my family told me today I’ve been more expressive. I laugh more, I express myself more. It amazes me how much I use to restrain myself. Right now I’m in a positive mood, although to be honest I’m expecting the imminent fall.

Total loops so far… four.


Removing inner barriers?


That’s the thing. Honestly I’m shocked. I didn’t realize those are barriers. I never got aware until now.


There are times when running Dragon Reborn that I didn’t realize I had a block or barrier until it’s gone


This sub is a wonder. I can feel the difference in myself. Being more expressive and open.
It’s even removing creative blocks. For the first time in years, the moment before breakfast I sat my ass down to engage in my drawings n’ shit. Trying new things.

Although I do feel my guard is down. Hmm.


Day 3:

Something different to report. Didn’t woke up at all when I listened to the Masked track at night. Slept better. Deep sleep.
More intense reflections visit my mind. It now involve wealth and once again social life. Haven’t been chatty to anyone outside my family.
Maybe what I used to seek in the past, I’ve been wrong. Maybe it was to fill this hole, the one that DR make me aware of. Not to seek a social life as I desired, 'cause I wouldn’t enjoy it. Seems to me it’s just to fill a insecure hole. Well, not anymore.

If that’s the problem, then I’ll continue this self-healing. I do not have to be dependent on others to feel “complete”. The issue lies deep inside. In three days, I discovered the root of a problem that’s been following me for a decade. Another problem down.
In case someone wants to join in my path, go ahead. But I won’t seek to connect with others just to cope with problem of mine. Left me a bit sad. Why I didn’t realize of this mistake sooner?
Once again, self-acceptance comes to mind.

This event reminded me of a advice someone so badass told me in this forum.
If you chase anything, it’ll run away from you
Now this hits like home.

Glad to have finally noticed this. And content to know I really did a wise choice to engage in the journey of Dragon Reborn…


I find I’ve been reflecting a lot on DR too. Whatever discomfort there is, it should pass.
I’ve read various journals, and in many of them I find my inspiration to proceed and stay on the course.

We are a never ending project, and this sub will make that inner badass shine brighter in no time.


Damn straight, to be the men of legendary caliber. DR’s a beast.