Week #3 Conversation


Place general chatter and comments here. For Week #3, a slight rule change – you are allowed to send the session to me and I will post it anonymously. Hopefully, this will help overcome people’s fears of being “wrong.” However, for the sake of transparency, if your session wins, I will announce you as the winner.


The next target has been selected, will be posting soon!


I’ve been promising some practice activities that are simple to help your conscious and subconscious mind understand the perspective that you can think about RV as simple rather than being right.

@DarkPhilosopher you are up first.

Here is your practice activity… list 3 textures associated with:

This should take less than 15 seconds.


Sorry, I was indulging my inner child and taking part in the Sims 4 Realm of Magic release hype with its community. Hey, don’t judge me! :slight_smile:

Soft (the fur), sharp (the claws) & wet (the nose). Are those all textures? It’s what I came up with in 15 seconds anyway. After 15 seconds I added warm (body heat) and vibrating (the purring), neither of which classifies as a texture. I used to be a cat owner, so this is relatively easy.



Thank you! Great job!

Yes those 3 are texture! And notice the contradictory data: how can there be soft and sharp? Because it depends on WHERE you touch the target!

Touch the ear: soft.
Touch the backbone: hard.

Just write down the data. Stop analyzing. Stop trying to explain. Just write.


“Body” would be a temperature.

Purring is sound.

Vibrating is motion.

In a sense, purring could be both motion and sound.

Extra credit for you!


I would encourage you to read about these books and consider borrowing them from your library or an inter-library loan program:

  1. The End of Alzheimer’s: The First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline by Dale Bredesen
  2. The Grain Brain Whole Life Plan: Boost Brain Performance, Lose Weight, and Achieve Optimal Health by David Perlmutter

I’ve found following the recommendations in these books boosted my brain’s ability to function even though my brain’s functioning was “fine”. I’m convinced the recommendations in these books turbo charged my brain. I noticed an improvement in 1 week, and much bigger improvement in 2 weeks.

I would also encourage you to consider getting Limitless right here at SubliminalClub to boost your brain’s performance.

If you’re looking at “The End of Alzheimer’s” book and thinking that that book is not relevant to you, I’d encourage you to think about it some more from the perspective that I’ve been using the recommendations in it, and it’s helped boost the ease at which I do cognitive activities, such as reading.

Here is a lecture by a physician on the “Bredesen protocol”:

Fine Tuning Bredesen’s Protocol by Deborah Gordon MD

Here is some information on nicotinamide riboside, which was recommended in Bredesen’s book:



Rather than getting the different B-vitamins he recommends, I just get a B-complex.


I think this is important, so I’m posting this again.

To all:

While I am thinking about this, who is participating in this week’s session?

What is your native language?

If you learned English after you learned another language, how did your learn it? Listening to music lyrics? Watching TV? Movies? Teachers? If teachers, what accents did they have: Canadian, British/English, “American”, Australian, New Zealand, Irish, or other?


Part 1 of Brain Wave Entrainment

I wanted to post something on Brain Wave Entrainment (BWE). For those of you who are interested in some of the history, check out the article in the magazine Scientific American titled “Auditory Beats in the Brain” by Gerald Oster in the October 1973 issue.

Although there might be a number of high quality companies producing BWE audio, the ones I’ve used are from Holosync and iAwakeTechnologies.

Holosync has been around for decades, and is under the company Centerpointe. Their products use binaural tones. They do work. I’ve used their basic introductory entry level package. The founder (Bill Harris) seems to be intelligent and quite a researcher. You can look around youtube for interviews with him, and you might notice how erudite he seems. I started with Holosync, and I got really good mediation results. I do believe Holosync BWE lives up to its promises. Unfortunately, Bill Harris died in 2018.

The ultrasonic/subliminal programs Holosync sells, I was less enthused by. Only one that I got gave me results I would have expected. The Holosync company uses ultrasonic/subliminal proprietary system called Autofonix. I did get a few of the Autofonix programs but I don’t remember all that I got. I think I got their wealth one, and one called “Super Longevity” (Super Longevity actually came with the introductory package I got). With Super Longevity, I got some weight loss, which I thought was congruent with what should happen with such a program. (I figured it might have been because of increased growth hormone.) The other Autofonix programs didn’t seem to do anything so I returned them.

The advantage I think of Holosync is that it does work! It’s tested and proven! The other advantage is that he is quite a researcher. Also, I think he was an ordained Zen monk. So he does know what meditation is, and is an experienced meditator. If you sign up for Holosync, they should send you PDF books that have a lot of information, that I found quite helpful, well researched, and interesting. There was also an audio seminar that had information I found helpful. The downside of Holosync is the cost. To go through the entire program, you’re looking at about $1100 to $1400 (you might want to check the prices yourself, as the prices might have changed). Plus to get a gamma BWE program, you have to get to “Awakening Level 3”. Oh, one more draw back… time! Getting through their entire program can take years. In interviews with people who had been using Holosync for many levels, people were talking about having used it for 5+ years and STILL not through the program. Well, I’m a bit more impatient than that.

The other company I got BWE from is iAwakeTechnologies. So why would this company be significant? I think the founder of iAwakeTechnologies (John DuPuy) went through the entire Holosync program. He was interviewed by Bill Harris as part of a series of interviews with long time Holosync users. So John DuPuy understands his competitor’s product. During his interview with Bill Harris, he also seemed to be a long-time meditator.

I’ll post part 2 later


Strange, I didnt get any notification about activity in this thread.
I tried the session today. Didnt work. Ill try again tomorrow. But i have listened to the subliminal a few loops


The deadline for week #3 is tonight. Not sure what you mean by “it didn’t work?” You just draw whatever comes to mind, regardless of what it is and submit it – anonymously if you’d like.


I cant focus. Believe me, Im mad at it myself since I spent an hour writing and recording the script. I guess its still the impact from yesterday


I found myself seeing a beach with clear blue water. The sand was soft and grainy while the sky was rather gray looking and cloudy. It was interesting to say the least. I’ll have to draw the picture after work, but that’s what I got after a 30 minute mediation with the guided subliminal.



Thank you for writing and recording the script in German!

Thank you for listening to the rvX subliminal!

What impact happened yesterday that you think might be affecting your RV results?


Part 2 of Brain Wave Entrainment

I regularly use PMP 3.0 (Level 3), Infinity, and Digital Euphoria Special Edition (which is actually included in the PMP 3.0 program.) The PMP 3.0 is the flag ship of iAwakeTechnologies. There’s enough to keep you “entertained” for years. They have 3 different levels of their standard PMP 3.0 program that guides you slowly through alpha, theta, delta, and epsilon. The instructions say to start with level 1 and gradually work up to level 2, then level 3. (I would recommend following the instructions.) There are also 3 tracks of just epsilon, which gets progressively deeper and lower into epsilon. There are also 3 tracks of gamma/hypergamma. Again each track take you higher and higher into gamma/hypergamma.

Now what about Infinity? It’s a program that I think should have warnings on it. Seriously! It’s supposed to put you in a brain wave state that is almost paradoxical because it combines a very low frequency brain wave state (epsilon) with a high frequency brain wave state (lamba, which is higher than hypergamma). I listened to it as soon as I got it. Then I went out on a walk, and suddenly I had some kind of “spiritual awakening”. Without going into too much detail, I felt very warm and a mentally disoriented for a few days. My body temperature was normal, but I felt so warm. I felt like I had to piece together my perceptions of the world and what was “reality”. I had read about such things, so I felt fairly calm because I had an idea of what was happening. The average person in “western” culture, might have felt a bit freaked out. So if you decide to listen to Infinity, please take this “warning” into consideration. I think the PDF says Infinity can be used daily, but I don’t know if that is such a good idea for beginners. I want to emphasize, I’m not mentioning this warning to scare anyone, simply to make you aware that BWE can be powerful and have unexpected results. Even though I know about symptoms of spiritual awakenings, I would not have expected this result after one loop.

I think of BWE as like a treadmill for the brain. If you want to walk at 3 miles per hour, you can set the treadmill at 3 miles per hour and then you know that at any given moment you are walking 3 miles an hour. So if I’m listening to BWE for delta waves of 1 Hz, then I know I’m probably at delta at any given moment, and I can probably sustain that delta frequency more easily. If I were just meditating without BWE, it can be hard to maintain a specific brain wave state, and some research indicates an individual may not know how “deep” they are because subjectively they might “feel” like they are not deep, yet an EEG would indicate they are deep in a low frequency. Basically, I use BWE audios to make meditation easier. Bill Harris has claimed that his Holosync program gives the results of 8 hours of meditation for every 1 hour of Holosync. I don’t know if that’s true or how that would be proved or measured, but I can say that I got better results from BWE audios than just meditation alone.

By the way, I’m not saying you should get a BWE program, or which ones you should get. But if you do want to meditate as part of spiritual development or to improve your psi abilities, BWE might be an option you could look into. I would encourage you to consider looking around the Holosync and iAwakeTechnologies websites. Do your own investigation. Maybe there are other companies that are just as good or better. I do know I’ve been happy with Holosync and iAwakeTechnologies BWE.

As a note of possible interest, many of the PDFs for the iAwakeTechnologies programs are available at their website to read more about their programs.

Why might meditation work to improve psi abilities? I don’t know if anyone knows. There are some possible answers. The first is that one’s sense of self or identity becomes altered so there is a sense that one is less separate from the world around them, which might help the person receive nonlocal data. Another one is that the nonlocal data is more easily perceived because there is less “noise” (such as idle self-talk) in the mind.

I’ll post part 3 later.


This is so frustrating, really. I feel like I’m getting nowhere. Plus, once my subconscious makes up its mind, it just stops sending me more information. This time, it happened around halfway through the session. It didn’t give me a clear image, which is an improvement, but even running the session again left me with nothing but a blank. Once the information stops flowing, it stops flowing.

Am I the only one to post publicly now? There’s a paradigm shift for ya! :wink:

By the way, @RVconsultant, you may wish to read this thread I made some time ago, considering how much the topic intrigues me:

I’m assuming you already discovered it. But if you haven’t, there you go!

I would be very interested to learn more about how you progressed to level 3. I can do the more intense programs and feel little difference, so I honestly have no clue when to move on to a new level. I like iAwake’s Deeply Theta as well, but I’ll look into Infinity. Lambda is a curiosity.


I had some obsessive thoughts I couldnt free myself from. The day before yesterday I had a little… accident, I wrote about it in Transcending Mediocrity 2. The meditatioon worked but from time to time it still felt a little too intense. It is hard to explain.


For me it was small, for Salchichon it was tall like a tower. :slight_smile:



Thank you for the article! I enjoyed it!

Would you be willing to expand on your knowledge of SMR and Mu?

As for your progress, I’ll simply comment with something that happened to me. Basically I went for about a year producing garbage results. After years and years of nailing targets right and left, what happened?

I don’t know. I just know that I went to a seminar to get it sorted. I figured I’d approach the instructor on break and explain the issue. Well, I don’t know what happened but by the middle of the first day, solved!

I was back at it in full glory!

So whatever issues you are having right now, I would encourage you to persist. If you are not listening to the rvX subliminal, I would encourage you to do that.

The one consolation I might have for you is something Ed Dames said a number of years ago “Your subconscious will give you the information you need to solve the problem.” So perhaps your dearth of data is simply because you have all you need.



To follow up on your question about retroinfluence/retrocasuality, here is a quote I got from Russell Targ from a documentary:

“Some future event which will take place causes the viewer at an earlier time to have an experience; the future event is creating his present; the future affects the past.”



I hope soon that your negative manifestations will cease and only positivity will be in your life.