Week #2 Conversation


Place general chatter and comments here.


Is someone else besides me participating?


For something that only takes 30 minutes it’s odd that it’s so quiet. Even if they are trying out Alchemist, it’s only 30 minutes once a week. After my last try was so off-base I don’t know if I should. I could use the practice though.


Well since this would be the last week if noone besides me participates, I think yes you should probably :slight_smile:


Last time I saw a fracking sail boat! My subconscious must have been laughing his arse off behind my back after that. :slight_smile:

What’s everybody else’s excuse? :wink:


It is like “Oh you want to see something? Here you go!” :smiley:


Can we actually give it multiple shots and post multiple results?


Are your results so different then? You could give it multiple shots throughout the week, refining the image and then choose the clearest one. Or am I once again completely off-base?


Was just a thought that came to mind.
Havent done it yet


Do it all as one large session, then post the end result. The rvX guided session data you can run it multiple times for the same target and you should get better results.

For the contest tho, only one entry.


I wanted to post something. I post this without judgment and without criticism. I want to post about why people shy away from psi. Here are a few ideas you might want to consider:

  1. Fear of psi. I think this can show up in a number of ways. Please keep reading.
  2. Fear of responsibility/accountability. If you know the future, you are now responsible for everything. No more excuses.
  3. Fear of being stigmatized. In “western” culture if you think you can predict the future or that you know something that is shielded from your senses, that might be considered a symptom of psychosis. People might think you’re delusional.
  4. Fear of success. If your psi gets really good, you could have the potential to “have it all”. After all if you know what will happen next, you know what to do.
  5. Fear of power. Ingo Swann in one of his books talks about how the power to predict is true power. Any issues a person might have with power and being powerful might inhibit psi.
  6. Fear of the unknown. What might happen if you could know everything? What might happen if you know the future? These are questions that you might not be able to answer. That are unknown to you. Many people fear the unknown because there’s a feeling of safety and security in knowing things. Knowing something can give us the sense that we are able to know what will happen and if we will be safe. In a sense what we are doing here, we are going where no one has gone before. As far as I know, no one has done what we are doing here. That is, we are using subliminals to help improve psi performance as part of a program to teach and amplify psi abilities.
  7. Fear of being wrong. I hate being wrong, so I can really relate to this one. I actually went through about a year once where I got all my targets wrong. I felt demoralized and discouraged, but I kept going because I knew this sometimes happens, and I knew there had to be a way to break through that barrier.
  8. Fear of being evaluated. What more can I say?
  9. Fear of being humiliated. How many of us were teased when we were kids? What if the target is the Empire State Building, and you draw an elephant? Will people make fun of you?
  10. Grief of losing cherished ideas. The ideas of: one being entirely separate from the world, reality as solid, and one as being limited are just some examples of cherished (or well rehearsed) ideas that might start to dissolve.

When I first learned RV, I had a set of videos, training targets in envelopes, and my desk. So many of these fears were eliminated. No one evaluating me. No one who might humiliate me. No one knew I was doing this, so no fear of stigma. Plus I was nailing one target after the other. I realized after I got 4 targets in a row correct that explaining this through chance was getting to be a hollow explanation, and that something else was going on. My paradigm of the world began to shift. Cherished ideas of separateness were dissolving. Reality was different.

It’s easy to try to avoid psi. You can say you’re too busy. You can say you don’t have time. You can say to yourself you have too many other programs on your play list. I know those reasons because I used them, too. If I avoid something that might help me, I consider that a fear response. If I avoid getting something I want, I consider that a fear response.

Again I want to emphasize that your participation is to help develop something I hope all people can apply to make their lives better. If you miss the target, I’m going to be focusing on improving the protocol and subliminal, as well as asking to what extent you followed the instructions. My assumption is that if the protocol and subliminal are getting better and better, so will you. Conscious instructions seem to have a significant impact on improving psi, but even then I think limits are hit, in which case we need to focus on the subconscious aspects of the psi processes.

If I give you a basketball and tell you to get it through the hoop, if you’ve never tried before, if you try at least, I think you succeed. Then it’s a matter of coaching, learning, training, practice. I think it’s also a matter of reprogramming the subconscious, such as removing limiting ideas (and images) of yourself, redefining your sense of self, and so forth. I think the same is true with psi.

Also as I promised I will also be posting some training activities as a demonstration to get an idea in your head: that this is simple rather than thinking of it as being “right”.

Please if you are reading this, post your thoughts.


Hey, I was about to go looking for you in aisle 381638451 of the Akashic Archive. :slight_smile:

I think fear is a strong word, but it would be number 8 for me. I want to practice and I don’t really mind being wrong, as annoying as that may be, but I’d like to keep it all to myself until I get better. If only to not confuse others.

So I do the challenges posted here because Saint takes care in preparing the targets correctly and because if I were to prepare the targets myself I would have an idea of what my options are, but unless I see other people’s results are similar to mine (an indication that I’m at least in the neighborhood), I’m reluctant to share mine.

I do get a strong feeling that everybody is finding reasons to postpone doing the exercise until it’s too late.

I don’t mind sharing afterwards if it would help improve the product of course. Also, keep in mind that Saint has indicated people don’t need to run the subliminal for this, so you might not know how to improve the subliminal if that’s your goal.



Thanks for posting! If fear might be a strong word (or too strong) what word would you select?



That is also an important point about the subliminal. Thank you!

Also Saint is picking EXCELLENT training targets!


Apprehension? Anxiety? It doesn’t stop me, it just makes me reluctant, like I’d rather be doing something else. So if you ask me for my results, I will say I’d rather not share. But if you or Saint indicate it is expected of me as part of my semi-staff member duties (or in the case where I’m a test group member), I would not have a problem with it.

I wonder, is there an ultrasonic backing to the guided session? I didn’t check.


You have to run either the subliminal, the rvX guided session, or both. Whichever one you use will actually help us improve the subliminal.



Thanks for clarifying! Is anyone else experiencing apprehension, anxiety, or reluctance?

As for posting the sessions possibly influencing others, that could be a concern even if done so after the fact. Retrocasuality/retroinfluence seems to be a factor in psi. In other words, the present can influence the past, and the future can influence the past and/or the present.

So posting a session publicly could influence others’ performance.

Thanks again for the good point!


I do experience something strange though.

When I start the session, I get some vague impressions. Then at some point it’s like my subconscious dislikes the abstract nature of it, so it thinks of an image that matches what I got so far and snaps it into place. From that moment forward, it doesn’t matter what I try, it always sticks to that image. And the image is crystal clear, like a photograph, so it can go into quite a few details.

What worked for me in the initial test (before the rvX sub and guided session came out) was if the first question I asked myself was the nature of the object. Is it a landscape? A structure? Still, starting with an ideogram is probably better. I honestly don’t know.


The purpose of the challenge is to publicly explore and research remote viewing and rvX’s effects on your (natural, innate) ability to do so. That being said, even if submissions were sent to me privately, I would still, at the end of the week, post them publicly and identify who sent the session. Otherwise, how could we ensure that the contest is fair? This is why I haven’t posted any of my colleagues’ sessions. How would you know if it’s an ACTUAL session, or something I faked?

Regardless of the semantics we use to try and redefine “fear,” that’s exactly what’s being exhibited here, except we’re trying to hide it behind the guise of “not contaminating results.” I mean, seriously:

This is literally, a fear of being wrong and a fear of being evaluated, just as @RVconsultant said. rvX tries to eliminate this fear, but as some point, you have to face and deconstruct this fear. Why would you be reluctant to post? What would happen if you were wrong?

If this is the reason why people aren’t posting, then it would be wrong for me to make the proceedings private. “Take action” is the underlying philosophy of Subliminal Club. I’m not going enable fear-based responses.


Yes, according to @RVconsultant, this happens to everyone when they first start training their remote viewing abilities. Correct me if I’m wrong, RV, but I think this is called an “AOL.” The traditional model of an rv session used a specialized template to deal with these, but the purpose of the rvX guided session was to simplify the process. When we get around to developing stage 2 of the rvX guided session, we’ll deal with these too.