Androw emperor journal for spirituality focused


Show me who I am at the level of the form
Who I might be the expansion I feel it the inside that I aspire to manifest.

I stopped listening for the subliminal all together from around 3 months and this was a right time from seeing the difference and what needs to be redefined.

I noticed that have the ability now to not depend on the subliminal and not seeing as the only substitute for growth and expansion contrary to the first time where I was needy to make any change which is assign of success

the difference between old me before starting ascension lite and the pause time is still effective to great extent although i still looking for away to have a permanent results either on or off the subliminal . or are we changing all the time but don"t see it in this case we are dynamic not static and this is an different view totally

I was full of questions regarding the subliminal and its relation to enlightenment or building strengthening the ego . I reached a conclusion that to continue in my spiritual journey I have to expand my definition of the journey itself . not mentioning the realizing of shame about sex and neediness for relationships that I may using as cover which revealed a lot of my patterns again arise the question "is the confidence built due to listening give me the strength to see my pasterns clearly even to see complete events in the same light ? * in that case the subliminal is easing building the momentum toward enlightenmet which i will call it for now peace that comes from seeing your patterns before acting on . I decided to go into the unknown using basahr words ( in the unknown you meet yourself ) and I am continuing my journey now .
putting in my mind to care for the things that drag me down spiral in the first period at subliminal :
firstly which is anger , frustration which appeared in criticizing people , feeling of stone walling .
Second bring awareness and deep understanding of inner creates the outer(I use and listen to these phrases from long time but I felt it lately ) how many of you are really aware of this principle in case of this something you repeat or believe . in the pause time I was deeply aware of the patterns of creation within me which constitute of something like I do this because I assume this and this are true .
Thirdly : continue cultivating and caring for my watchfulness as I now deeply held in nowness but I aspire for expanding growing delving deeply and engaging in life

This a new time and I am looking for expansion . and bashar words ring with me (all are permission slips )

the book that helped me see the pattern is : why do i do that psychological defense mechanism and the hidden ways they shape our lives joseph burgo