Androw emperor journal for spirituality focused


first excuse me for may be not so good English writing although i scored 5.5 in ielts writing academic :smile:

i bought the emperor , after listening to ascension lite for 12 days and i really found more than noticeable shift in my productivity level and in expressing about myself through speaking or writing in confidence and clarity so i decide to go on and by the emperor and it was for the reason i want the most out of these subliminal .

i have simple 2 goals no more
1- putting a schedule and update it every 3 months i love stability because it helps me to move faster in the way beside this will help me move on to define every aspect of my life to achieve that goal and i
i love putting goals that change a lot of things with them in short its the domino effect i am looking for. that goal will make me organize my life in different and new level and focuses me to think and define my roles aspect (see ascension lite 12 days )due to working on building business that focuses on wholesale electricity products i started the project form 3 months ago,

2- mastering re-birthing practice by doing 2.5/hours daily till the end of the year this goal is the next step in my spiritual aspects goal and i looking forward to achieve that ratio

ascension lite 12 days

the main change was change in mindset in not spreading myself in thousand direction ,this enforced me (inspired me ) to define my roles at work what will iam going to do and what not . make me take steps in selling products i stopped working on from previous business and make the required sales calls to achieve that.


this week one on emperor

the energy and the momentum i was building on ascension lite that motivated me to buy emperor evaporated
there was anxiety and self sabotage behavior but i manged them well (thankful to breathe awareness)
i discovered subtle emotion was moving me in my decisions and it was guilt this was strange because i never taught i have any guilt (the way of discovering that was interesting while driving the car i just received a thought say “David icke” i know little about David icke although most of his books on my laptop after going home i opened his books read 2 or 3 pages and scroll a lot till i read this sentence " guilt comes from judgement about following the programmed values" , that make me question every thing i do even the business work and why i do it to prove to my parents and family that i can earn money from business rather than being employee . (it makes me see situations that i allow that guilt to drive me it was an eye opening)

i am on discovering what i want to do , i know its about learning , studying teaching most of my time about learning and mastering because i love to be the best version of myself and it have some relation to yoga and breathing .

reconciliation happened in beautiful way:
i doubted that due t English is not my mother tongue i may not understand so i have to stop it , it was beautiful idea and beating it was easy i listened to subliminal from different vendors and i have success regarding to results.

listening hours: above 10 hours a day using set and forget method , i have list and i put on it masked tracks i love them

i am looking forward for great results to come


this my 12 day on emperor

great resolutions happened through dreaming or through life experiences :

1-i released a lot of heavy emotional packages through crying that making me more lighter

2-pop up on the mind surface the belief which is money not spiritual , my main theme is to realize the oneness of my being through meditation yoga and breathing . and i have high targets in money and i consider myself a person who appreciate money and have a business its purpose to gain a lot of money through . to realize this belief makes me see clearly how i sabotage my self toward the realization of the money and business goals .

3-now i am absorbed in studying and mastering wonderful spiritual texts that will propel me toward a way where love lasts forever - emperor gave me the confidence that i can move forward in great speed

4-i learned something with the experience of listening to emperor , its more important than listening to stop listening and have day or two without listening this gives me time for reconciliation to happen . and its helping me . i now deal with emperor as a friend will live for along time with me 6 or 8 months so i take it easy now instead of trying to make results happen because it seems to happen yes i am still looking forward for great results to occur regarding my previously set goals re-birthing technique mastering and practicing and stable time management schedule updated every 3 months .

5- regarding money i have a business idea to sell product and i stopped due to cash availability : but i did 2 things i never did before
1 i told my parents that i have that idea
2 i contacted the person who supply and met him and i told him about it and he asked me questions and i answered them about how i am going to market the product and sell it .
because you dont know me before emperor this was impossible to do to tell my ideas my parents fear of judgment whatever it was . to tell my idea for other person is something i think for eternity to tell and at the end i didn’t tell any one .

6-one of the beautiful thing is fear of flying is vanished yes you read it right , when my family members take plane or my friends i say to myself that is dangerous and i cant imagine my self be in airplane . it happened at my sleep in dream and as every resolution happen i become lighter and thinking about it is neutral experience .

i am asking the founders to release the masked version on the other products that will be magnificent

looking forward for great results to tell


1- emperor is working absolutely well , due to the increased number of details,events,changes happening since my last post this is a reminder for who are willing to buy emperor its working go buy it.
2- thanks for the developers developing that program and i am eager for limitless and eager for the masked versions for the other products .
3- note: i think for the one who use subliminal or any way of mind programming he must have a deeper knowledge in law of attraction because subliminal is magnificent part of the equation for example : my level of confidence and feeling self assurance due to listening to emperor i now speak my words in certainty , without the feeling of neediness or lack any more . which is part of how to manifest your goals and the life you want and its helping me now in great extent .
4- i will write a complete post about the changes , but now i am adapting to anew way of life delightful one


there is something in the verge that is happening , i am becoming more powerful , notice as you read that this is for some one who is highly introvert and adore peace .and passive

  • i am starting to feel powerful , i now state what i want without fear from confrontation and i do it , this something beautiful because i always dreamed of being more active more dynamic more efficient ., i know i didn’t describe any thing but i feel (feeling is not the right word its close to be that i am changed , becoming new) it and that is awesome , i am really curious by now to know what the script contains

  • i bought money subliminal from other vendors , saying that money manifestation may be not working here , but as i write these words i now have an insight from 10 days ago start beliefs about wanting to do something but it will be odd and not common in my community so the belief that i realized is “what will people say” is directing me . can we say that the subliminal/or subconscious is working to clear area by area that i am stuck with . then when i accept those new beliefs as my new way of living , i will start noticing other changes coming up. whats your opinions and advice ?

  • what books i can read that describe the way subconscious work with the new belief , how he accepts , how he resist it .

  • and is there any news about mogul and alpha masked versions


I agree. A PrimalTech Mogul would be AMAZING.


What to say when you talk to yourself
As a man thinketh


It’s coming. Working with @Fire on a release schedule.


question : my listening time since starting listening to emperor around 6 to 9 hours a day with days up to 13 hours and days without listening , " in the past 2 days it looks like i am hungry for listening to emperor more than usual , like that i am not getting enough and i want to listen more " what this might mean ?


It means that your subconscious likes what it’s hearing and it’s craving more. It’s a good sign.


I love that feeling. Emperor has given me great comfort and peace during turbulent times.


something beautiful is happening and i am delighted to share it with you . i am transforming into a one who is goal oriented . before emperor i put visions goals but never follow up , discard the goal entirely reasons for this may range from “low self esteem , or no clear system for thinking , or self sabotage as my visions so ambitious or i was fearing that being goal oriented will make me lose the creativity that i identify myself with” . and what makes me happy is that i didn’t lose my creativity but what is happening i now put framework for my life and work through it with a sense of sureness and i really like that . i read before that "if you want to reach to higher awareness you have to start from the earth from the physical world " now i understand this idea fully and completely

note to spiritual seekers : developing new personality have new beliefs will not hinder your way toward enlightenment but it will accelerate it i now able to go a little deep in my meditation practice , awareness of the breath is so much easy for me now almost all day with feeling of inner silence growing within , i now notice many ways to develop my practice and follow through those ideas.

to the producers I am deeply thankful , i wish for you great success .
looking forward to buy mogul masked version


this a long time since i write last time , because of the wedding of a family member and it was a very busy and beautiful times with the whole family .

i now use emperor with mogul V2 but mainly mogul and i bought from around one month and half using it moderately for the first month now i always have away or another to listen to from 10 to 12 hours a day .
i was excited when i saw the masked version of mogul and then directly bought it . because money area is the number one focus i work on , its helping me greatly on productivity level to great extent and with the rhythm i work with 2019 will be magnificent journey . buying mogul with purpose of developing all this wonderful qualities like winner and entrepreneurial thinking and increasing money flow with my project and this point is tough till now . but i do the marketing work of meeting customers and the technician who can recommend my products ( a whole sale company) i do this regularly . but results are not good enough till now regarding selling .

regarding the reconciliation process for mogul , for the very first days pop up ideas like " i don’t want to work " " i don’t love work" etc and the same ideas that happened while using emperor and that i don’t understand English , you waste your time , this is not helping you , and a lot of doubt about the subliminal.

regarding emperor i now able to confront people without shaking or any sense of guilt feeling really confident and many situations proved this to me .


in my night walking time . i was thinking and pondering about what skill i have and what i am passionate to share about and write in my blog. then i am inspired to write on my phone what it seems an about page for my blog .then i continued walking . and suddenly out of nowhere i started saying motivational statement from a space of knowing not from a place of trying to make something from a place that I felt it true when I say It and it was and some of the statement are
"i can do it , i have an immense value to offer , i like who i am "

+i continue listening to mogul as primary and emperor and planing to by ascension or ascended mogul >
+i was setting with my large family and i give some of the members a great advice regarding her relation ship with her fiance that make her see the situation in a new light . which make my father encourages me by saying " you really have a great conceptions " and this was a great thing for the encouragement i received and for knowing that i can be a good teacher may be .

  • generally i am feeling more stable more calm a lot more centered .


i paused the listening for 4 days and that was awesome although i know this from my experience of playing emperor but now i am more certain that its equal important to stop listening as to listen .

those four day i noticed

  • my confident language is so high
  • feeling assured when i stand for my opinion
  • realizing that my life is going to the direction i prefer
  • options appear before me to take action on to live the lifestyle i want
  • daily i gain more clarity of my power (appears while dealing with people - speaking my truth - not needing people to agree with me) i still the loving man who loves people and this was confusing while standing for what i choose in opposition of others , in the past i was shy or (fearful not to lose them or fearful to express who i am or what i want ) now i am still loving even if i disconnect from some one , i still loving and appreciating but centered no guilt no grudges . so powerful and loving the two attributes together that’s awesome and beautiful to experience .
    -my life is going so well and i feel beautiful changes on its way to me .
  • life is beautiful and i like it .
  • i noticed an noticeable increase in my sharpness of perception . ( i will work on describing this in more details in another post to articulate what i mean clearly)

-on the process of playing mogul i organized my environment to be the most inspirational at the moment from printing posters for people i admire and i would like to have their lifestyles

  • posters that motivates me
  • and organized my life to great extent

question :

1- can i gain the results of playing the masked versions without ear phones or head phones or i have to wear them?

2- is there script that make the negative beliefs or fears appear to the conscious mind ? or its part from the reconciliation process that happens as a result of having new beliefs ? and what is thee ways you deal with those if that happens ?

and as always thanks to the creators wish you a life full of beauty.


Masked versions can be played on speakers. Earphones aren’t necessary.


today i am going to buy ascension for the following reasons:
1-to act on the opportunities appearing to me more courageously
2- i sense that i need it , to articulate more its setting clear boundaries putting my activities have the day form i prefer on work for example ( doing yoga practice i sense something stopping me “judging me” or that i have to explain my self why i do such consuming practice or my obsession about my practices . so i am looking for the confidence factor once and for all . because i sense it on emperor but i need it focused , stripped so to speak so i bought ascension . and to improve and embody a go-Getter mentality .
3- i want to stack it with mogul to enhance the results
4-the lifestyle i like is here and with ascension i am going to live it more powerfully act on it . its here
5- because i will remove emperor from my stack for now and put ascension alone for the first weeks then i will add mogul with .
6- on of the main reason that helped me make that decision is my experience with ascension lite 7 months ago but now i am changed on different levels and looking for enhancing my life a lot more and i am enthusiastic to continue the journey .
7- since the starting of the 2019 i have 5 goals one of these goals was in learning and mastering different point of seeing reality for example ( psychologies , engineer , doctors , mental models in general , loa speakers how they think and what question they ask and bashar channeled by daryl inka has profound views , system thinking which i delving deeply into . i like this goal my progress on it (because it give you multitude of views on every situation ) and here is a remarkable realization i did progress on this goal because its between me and books and materials that will not judge you . , here is the clear reason why i bought ascension its to move freely pursuing my goals powerfully without fear from others interference and opinions.
8- due to listening i now love going outdoors for long walks((up to 8k and 9k )and small ones (3 kilos to 5) a a lot and choose to move freely not paralyzing myself with certain destinations


I played ascention on the night . And i have adream where c.ronaldo in interview and speaking about why he left the former club and it was about thinking for your self and making your own decisions. and he said something about christ resonance (which is a state of consciousness where many pepole aspire to achieve in this incarnation ) and what i felt or thought is that my mind was working to reach a conclusion or undetstanding about how to have both together. Inner and outer . Which ia sort of my goal as i see a higly spirtual state is where you are actively living on the world ,without losing your awarness of stillness.

And it kept me awake all night the same as emperor.

  • as expected ascension is working well for me
  • in my wholesale project i did a lot of meeting and sales visits to different customers and my product and price was appreciated
  • one of the customers bought 2 items to test them before making the decision whether to use the product for his project or not and if it happened this will be something beautiful .
  • those day i was in great activity moving meeting selling with the purpose of stabilizing the business to move forward and recruit one to reach a level that the project move forward with the least amount of interference with me .
  • one of the goals at 2019 was to build a website where i share and write what i love and do personal development products like journaling , questions for different situations , a lot of ideas that i want to share . now i am taking action on that but slowly and steadily . and with the level of improvement i think it will be published within 2 to 3 months . changing from consumption mindset to creating mindset "robin sharma idea " before ascension i find it intimidating to look at that idea because it showed me that i am not creating and just consuming . now i am on my way to create masterpieces.
  • interesting experience happened related that English is not my mother-tongue language " after waking up while doing my breathing routine float to my mind those words heterosexual and deployment in two different occasions i didn’t know what they mean and i learned them " . some how i am sure that those words are in the script and the subconscious mind wanted to learn them to use the program effectively . whats your thought about this ? and will your scripts can easily understood by the average citizen ?
  • now comparing between different speakers to play the subliminal non stop , and i plan to buy good speaker that didint cause any harm for the ears . i think for the ones who enjoyed the results of the subliminal will consider their ears one of the most valuable assets :wink:
  • now i am focusing more about what i want my project to be through writing ,fantasizing , which make focus and direct my attention toward what i want to reach a level that its normal to see me selling products ,closing deals ,earning that amounts of money .
  • question: will playing emperor for one night every week or three days ,wil it hinder the momentum that is building due to using ascension
  • my motto is focus without stacking so i put just one subliminal . just 3 days in the last period that i put ascension and mogul together
    2 mogul
    2 ascension
    my question is what is the time /evidence that make me know that this subliminal is not needed any more and use it just as a refresher .
  • one of the most beautiful things is the compliment and encouragement from the people around me about how i am changed (part of what they see as change was in me but now i am expressing it freely easily before using subliminalclub i was living in my head not expressing who i am ) because it comes from the people whom i admire my parents . and whom the dream of christaiano ronaldo was about . the leaving aspect was about stop justifying why you do the things you do or way you live your life . which helped me to act more freely . and discovered that this something delight them and my fear was only on my mind or on other words not updated picture of who the are now.
  • regarding money other perspective i love to share
    1-that you attract who you are (which make me to buy ascension on the first place)
    2-focus on what you want to buy by money or what you want to use money for, not the money itself ( from the reality transurfing book by vadim zeland ) i highly recommended .
  • question : the complete script is spoken just one time in the forty minutes or more than one ? thanks
  • regarding listening time i listen mostly at night and around 4 to 5 hours on the day so it may be around 12 hours a day . i am going to increase that . :partying_face:


Very nice results – thanks for the information on pausing for a few days. I believe that giving the subconscious a few days to relax and process is extremely beneficial.

Honestly, the only person who can answer that is you. Don’t afraid to stop for awhile and experiment. I’m currently going through a week long “washout,” just to see what my “natural” results are. I’ll re-evaluate then.