Are Subliminal Improvement Benefits 'Forever'?

Dear @Fire and @SaintSovereign ,

Since you know what is in your subliminals scripts and I don’t, I had a question that I was wondering about:

Let’s say I used one of your subliminals, for example Primal, for a year or more.

Will I always keep getting better, improving, evolving, benefiting from the subliminal?

Or is it more like there is a “goal” for each subliminal that I will reach, and then it will just be a matter of maintenance?

In other words, for example with Primal: Will I keep getting more and more masculine, becoming sharper, more optimistic, more sexual the longer I use it, even if I used it for a year or five or ten? Or will I reach an “ultimate” state and then the subliminal’s job will be to keep me there so that negative influences and society’s messaging won’t bring me back down?

Thank you

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There will always be something to improve. While you might become the dream man you’ve always imagined, at that point you might realize you will want to improve further.

And our subs will be there to help you get to the next stage after that. :slight_smile:

As time goes on with listening, it will become harder and harder for negative outside influences to change you.


I hope that will involve The Alchemist :wink:

I have no idea what it contains, but it sounds just so interesting.